Skin Hair Topper – The Incredible Item To Turn Your Head!

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Hair topper is a must-have and useful item for women. It is not only a hair system that helps conceal hair imperfections, but it is also a decoration to achieve beautiful and fuller hair. Nowadays, with the continuous development in the hair field, this hairpiece appears with different base materials. In the following post, we share about skin hair topper – a natural-looking hairpiece. Recently, skin women hairpiece becomes popular and is looking to purchase. Let’s learn the basic information about this hairpiece.

What is skin hair topper?

Before talking about this hair enhancer, you should know what a hair topper is. It is a type of wig and used to cover the thinning hairlines or baldness at the top of your head. What’s more, it adds more hair volume and length to fine hair. In general, hair topper helps everyone achieve their dream hair and boost confidence. When selecting a hairpiece, you have to consider many factors, including material, base size, hair type, color, etc. 

Skin Hair Topper - The Incredible Item To Turn Your Head!
what is a skin hair topper?

What about skin base hair topper? First, let’s have a quick look at the base construction. The skin material is indeed ultra-thin poly skin, looks like your real skin. The skin material is indeed ultra-thin poly skin, looks like your real skin. Skillful artisans use injection or V-loop ventilating technique to create the wiglet. Doing this creates a knotless hairpiece, realistic look. The strand is hooked into the hair through the exceptionally thin skin base, providing a complete wiglet. Because of its knotless, skin hair topper gives an ultra-realistic appearance. You use clips to apply the hair. 

Skin thickness comes in different levels, such as 0.03mm, 0.06mm, and so on. Although the base is very thin, it is not easy to be torn apart. You can use this hairpiece from 1-3 months. Opt for it for updating your appearance for a special event or normal outing. Skin base hairpiece is suitable for those looking for the most natural-looking hairline. However, the base is not really breathable, you may find a little bit uncomfortable in the hot days. 

Pros and Cons

Are you curious about skin topper hair extensions’ features? Below, we will get you covered:

Things you may like skin hair topper

The perfect solution for baldness

Topper hair extensions are ideal for covering an exact thinning hair area on the head in the fastest and simplest way. It causes no harm or allergic reactions. Also, it gives extra fullness and length to your hair. 

a topper covers the baldness

Easiness to apply

Applying the hairpiece takes no effort. Normally, women use clips or adhesives to attach the thin skin piece to their scalp. Also, it can be removed easily. Be careful when doing this job as it is very thin. The thickness of the base also determines the lifetime of the hairpiece.


Hair experts say that skin base hairpiece provides the most natural-looking appearance among normal toppers. The ventilation technique creates an illusion that the hair is growing directly from the real scalp. The hair can flat on your head very well. Besides, the color of the skin base tends to resemble the skin tone, it is difficult to detect.  


Compared to wigs, hair topper price is lower because it needs less hair to form the complete item. With an affordable price, you can get beautiful hair and reuse it many times if you maintain and store it properly. 

Things you may not like

You are experiencing severe hair loss, a skin topper is not suitable for you. In this case, you have to wear a full lace wig. Additionally, the skin base is not sturdy, so its lifespan is around 1-3 months. 

How to wear skin women hairpiece

Here is a detailed guide on how to wear a topper with clips:

Step 1: First, clean your hair and scalp to have the free-oil area. The let it dry completely and make a parting line in your hair. 

Step 2: Turn the inside of the skin topper, you will see some small clips. Open these clips. Often, people use pressure-sensitive clips so that they do not hurt your scalp and natural locks.

Skin Hair Topper - The Incredible Item To Turn Your Head!
how to attach a skin base topper

Step 3: You have to determine where the clips attach and gently stroke strands in these areas. Detangling hair is necessary. Then place the topper on your balding spot. 

Step 4: Adjust the hairpiece and secure all clips. It would help if you secured the clip in the front first. Continue putting light pressure on top of the hairpiece and secure the back clip. Finally, secure clips on the sides. 

Step 5: Feel free to style the skin base hair topper. Hold the hair and gently brush. Hair accessories are a great solution to reach a natural look. Use a headband or headwraps to secure the topper on your head and look more realistic. 

To protect your hair topper, you should not wash it too much. Wash it with a proper shampoo that does not contain alcohol or sulfate. Additionally, take the hairpiece off before sleeping to avoid tangling and shedding problems. 

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Where to buy skin hair topper for hair loss?

You wonder to know where you can get for your own the best skin toppers or hairpiece, take a look at Layla Hair company.

Skin Hair Topper - The Incredible Item To Turn Your Head!
Skin hair topper from Layla

Proud of many years’ experience and knowledge in this field, Layla guarantee to supply top-notch hair quality and best services. Hair toppers come in various in kind as well as style, and the hair materials are 100% human hair. 

Our human hair pieces are among the best items you can buy online. Made from raw human hair, and the functions are considerable. It hides baldness, adds more hair volume, and boosts your confidence. Therefore, customers can rest assured about the quality and price of our skin topper hải extensions and other hair extensions.  

Hair loss and baldness may not be a big issue if you have hair topper. Comfortable to wear, work well in a few minutes as well as don’t waste much money off you. Have more queries about skin hair topper or want to learn more about other hair extensions, let’s visit Layla‘s website. We are accessible via WhatsApp link, so don’t hesitate to find us.

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