The Surprising Little Secrets Behind Cheap Human Hair Extensions

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With the advent of Google, hair weaves, and cheap human hair extensions are incredibly accessible. Go online and type hair wigs or hair extensions, you will notice a dazzling array of choices.

Virgin hair from Brazil. Pure human hair from India. High-quality Remy hair from Mongolia. There are a whole bunch of these advertisements, but the truth is surprising.

The Surprising Little Secrets Behind Cheap Human Hair Extensions

Where does hair come from?

Surprisingly, hair for human hair extensions mostly comes from China – the most significant exporter and importer in the world. Unfortunately, Brazillian hair, Peru’s hair don’t really tell the origin of the hair.

Hair manufacturers notice that the label of made-in-china has become an equivalence of low quality and cheap. As a result, they try to find a more positive and alluring way to sell their products.

As you read on, questions will pop up like mushrooms after the rain. But many hair professionals and beauty bloggers say that hair from each country is different, how come it is all from one source?

The Surprising Little Secrets Behind Cheap Human Hair Extensions

The wig you are wearing might come from China. 

Well, it doesn’t mean that all hair is from China. Chinese manufacturers do look for alternative sources for the shortage of hair supply in their own countries. Therefore, Brazillian hair could come from Brazil, but it is not certain.

Nevertheless, Chinese manufacturers, after collecting hair and processing the raw material, offer hair products to wholesale vendors all over the world at a high price.

So basically, the hair goes around the world, ending up in China and then once gain distributing to other countries.

The hair source is vague only if you buy from big vendors.  Since they don’t know the source of hair, they have little power over it. However, some vendors do know hair is from China but still advertise it comes from other countries. It is when the problem starts.

Next time if you buy something calls pure Mongolian human hair extensions, keep in mind that the truth could be different.

What is standard hair?

Virgin hair or Remy hair is the most qualified material for expensive or cheap human hair extensions and wigs. On the bottom, there is “standard hair.”

Standard hair is the “professional name” of comb waste. Many shiny and expensive human hair extensions come from combs and plug holes.

Now, don’t blame your favorite hair shops or vendors for this, because they probably don’t know. Chinese manufacturers know that they can’t sell their products from comb waste.

Therefore, they use quite a few mislabeling. Hair traders often don’t notice, and they don’t ask anyway. As long as the cheap human hair extensions and wigs look good and come at a reasonable price, why bothers?

How standard hair turns into beautiful hairpieces

Behind comb waste, there is a vast structure to operate the whole industry. Many poor women from China, Bangladesh, India, and Myanmar are exploited as well.

Those women sit for the whole day sort, untangle and treat the hair,  so it looks like new eventually. The wage is excessively low and unfair, but people need to earn something to sustain their lives.

The task is laboring. Since hair comes to the factory tangled in a mess, workers need at least 80 hours of labor to work on the hair.

The dirty little secret behinds human hair extensions

Standard hair is treated with chemicals. 

In countries like Bangladesh and Myanmar, old women and the unemployed will get hair from hair brokers in the morning, typically 6 oz per day, go back home and do their job.

Then comes a critical process: aligning hair. Remy hair requires both the cuticles are intact and hair falls in the same direction. This job is labor intensive and again very low paid.

In some hair factory, hair will be treated with chemicals. Chemicals will obliterate the cuticles. Hair quality dramatically decreases after that, but the untangling is solved.

That’s why many women complain about their cheap human hair extensions. Hairpieces cost an arm and leg, but at the end of the day they shed, dry and look dull.

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Where to buy high-quality and cheap human hair extensions online?

Human hair extensions with the best quality aren’t hard to find, but you need to understand a few tricks to buy the right product.

Look for wholesale vendors with their factory

It is important because you know how the hair is treated and where the source of hair is. Most wholesale vendors don’t risk their business showing you the opposite of the truth.

Layla Hair is a rare wholesale vendor with our factory. We work with reliable hair brokers to ensure the origin of hair. We promise no chemical treatment is used on our precious products.

Business experience

Experience counts too. Hair vendors without expertise often fall prey to cheap and low-quality hair from China. They also lack information about the reliable hair source.

Therefore, if you want to buy human hair extensions best quality, aim at those with more than one year of experience.

The dirty little secret behind human hair extensions


Be cautious when choosing a shop for your cheap human hair extensions. 

Layla Hair has been in the hair market for a long time. With our experience, we know how important it is to bring customers valuable products. Our top-notch quality and cheap human hair extensions come with excellent quality, extreme care, and competitive price.


Listen to other buyers! This is a crucial rule of thumb. If the hair vendor doesn’t show any reviews from their previous customers, chances are it is not the right place to buy your hairpieces.

You can ask the sellers directly to show you proof. If the vendor has a website, go and check it. Once you find out that lots of customers entrust this shop, you can make a purchase.

Layla Hair believes that our products come with value. We want to warn you not to buy hair in unreliable places because there is a big chance that the product is of low quality.

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