Honest Stitched Tape Hair Extensions Reviews Without All The Hype

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Having a bad hair day because of thinning hair? You are unhappy with your tresses. Selecting the right hair extension is essential to reach your desired hair. Don’t waste your money and time to purchase low-quality hair systems.  Have you ever heard about stitched tape hair extensions? These hair systems are perfect for those seeking beautiful hair and a natural look. Our post today may give you some stitched tape hair extensions reviews and help you to not make the mistake when choosing hair extensions. Reading on to know stitched tape hair pros and cons that you might not know before. 

Stitched tape hair pros and cons

Stitched tape hair is the newest method of hair extensions available out there. The hair with one or two stitching lines and double-sided tape attached is applied on either side of the wearer’s hair strands. So, let’s see why we should choose this hair extension to wear? 

Things you may like stitched tape hair

Stitched tape hair extensions are seamless, blending your natural locks

Opt for the hair that has the same color and texture as your existing hair. Also, you can dye and style the human hair extensions so that they mimic your real tresses well. This creates an illusion that it is your real hair. The connecting areas are not inflated and exposed. 

Honest Stitched Tape Hair Extensions Reviews Without All The Hype
stitched tape blends seamlessly with your bio hair

These hair extensions are reusable

This means that you can wear and remove the tape-in whenever you wish. You can replace them without any issues. But bear in mind that you should use an adhesive remover when taking extensions out of your hair. If you are skilled, you can apply and remove the extensions yourself. But if you are not unsure, choose a professional hairdresser who has solid experience applying stitched tape in extensions. 

Stitched tape hair is invisible to the naked eye

Surfing on the Internet, you can read many reviews of stitched tape weft extensions human hair evaluating this hair. Hair wefts have areas with integrated clear tapes. Hence, they are easy to apply and match naturally with your existing hair.

Sew-in tape-in hair extensions are long-lasting

Honest Stitched Tape Hair Extensions Reviews Without All The Hype
sew-in tape extensions last longer than normal tape

The hair strands are stitched that let the hair become firmer. Select single or double stitched tape extension, it helps you avoid some hair problems, such as hair shedding. Often, this hair extension can last 6-8 weeks if you use it properly. 

This type of tape hair extension is entirely safe to use

Let’s clarify one thing: most hair systems don’t damage your existing hair. This hair is lightweight and comfortable. Wearing it, you may forget that you are getting support from fake hair. Ensure that you don’t make any mistakes in the installing process, the hair will not damage your natural locks. 

The seamless extensions are the best option for those with thinning hair

You have thin or fine hair, choose these hair extensions to achieve beautiful hair look. In fact, the hair is designed for the ones with fine hair as it adds more hair volume to the hair. Also, compared to other hair extensions, stitched tape hair is easy to use. It is a straightforward process.  We highly recommend finding a hairdresser and he/she will install the hair for you. Because they know how to attach the extension properly without causing any damage.

Honest Stitched Tape Hair Extensions Reviews Without All The Hype
stitched tape extensions before and after

Things you may not like stitched tape hair extensions

The tape may fall if the installation is done improperly

Now the bad news: Scanning through stitched tape hair extensions reviews on the Internet, some wearers say that it may fall down. You make things worse if you don’t wear them correctly. Let’s imagine, the hair falls down at the worst moments: in front of a presentation, on a date, and so on. It’s ashamed! Hence, you should put much pressure to secure the tape into your hair strands. Make sure that they stick together well. Bear in mind that you will have nice hair if the stitched tape hair is applied correctly. 

The making process is more complex

Honest Stitched Tape Hair Extensions Reviews Without All The Hype
the making process for stitched tape is complicated

To make the hair become firmer, people add one or two stitching lines in the middle of the tape. This makes the making process more complicated. 

Its price is higher than the others

Many wearers say that tape-in hairs are inexpensive because of the great benefits they bring. But compared to other normal tapes, stitched tape extensions are the most expensive. You may have to visit a hair salon for the installing process. It means that you have to pay for both the hair and a salon to have them applied. Besides, you will need 2-4 packs of this hair system for a full head.  


Limited sources

Because stitched tape hair is new, not all hair vendors sell this hair. And not everyone knows how to install the hair. Find out and consider the hair before purchasing. At Layla Hair, our products are made of 100% raw human hair, no synthetic hair. They are designed and produced by skillful craftsmen. 

What’s more, our single and double stitched tape hair looks so natural, available in different colors and sizes. If you cannot find any hair vendors to buy stitched tape hair, come to Layla Hair. We commit to supplying you with the best product we have. 

Honest Stitched Tape Hair Extensions Reviews Without All The Hype
best-quality stitched tape at Laylahair

It may cause irritation

If your skin is sensitive, you should be careful when using tape-in hair. The tape part needs to be put 1/4 of an inch away from the hair roots or scalp. If the installing process is not done appropriately, the tape can’t move, leading irritation. 


As a leading stitched tape hair extension vendor, we know the best and worst of this hair. We think that the type of tape in extension is still the best hair system when you use it correctly. 

Hopefully, all stitched tape hair extensions reviews in this post help you have a deep understanding of this new hair replacement system. Hence, try wearing this hair, you will have a wonderful life-changing experience. 

Don’t hesitate to look at Layla’s website to get more information about other hair products, and hair care tips, as well. 

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