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bulk hair extensions
  • Source: Available
  • Length: 24
  • Status: Instock

Single Drawn Bulk straight hair 24″

Single drawn hair is known for being 100% remy human hair collected by individual from Vietnamese women without suffering from any dye. Single drawn hair bundles used to make single drawn hair have many difference sizes (short, middle and long sizes).
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Single drawn Cambodian hair at Layla Hair Company is 100% human REMY hairs, collected and sorted carefully by our quality control team, with that only strong, healthy and unprocessed hairs are chosen to make into beautiful bundles. And,  Single drawn hair contains 50% full-length hair. Especially,  although the thickness of Single drawn hair does not perform as good as in double drawn hair and super double drawn hair, those who love the natural effect would be likely to consider this single drawn hair.

Finally, the product listed in this category is bulk hair, which means there is no weaving or adhesive.


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Easy use to:

  • Manufacture Clip in hair extensions.
  • You can use to dye, bleach or do whatever you want.
  • Adding machine weft hair extensions can give you the longer, fuller hair