Best Rated In Skin Weft Hair Extensions Review 2020

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Have no idea about the newly raising skin weft extensions? In this post, Laylahair will show you the skin weft hair extensions review that you are looking for your fuller thicker hair or extra length without damage.

Skin weft tape extensions are the ultimate hair accessory for achieving the most natural-looking and undetectable weave. They allow free-flowing locks, even if someone were to run their fingers through your hair, they are unlikely that they would really feel or see the tiny unit. The hair extensions look like they are growing from your scalp.

Best Rated In Skin Weft Hair Extensions Review 2019
skin weft vs normal tape extensions

The skin wefts are hand-knotted hair and applied along your hairline, next to your skin. It is no chemicals and completely invisible. It is also very easy to apply.

Skin weft extensions are one of the most popular extensions techniques currently. This method can bring to you thick hair but also some disadvantages. Let’s find out exactly the pros and cons of skin wefts are!

Advantages Of Skin Weft Hair Extensions

Skin wefts, sometimes called invisi tape extensions, are attached to your scalp with hair glue or tape. Hence, there have been many advantages. Keep reading our skin weft hair extensions review to change your hairstyle and maintain it healthy.

Blend Naturally With Bio Hair

Completely invisible and giving the all-natural appearance, skin wefts look like the hair is growing from your own scalp. With proper installation and appropriate color matching, it’s difficult to realize that you are wearing hair extensions. 

Best Rated In Skin Weft Hair Extensions Review 2019
skin weft hair extensions blend well with your bio hair

Skin Weft Hair Extensions Bring You Comfort

You don’t have to worry about discomfort when wearing this type of tape hair extensions. In contrast, sometimes you even forget that you are using them because they are so lightweight. 

Moreover, most of the current hair extension products are made from the glue. So you can enjoy your sound sleep when wearing them.

Easy To Apply

There is no doubt that using skin weft tape extensions is the most easy-to-use method in comparison to others. Even you can apply skin wefts at home. With tapes, you section your hair and simply need to stick and press them to your hair.

Best Rated In Skin Weft Hair Extensions Review 2019
skin weft extensions are easy to style

Able To Style Like Your Own Hair

Because skin wefts are made from 100% Remy human hair, they can be treated like your own hair in terms of washing, heat drying, and styling. You can add more color to make highlights for your attractive skin weft. 

Perfect For Thin Strands

Many people worry that the tape will have a negative impact on thinning hair, low-density hair locks can be damaged and turn thinner. 

However, this is a misunderstanding. This is such a perfect method that can increase the volume of your thin hair. Those skin wefts do not put any strain on your natural hair as they are designed to look not only natural but also be absolutely safe for hair.

Best Rated In Skin Weft Hair Extensions Review 2019
skin weft extensions add volume to your fine hair

You Can Reuse Your Tape

One of the best skin wefts pros is their reusability. Just find for yourself a professional hairdresser and ask him or her for help when you remove your tape-in hair extensions. Thanks to this advantage, you can not only save money but also change your hairstyle flexibly.

Last Longer Than Other Types Of Extension

When skin wefts are applied by a hair expert, using the highest quality of hair, they may last a lot longer than other hair extension systems.


Skin Weft Hair Extensions Review – How About The Disadvantages?

High Maintenance

Because your scalp cannot moisturize for your skin wefts, you have to take care of them carefully. Your hair extensions need to be stored in a very specific condition and kept free of tangles. 

It’s really important to follow a few tips to ensure that your skin weft lasts as long as possible:

– Use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners for washing.

Best Rated In Skin Weft Hair Extensions Review 2019
skin wefts require high maintenance

– Don’t have any chemical products used on your hair during the installation.

– After the installation, wait at least 3 days before washing your hair as this will help the adhesive to really adhere to your own hair.

– Never use sprays, treatments, or any other products directly on the skin wefts.

However, modern techniques have now been introduced to minimize these risks and make your skin weft as easy to care for as your natural hair. Or choose high- quality tape in is one way to cost more money, time and keep extensions longer as well.

Best Rated In Skin Weft Hair Extensions Review 2019
it might pose harm to your hair and scalp

May Damage Your Natural Hair And Scalp

If you pull at your tape-in extensions or leave them in too long, you could cause damage to your bio hair, and leaving with finer hair. However, if you take good care of your extensions and keep regular visiting with your stylist, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Your Tape Need Adjusting

Because the tape of skin wefts needs time to adhere, you need to avoid a hair wash or excessive sweating for at least 2 days after the application. 

You also find more invisi tape extensions reviews when searching on the Internet or on Layla’s website. 

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Where To Buy The Best Skin Weft Hair Extensions?

Are you looking for a reliable supplier to buy hair extensions? Layla Hair is the ultimate solution in this regard. We offer you all the features and benefits of hair extensions that you might want.

Proud of being one of the biggest wholesale hair vendors in Vietnam, Layla has a wide range of tape-in extensions available in several shades and lengths that can meet your demand.

Best Rated In Skin Weft Hair Extensions Review 2019
skin weft hair extensions from laylahair

Laylahair’s tape hair extensions are 100% human Remy hair with no harsh chemicals, no henna and no synthetic included in the manufacturing process. 

Our products do never get tangle or slipped off. When styling them, you will gain the most natural and realistic dense look for the hair.

The Bottom Line

It’s obvious that skin wefts certainly are the latest method to add volume to fine hair or thin hair. If you wonder to style them for your hair or not, let’s read our sharing about skin weft hair extensions review

If you concern more about hair products or hairstyles, do not hesitate to visit the Layla Hair website

We are glad to answer any of your questions, so feel free to contact us via +84 98 963 34 24 (WhatsApp/Mobile). 

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