Top 10 Chic Hairstyles For Square Face To Try In 2020

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A square face is one of face shape that drives us crazy in choosing hairstyles. This face shape features a broad forehead and wide cheekbones and jawline. All the features barely show up femininity.

You might wonder what are the do and don’t in choosing hairstyles for square faces? We have some advice, and you find them down below.

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What square faces should stay away

The square face usually looks broader than other shapes. Edges are crude, generally. Therefore, our mission is narrow the width.

Do not show off the width. Some hairstyles that we mistook are a flat straight haircut, short bob, chin-level bob, and Chinese bangs.

All of these hairstyles add up the width. Bangs do not make a face broader, but it shortens the length. Chin-level hairstyles also draw attention to the full and square chin.

We guess you know which hairstyles for square face to approach.

What square faces should consider

Suitable hairstyles for square face must restrain a broad look. Let’s imagine that you are supposed to narrow the chin or lengthen the face to balance with the width.

We have some options. For example, get layered haircut combine with curls can help to narrow the whole face. loose waves make square face softened and rounder.

Top 10 Chic Hairstyles For Square Face To Try In 2019
Suitable hairstyles for square face must restrain a broad look.

Or, if you learned something from our topic relating to diamond face. We hope it was volume crown’s effect. You can lengthen the face by adding up hair on top. It could be a bun or a sophisticated combed crown with the mount.

Lengthening the face ask for skill. But it’s worth investing because it can turn a boxy face into an oval.

If you get the rules, don’t leave reading, we have a big bonus.



Top ten trendy hairstyles for square faces

Speaking of both haircut or wigs, we found out trendy hairstyles for a square face, More importantly, they are all-time famous.

Long blonde curls

Firstly, blonde is eternity color for sweet girls. This color suits both formal and informal situation.

But the point is long curls. Long curls work an excellent job at the square face as it brings the vibe of femininity.

We supposed that square face lacks feminine because of angles. Besides, long hair can cover up the bone structure and bring elongation.

Top 10 Chic Hairstyles For Square Face To Try In 2019
This color suits both formal and informal situation.

If you do not like blonde, you can try any color that fits your skin. The critical feature lies in waves and the length.

Loose braids with swept bangs

We talked about not using bangs. However, swept bangs works in narrowing the forehead.

Do not leave bangs too thick. It causes dark faces.

Top 10 Chic Hairstyles For Square Face To Try In 2019

You can try some hair strand falling randomly from a sided hairline all over the chin. That look sees soft and feminine.

Besides, the braid will brighten up the face and also show up more mildness.

Classic river waves

River waves start with a volume crown. Let make side-parted, so the mount looks more like making oval instead of a box.

Long river waves elongate the face. More importantly, curls soften angles well and naturally.

Top 10 Chic Hairstyles For Square Face To Try In 2019

This hairstyle becomes very popular in teenagers, especially sweet girl.

You can mix with multiple outfits, for example, schools uniform, working fashions or even casual dresses.

Wispy bob curls

If we tell you to avoid short flat bob, stay away from it only but not this wavy weaves.

Wavy bobs in wispy style create large width at cheekbones.

Top 10 Chic Hairstyles For Square Face To Try In 2019

Is it good?

The hair ends up at chin-level or lower, and all of the texture make a circle. It seems to break some of our rules, but the key is curls.

The whole look round so you can draw attention away from square face shape.

Layered Bangs

Layered bangs work like side-swept but in full mode. We appreciate the way it adds up the volume on top, making the forehead smaller.

Top 10 Chic Hairstyles For Square Face To Try In 2019

Layered bangs can come with long hair or bob hair. However, layered bangs must be made in a salon where skillful hairdressers work.

It’s because an amateur can easily mess up this look.

Layered haircut with color

If you need an outstanding hairstyle for a pool party or dances, do not miss these styles.

The layered haircut keeps people to pay attention below the chin. Layers on layers add up the volume all around.

Top 10 Chic Hairstyles For Square Face To Try In 2019

Vibrant colors will bring an extraordinary look.

Sleek short bobs and fringes

This elegant bob must include thick side hair. Besides, hair must be down below the chin but above the shoulder.

With this style, we can cheat on face length a little bit. Side hair cover-up cheek and people only see us in a quite small and oval face.

Top 10 Chic Hairstyles For Square Face To Try In 2019

Plus, hair tips must curl interior to make vibe of a round.

This is how we do Chinese bang. Make a curl up from this eyebrow to the other, do not make it straight. We are trying to make the face rounder.

So now, be confident with Chinese bangs.

Messy long curls

Long curls always work with a square face. Do we say long wavy hair is one of the best hairstyles for a square face?
It’s perfect.

Top 10 Chic Hairstyles For Square Face To Try In 2019

However, with little tangles and mess, you gain a naughty and lazy look. Are you getting ready for the bars yet?

To bring this look to work, you must spend time on the salon to make nice deep curls.

Or we have thick curly hair closures. These are for anyone who needs messy long curls in seconds.

Messy long layered hair with light curls

It appears like wind-blown hair but with subtle layers. We have side swept bang to cover up forehead and make a face pointed to the hairline.

Top 10 Chic Hairstyles For Square Face To Try In 2019

Besides, long hair never fails to narrow the jawline.

Wavy Asymmetric bobs

This one look like Wispy bun but the curls are bigger and neater.

Top 10 Chic Hairstyles For Square Face To Try In 2019

These hairstyles bring a look of retro that fits working women. It’s entirely opposite to crude and strong square face.

However, we all see that these curls are not useless.

Shaggy layered long hair

Looking for the best 2020 hairstyles for square faces, you should not miss this hair. Create your hair in some wavy layers and enjoy your beautiful hair all the time. Perfect! This haircut for square face female suits all, for girls and women over 40. Rock these loose long locks in spring or summer because it is an effortless and natural-looking haircut. Also, long shags offer a stylish and sporty look. If your hair is thinning and fine, cut your hair in layers so that it creates an illusion that looks like thick hair. You should take yourself to a hair salon near you, and the hairdressers will do this good shag hairdo. To make your hair more attractive and glorious, you can play with your favorite colors, highlight or dye the hair. This also helps enhance the texture of your tresses. 

Angled bob

You have a squared face. You are a big fan of short hairstyles. What are the best short haircuts for square faces? Back in the past, you can find a variety of haircuts for square faces 2019 and 2018, one of them is angled bob. It is a simple style ưith shorter hair in the back and longer in the front. The asymmetrical cutting method gives the hair an angled appearance. Whether you are young or age, you can sport this hair look. 

Top 10 Chic Hairstyles For Square Face To Try In 2020
Shaggy layered long hair vs Angled bob vs Deep side part

Plus, short hairstyles for square faces over 50 give the wearers a youthful appearance. It is easy to maintain and style, so you can end up saving precious time. The hair works excellently for different hair types and styling options. Are you ready to wear this classic and chic hair? Be confident to switch up yourself! Wear short hairstyles for square faces and fine hair, your tresses look classic yet romantic and ultra-flattering.

Deep side part

Part your hair to the side is an effective way to hide your square face. Good haircut helps narrow your facial shape and brings in a new look. This deep side part creates a beautiful framing face, making it suits all facial shapes. Style your hair in any length you desire, such as bob, pixie, long hair with curls, etc. With only small changes, you can create a big impact. To get this style, you shift parting from the center to a deep side part and style your mane. Ta-da! Your hair now is glamorous and sophisticated aesthetic. 

In addition, women can wear a messy pixie bob, uneven chin-length bob with side bangs as the best hairstyle for square face over 60. Don’t hesitate to change!

Final sayings,

The square face contains the least femininity, but we can deal with it. Remember the rules and work on some tips, we hope that you are satisfied with your new hairstyles for square face.

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