The difference between 100% natural human hair and remy hair?

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Welcome, today we will talk about the extended wigs are indispensable part of each female to enhance their charm and confidence. The hair is the corner of the human right, so please take care of your own beauty. And more importantly, we will talk about human hair extensions.
When talking about a purely hair extension, consider where it comes from. Most of the wigs come from India, where they ensure the ingredients make the most elaborate hairstyle and we can be assured that they contain very little of the chemicals.
Engineering is the problem.It should be noted that even the highest quality hairs that are sourced through the most reliable methods may not be remy hairs. The thing to keep in mind is that there is a natural direction to it – the root and the bottom, or the top and the bottom, and the outer shell always points downward. Remy hair has this direction to the account, which means the hair is right with the root side at the top, the bottom edge at the bottom, and the epidermis facing downwards. Non-Remy hair is mixed, with some hair oriented in the right direction, and some hair in the wrong orientation. This is why hair is not easy to get serious and damaged – when you brush it, you are brushing your teeth on the outer feather of the lower feather, making it more prone to breakage or tangle. What determines the type of hair you get is technically. When collecting donated hair, the monks may shave their heads or tie and cut the hair so that the fibers stay together. Shaved hair ends scattered on the floor to be collected later, ends and cut hairs together in the correct alignment. Remy’s hair comes from the second method.

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So what’s the difference between 100% human hair and remy hair? Many of you are confused between the two but it is very different. First REMY has features like the direction of the underlying shell, basically means that the hair follicles all go in one direction. Remy’s hair is collected in a method in which all the hairs keep straight in the natural direction when it’s large (ie keep the hair in a ponytail and cut), on top, and ends at the top, Maintaining the natural texture model and the epidermis. This eliminates the confusing problems of uncommon quality or low quality. Remy hair is only handled lightly. REMY Artificial hair lasts up to 3 to 6 months with regular maintenance. Often 100% this hair is usually taken from the hair brush and hair has fallen to the floor. It is in greater supply and therefore is much cheaper than remy hair. Much of the human hair extension that is sold today is Remy’s hair. Because of the method of collection, the epidermis for each hair tends to be in all different directions. To compensate for this, the hair will go through a process sometimes called “acid bath”, to completely remove the entire epidermis. This can be equivalent to about 10 sets of relaxation in succession.

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After the removal of the epidermis, the hair is immersed in silicone to make it shine and to hide any epidermis that is not removed in the acid bath. Silicone adds weight to hair and increases the price when the hair is sold by weight. At first glance, the non-remy hair becomes smooth and shiny. After some shampoos, the silicone layer will begin to wash. Hair will gradually become fuzzy, brittle and will tangle and blur very easily.

It is important for you to choose the best hairstyle for choosing the best quality hair. Because there are many people who try to make money in the hair industry and because they know how to sell their hair for money, They will sell extensions, wigs, and large numbers of hair mixed with hairs other than human hair to compensate for the low price. However, not everyone can sell out $ 200 for each hair package and that’s what these salespeople thrive – you get what you pay for. But on a positive note here are some of the tips I’ve learned from time to time that will help you at least try to get a refund if the seller trys to fool you in any way:
The virginal human hair is the virgin that has never been processed, the color, it comes straight from the donor’s head without any change. So, if you see someone saying that the virgin hair has color code for it or if the curls or natural waves for that hair are not virgin – it has been treated. However, it is still human hair.
Human hair should not feel rough although it is treated or stained. If it’s likely it has been mixed with the hair type, though minimal. If a person claims 100% of human hair, ask for proof before making a purchase. If they have no proof, they should not list it as 100%.
Here are a few suggestions we would like you to be able to equip yourself with the knowledge you need to have a 100% human hair extension. Believe and always follow Layla Hair to get the necessary information.
Thank you very much.

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