The Thickness of Human Hair

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Hello, lovely customers! Sometimes you wonder why you see the hair over the human, except for the palms of hands and at the soles of feet? You know, the purpose of hair is protective your. It means the hairs on the body keep a person warm, as nose hairs limit dust and dirt from entering the respiratory system. And eyebrows prevent sweat from entering the eyes. You’re in the 3’s somewhere for curliness. As for the thickness of human hair or estimate your hair density. Your hair density is basically how many strands cover your head. Let’s look at your hair roots with the scalp.

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How much of your scalp can you see in an area the size of a square inch? You can not count individual strands, but you are able to get a sense of how dense your hair is by how much skin you can see. Thick density- If you don’t see many scalps at all, you have thick hair density. Medium density- If you see some scalp, you have medium density. Thin density- If you see a lot of scalps, you have thin hair density.

About The thickness of human hair

About The thickness of human hair

Today, Layla Hair Company will share with you some interesting information about the thickness of human hair. What is our hair made of? or What is the thickness of a human hair? etc Check our hair dictionary for interesting information on hair and learn some hairy definitions in the process. Please read until the end to find out what we have!

The thickness of human hair

First of all, human hair consists of roughly 80 % of keratin (protein). And 10 to 15 % is water and the remaining 5 to 10 % are pigments, minerals, and lipids. Moreover, the cuticle layer forms the perfect outer layer for every hair. The cuticle layer envelops the inner part of the hair shaft called the hair cortex. The cortex comprises about 80 % of the hair mass. What is the thickness of human hair? or How many hairs a person has on average depends on the hair color. With 150,000 hairs blondes have the most hairs. Black-haired people come in second with about 110,000 hairs, followed by brunettes with 100,000 hairs and redheads with 80,000 hairs.

At least 1,000x thinner than a Human hair

At least 1,000x thinner than a Human hair

Moreover, Individual hairs go through a sequence of developmental phases. Most of the hairs (about 8 or 10 hairs) are in the growth phase (anagen phase). In this phase, the new hair root is generated and the hair grows. This step lasts between two and seven years. A two to three-week long transitional phase follows (catagen phase). In this process, the cell production in the follicle stops temporarily, the follicle constricts and the hair falls out. Approximately one percent of the follicles are in this transitional (catagen) phase. In the following resting phase (telogen phase), the hair follicle regenerates, the cells start to divide again and a new hair starts to form. About 10 to 20 % of all hairs, in this phase, which lasts about more than three months.

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The average thickness of a human hair

Secondly, the diameter of a human hair does not have a standard value because each people have different thickness of human hair. The genetic makeup can cause the width of your hair to differ from that of other people. Especially, the color of the hair is also a big factor. Black hair is thicker than is red hair. Besides, the weather or climate can also affect the diameter of a hair strand. As the weather becomes warmer, the diameter of body hair rise. Age is another factor. Babies and young children have finer hair than adults. When a person grows up, their hair becomes thicker and stronger. Another point is that the closer to the root of the hair, the thicker a strand of hair would be.

The average thickness of a human hair

The average thickness of a human hair

Especially, our genetic is the most factor decides the average thickness of human hair whether we have thick or thin hair. Europeans consider hair with a diameter of 0.04 to 0.06 mm as thin, hair with a diameter between 0.06 and 0.08 mm as normal, and hair with a diameter between 0.08 and 0.1 mm as thick. By comparison with European hair, Asian hair is especially thicker. The average diameter of Asian hair is 0.08 to 0.12 mm. Besides, European hair has a somewhat elliptical shape, while Asian hair is rounded with more elastic. (1mm is equivalent to 0.039’’, the example about 4 hundredths of an inch.) In Brian Ley research,1999, the thickness of human hair in meters to range from 17 to 181 µm (millionths of a meter).

How to measure hair thickness?

Next, If you can determine your hair type or the hair thickness will help you figure out how to handle, cut and style your hair more effectively. Looking in a mirror and part your hair in the middle. Next, using your fingers or a comb to part your hair. Separate it into two sides. Holding a chunk of hair on one side of the part. Move this chunk around a little bit so you have an opportunity to see the roots of your hair from a few different angles. Your hair density is basically how many strands of hairs cover your head. When you looking at your hair roots and your scalp. You are able to get a sense of how dense your hair is by how much skin you see.

  • Thick density: If you don’t see many scalps at all, you have thick hair density.
  • Medium density: If you see some scalp, you have medium density.
  • Thin density: If you see a lot of scalps, you have thin hair density.
How to measure hair thickness- thick hair medium and thin hair

Thick hair and thin hair

On the other hand, you can compare the hair strand to the thread. Take a close look at your hair, like using a magnifying glass or mirror. If it is really curly, stretch it out a bit before you compare it.

  • Thin hair: If the hair strand’s thickness is thinner than the threaded piece, you have thin hair.
  • Medium hair: If your hair strand is about the same thickness as the thread, you have medium hair texture.
  • Thick hair: If the hair strand is thicker than the piece of thread, you have thick hair.

Hair Loss

The type of hair related different qualities of your hair, like density, texture, porosity (your hair’s ability to hold moisture), elasticity. A hair stylist can use your hair type results to recommend the best hairstyles, colors…for your hair. On average, a hair still remains in the scalp for six to eight years before it falls out. The individual lifespan depends on genetic factors. In cases of severe hair loss, the lifespan of hair may be reduced to three or four years.

However, losing 30 to 100 hairs per day is normal. A lot of conditions can become reasons losing more than the maximum of 100 hairs per day. In about 95 % of all cases of both men and women hair loss, genetic factors are to blame. You need to know due to the overproduction of male hormones (androgens), the blood supply to the hair follicles is reduced and in turn, the hair is no longer tightly anchored in the scalp.

Hair loss for woman - thickness of human hair

Woman Hair loss – thickness of human hair

In conclusion

It’s such heartbreak to find your once healthy hair become brittle, coarse or have split ends. Styling hair with high frequency requires using tools such as hair dryers, hot rollers, curling irons and flat irons. All related heating the hair follicle, which results in not enough of moisture, making the hair brittle and rough. And Women frequently use flat irons for temporary straightening. After a point, the hair is not able to take any more heat and just burns.

Furthermore, using the dryer sparingly and on the minimum setting. The best thing to do is to allow the hair to air dry. Best hairstylists would suggest that heat treatment should be alternated with intensive hair care to reverse the damage. Besides, all services like bleaching, hair dyeing, perming, straightening and so on often use strong chemicals. The chemical treatments make the hair cuticle to swell up, making it weak and prone to damage. The methods above make the thickness of human hair decrease more and more. Please keep your hair always healthy!

Layla believes that if you follow this article, you will deep understand about the thickness of human hair. Moreover, you also know some way to determine the average thickness of a human hair or what is the thickness of a human hair? and how to measure hair thickness? Thanks so much for reading! Love you! See you soon!

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