What Is A Silk Closure? How To Use A Silk Closure?

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We always spend a lot of money on the salon, so, we think that silk closure is the most sensible solution for your hair. Are you worrying about it? Today, we will introduce to everyone “What is a silk closure?” and “How to use a silk closure?” or “How to keep a silk closure long lasting?”.

What is a closure?

We will first give you a definition of a closure. Simply put, a closure consists of a square or oblong piece of fabric and hair (either human hair or synthetic fibers).

The ultimate purpose of a closure is to be used on the top or side of your head. It helps to finish the installing process of sew-in or quick weave.

What Is A Silk Closure? How To Use A Silk Closure?

For those ladies who often wear weave, a closure helps you achieve a completely natural look. It provides full coverage for the finishing section of your natural hair.

With these two main features, a hair closure is a must item for ladies out there.

Who needs a closure?

So, who needs closure? It is quite apparent that this item isn’t a cup of tea for everyone. For example, if all you need is to enhance your hair density through hair extensions, chances are a closure isn’t what you are looking for.

On the other hair, if you want full coverage on your head without leaving any sections of your hair out, we can’t recommend anything better than closure.

A closure is a perfect answer for people with hair loss as well. Regardless of whether your hair problems come from medical or congenital issues, this item can surely help you to restore your self-confidence.

A closure resembles your scalp so that it looks completely natural.

Another reason why a lace closure is a must-have item is the versatility. You can certainly part wherever you want because it offers a rather sizeable parting space.

The closure size could also be customized to suit your preference.

What is a lace closure?

Lace closures, as the name suggests, are made from lace. Hair is embedded into the lace and stays there firmly. These items are often very thin so that when applied, it can blend with your scalp and natural hair.

What Is A Silk Closure? How To Use A Silk Closure?


  • It offers full coverage to the top or side of your head
  • A lace closure resembles your scalp.
  • It is easy to install and can stay flat on your head.


  • It requires some tweaking
  • You need to bleach the knot to make it look more real.
  • Lace closures require careful and gentle handling.

“ What is a silk closure?”

Imagine! Silk closure has a layer of silk which the individual strands of hair are embedded into the silk and then it also has a layer of lace.

With silk closures, the knots are not visible because they are embedded in that layer if silk. So you can see this definitely gives more of a scalp like an appearance.

You can see that it has a much more natural appearance because you can’t see the knots at all. All you see is the parting or the faux scalp or the scalp look.

What Is A Silk Closure? How To Use A Silk Closure?

And so, silk closures you’re not going to have to worry about bleaching the knots or anything like that. Silk closures are a bit more no fuss.

You don’t have to worry about bleaching them or adding any fabric or anything. The light or medium hair density, along with different shades of the base, helps to maintain a seamless appearance.

What are the differences between Silk closure vs. lace closure

The material

The most apparent distinction between silk closure and lace closure is the material.

Silk closures adopt silk for their base, while lace closures use lace to construct the products.

Due to the differences between silk and lace, the use and application are different too.

What Is A Silk Closure? How To Use A Silk Closure?

Generally, silk closure tends to last longer than the lace one. Also, the former doesn’t require bleaching or any add techniques to make it looks natural.

However, since silk closures are thicker so that it could irritate some people.

The price

Silk closures with all their advantages of durability and hassle-free application are quite expensive. If you want an affordable choice, lace closure will be the answer to your prayer.

The construction

Silk closure’s construction is the most natural looking one so that wearers don’t feel like they are wearing a closure at all.

Lace closure’s construction is simple, flat and easy to apply. However, it requires some attention since the lace is fragile and can be easily torn apart.

Products made from silk closures

Silk base closure

Silk base closure is another name for silk closure. Using silk as the base, these products can help you achieve any styles you want.

What’s more, silk closure offers a high level of durability; users only need to invest a small amount of money to be the owner of a long-lasting product.

Silk base closure free part

Silk base closure free part refers to a type that could be parted anywhere. Unlike the traditional silk closure with the fixed parting of either right or left, free part closure allows you to part your hair as you like.

What Is A Silk Closure? How To Use A Silk Closure?

This feature is a perfect option for ladies who love to have flexible hairstyles. Daily hair change isn’t impossible anymore!

Silk closure wig

Silk closures are essential for finishing materials for any types of the wig. You can place it on the top or over the right or left side to finish your product.

Silk closure wigs offer smoothness and natural looking. It blends well with the human scalp, covers patches of hair loss and any thinning hair problems.

The price for silk base closure wigs is naturally quite pricy. However, we suggest this an excellent investment for future use since the durability of silk closure is extended.

5 steps help you have a natural hair look

Our silk closure will help you have a natural hair look if you use them reasonably. We will guide you now. It is a very complex process. It includes six steps.

What Is A Silk Closure? How To Use A Silk Closure?

  • Step 1: Braid hair into vertical cornrows. At the top center of your head, place a 2-by-4 or 3-by-4 size silk-base closure in the spot where you want to attach it.
  • Step 2: Create two horizontal braids that run from the center front of your scalp to the back.
  • Step 3: On the top of the horizontal braids, place the silk-based hair closure. Use two hairpins to hold the base closure against your head, one at the front and one at the back of the closure.
  • Step 4: Insert two curved threading needles into the braided hair beneath the front of the base closure.
  • Step 5: Thread a lock sew into the right front side of the silk-based closure to attach it to head. Slid the needle through the silk base to create a lock stitch, and then you can create a loop with the hair, slide the needle back through the loop to lock the loop into places

Repeat this step for 2 times. Step 6: Use the curved threading needle to sew three lock stitches to the left side of the closure. Go back to the right side and repeat this process. Keep sewing. Each time, use three lock stitches. Alternate side to side until you completely attach the closure.

The bottom line

Do you want to look as if hair is growing from your scalp?. We sure silk closure is the best choice for you. On another hand, with our answers that “What is a silk closure?” and “How to use a silk closure?”. You will have suitable hair.

Thank you so much for your concern!

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