The Ultimate Guide For Wearing Lace Closure Weave in 2018

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Lace closure weave may not a familiar name for newbies in the world of hair products. There are many reasons to name. Some could fail to apply lace closure, and others just don’t know its existence.

But don’t worry! We’ve got your back, girls!

In this post, you will find the solutions for your every problem related to this product.

The Ultimate Guide For Wearing Lace Closure Weave in 2018

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Introduction of lace closure weave

We see a lot of misunderstanding between human hair extensions and weaves, especially lace closure weave. So are they the same or different?

Hair extensions are the extended parts that we attach to our hair to make it longer and thicker. These products come in many forms: clip-in, tape-in, pre-bonded and so on. Some extensions come with weft so you can sew them into the hair.

The Ultimate Guide For Wearing Lace Closure Weave in 2018

This is a piece of hair closures.

Weaves, on the other hand, refer to a particular type of hairpieces. Your natural hair will be braided or cornrowed. Lace closures or fontals, then, can be sewn into a net over the cornrows.

As for the durability, the later seems to last longer. Depending on the forms, hair extensions can stay up to 8 weeks in one use. Weaves, however, can only stay maximum a month.

Since caring for hair weaves is less demanding than that for extensions, these products are more durable. You can apply them several times for more than a year.

Elements of lace closure weave

So how is a lace closure weave constructed?

Typically, when you look at one item and how it is used, you will see there are 4 essential elements.


The highlight of lace closure is the ease of parting.  This item allows you to create the hair as you wish. Some even enable users to create three parts and make various cool hairstyles.

You should use a rat-tail comb to make it easier to part.


A lace closure weave consists of many lace closures sewn together into a net. The size of this item could be substantial to cover the whole head. So it has a capacity of a human hair wig.

The Ultimate Guide For Wearing Lace Closure Weave in 2018


The common size of hair closures is 4×4 inches. 

As for hair closures, they come with the size of 4×4. It is a perfect square. The volume could also change upon customers’ request. Some include 5×5, 6×6 and so on.

Hair sources

There are two types of hair sources: synthetic and human hair. Nowadays, people want to invest in durability and high quality; therefore, they often go for the later. The problem is human hair is divisive.

There are two best types of hair: Cambodian hair and Vietnam hair. Cambodian hair is known for its unique features. It is quite frizzy and rough. The hair strands are not smooth and silky.

On the other hand, Vietnamese hair is mostly straight. It has round and thick strands, compared to Cambodian one.

So if you prefer soft and sleek hair, you should choose Vietnamese hair. Other than that, Cambodian hair is not bad.

A netting cap

A lace cap is a must-have item if you want to sew in a lace closure weave.  This item covers your head and keeps a decent distance between your scalp and the closures. The gap is useful since it allows your scalp to breathe.

Your weave relies mainly on the durability and flexibility of the cap. It provides a structure where pieces of closures to attached to the base.

How to install lace closure weave

Follow the simple instruction below to install a lace closure weave.

What you will need:

  • Lace closures
  • Needles
  • Threads
  • A netting cap

Step 1:

In this step, you need to wash your hair first. Since the closures will cover your natural hair for a while, you can’t care for it. That’s why, in this step, you have to be thorough.

You can wash your hair twice with shampoo and then moisturize it. Let it air dry if possible.

Step 2:

Start making cornrows. In this step, you should ask for help from a professional. The cornrows should be straight and tightened to your scalp. Otherwise, the lace closure weave will move back and forth shortly after installing.

Step 3:

This is the right time to wear a netting cap. Remember, this is not a choice of yes or no. It is a must. You should choose a black net or one with the same color as the closures.

The Ultimate Guide For Wearing Lace Closure Weave in 2018

You should choose a proper lace cap.

Step 4:

Again, ask for help. Step 4 requires watchfulness and experience. A skillful stylish will know how to whip-stitch the lace closures into the net. Since you can see your head from the front to the back, it is wise not to handle this step yourself.

Step 5

The only thing left to do is to tight and cut the threads. Now your lace closure weave is ready!

For a more detail guide, please read

The bottom line

Once you know how to apply lace closure weave, you will fall in love with this item. It offers an excellent natural look, ease of styles, and simple maintenance. We recommend that you should not sew in hair closures without a proper understanding of the process.

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