Tape hair extensions are the best hair extensions methods

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Tape in hair extensions is one of the most popular and popular hairstyles today for its ease and convenience. But can you understand all the hair features of this hair? I will show you below.


You have created yourself a tape hair extensions but wonder how you can remove it. Because not all the tapes in the hair extensions are made equal. If not carefully, the glue has to be pulled your hair out and your hair is damaged. Or if you leave it, the sticky substance can still stick to your hair like a mess. So you have to get rid of the tape in the extension. It is importance to use an organic tape in bleach to remove the strip in the removable extension.

Best way to use tape extensions

You should not use the toxic chemicals to remove it because in harsh solvents, the tape is too strong and damage to the hair. But have you ever wondered how long it will take you to remove the tape hair extensions? The tape in the extension need to remove from 8-12 weeks because your hair will grow out and they need replacing. Or maybe you use a variety of different types of hair care to make your bandage loose and not sure. When you feel your extension band has grown more than 2 inches or some are slipping out it is time to take us.


If you are not confident you can manually remove your hair then you should go to a cosmetic or salon to relieve the bandage in the extension. But tape in the extension can easily be done at home as long as you follow the steps are correct and do not pull too hard when removed.

So how to removeTape hair extensions yourself. You will have to put oil in the middle of the links of the tape. The tape slowly strips back into the extension. If during the striping you get stuck just add the oil. The oil component will work slowly with the tape and cause it to slice out without pulling.

Now you know how to remove tape hair extensions. In your interest and feel useful to share with me.

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