Taylor Swift Without Makeup

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Layla is the big fan of Taylor Swift. And you, dear? Taylor Swift is a country singer who, in a short span of time, has gained millions of followers. Moreover, her popularity continues to rise as she writes songs about her experiences with love, life, and young. All of which teenagers and young adults can relate to. She is a pop country singer who has released hit songs like as “Love story” and “Look what you make me do”. She always looks stunning at live shows and on the red carpet. But, from time to time Swift likes to be more casual and even go out wearing no makeup. This photo list has pictures of Taylor Swift without makeup collected by Layla Hair. Where does Taylor Swift without makeup? The famous singer regularly walks around rural cities looking cool and casual when she is not wearing one bit of makeup.

Taylor Swift without makeup

Taylor Swift without makeup before and after

Swift is regularly followed by paparazzi, amateur photographers and crazy fans in the world. Hence, it is no surprise that she has been photographed without wearing makeup on a lot of occasions. Swift has appeared sans makeup as she was a child, listens to music, happy with her cat, and takes walks around town. She has a beautiful face and she appears confident in her appearance, with or without any makeup on. Taylor Swift no makeup is just another gorgeous. Do you think that Taylor Swift looks better with or without makeup? Can you share your thoughts in the comments section with Layla Hair?

Taylor Swift in her most beautiful apparent on the red carpet

As you know, Taylor Alison Swift was born on December 13, 1989, Pennsylvania. Her father is Mr. Scott Kingsley Swift, was a financial advisor.  And her mother- Mrs.Andrea Gardner Swift, was a homemaker who had previously worked as a mutual fund marketing executive. Her younger brother named Austin. Furthermore, the beautiful singer spent the early years of her life on a peaceful Christmas tree farm. Then, her family moved to the suburban area Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. In here she attended Wyomissing Area Junior- Senior High School.

Taylor Swift is beautiful at local festivals and events

Taylor Swift is beautiful at local festivals and events

At the age of nine, she became interested in musical theater and performed. She often traveled to New York City to take part in vocal and acting lessons. Taylor later shifted her focus toward country music inspired by Shania Twain’s songs. This made her “want to just run around the block four times and daydream about everything” fall in love with country music. She spent her weekends performing at local festivals and events.

Can you see? Taylor is really gorgeous with a new hairstyle, blow eyes. Moreover, her big lips are so sexy. One of the hallmarks of Taylor Swift is her surprised face. You know what Layla Hair is talking about. Hum, it’s the wide-eyed with open-mouthed expression. Swift made it every time she scooped up an award between 2007 and 2014. The surprised face was endearing at first. However, as the years went on, some people grew skeptical of it. Moreover, She mocked the face in her “Look What You Made Me Do” video.

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Some Images of Taylor Swift without makeup

On the other hand, follow Layla Hair to look Taylor Swift without makeup. It may be your first time, except for those who are her fans (because they often take them as a picture to troll their friends). In our opinion, unlike other famous, Swift looks really gorgeous even without makeup. The beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and the makeup cannot prevent you from loving her. There are some of her no makeup pictures to prove your point. Eight best picture of Swift with no makeup comparison below.

  1. Go to studio

In this pic, she was photographed carrying a guitar case in her hand. Wearing very casual but classy clothes. The ‘You Belong With Me’ singer wore a semi-striped red and white top. Her hair was braided and she was carrying a simple bag. Her face looked angelic even with no makeup.

taylor swift no makeup in studio

Taylor swift looked angelic even with no makeup

  1. Taylor with her favorite T-shirt

The second photo, big pop star in an oversized tee shirt in a field. Her hair which is naturally curly. It was flowing down her shoulder. The sporty avatar made Taylor look magnificent, even without makeup.

Taylor with her favorite T-shirt

Taylor with her favorite T-shirt

  1. Enjoy summer vacation

Taylor Swift was a pic on a beach in summer vacation, wading into the water. She had a simple bag and wore a pretty floral patterned dress. She carried her shoes in one hand and wore a pair of sunglasses, which framed her face perfectly. The sea water was up to her knees and she looked so happy!

 Taylor Swift walking in the beach

  1. Walking around town.

You can see, Taylor Swift was walking in street with no makeup wearing a red long coat and loose hairs are just so beautiful. When winter coming, red cheeks add a pinch of beauty to her. Especially, innocence on her face is killing the people who see her.

Taylor Swift no makeup walking around town

Walking around town

  1. Winter style, 

Furthermore, on some day in the winter, Taylor Swift without makeup was spotted wearing a polka dotted shirt with brown pants. And, she had on a red beanie and a navy blue blazer. Her hair fell in golden locks from under the beanie. Taylor hardly had any makeup on her face after hard working day.

Taylor Swift wihout makeup - winter styles

Taylor Swift wihout makeup – winter styles

  1. Go to shopping with mother

She was going out with her mother. This country singer looks as good on screen as she does off it. Taylor Swift makes an adorable celebrity on the red carpet but when she’s off it and not wearing makeup she looks even better! A picture of her wearing blazer with her curly hair flowing down on her shoulder is the best example of her natural beauty.

Taylor Swift go to shopping wih mother

Taylor Swift go to shopping wih mother

  1. Taylor Swift- Little girl

A pic of a younger Taylor Swift without makeup shows how adorable she was. The cuteness remains the same whether she is with makeup or without makeup. Her cuteness is natural and really attractive. She looks beautiful with her glossy eyes. Layla Hair can not see much difference both are Beautiful & both is Cute, with or without makeup.

taylor swift without makeup with fans

Taylor swift without makeup with fans

  1. Taylor Swift with fans

She takes time out to sign autographs for her fans. Even with a grey tee and her hair braided, her smile more than makes up for the lack of makeup. Not many famous would be as comfortable as she is with someone taking a picture at such a close range when there is no makeup on.

To sum up, aren’t these pics of Taylor Swift without makeup a living proof that natural beauty still counts over makeup? What do you say? She has a beautiful face and confidence in her appearance, with or without makeup. From this article, it is not exaggerated if the world calls her an angel or the queen of no makeup. Thanks so much for reading our article and hope that you will fall in love with Taylor Swift!

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