How To Thin Out Thick Hair? – The Exclusive Guide

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While thin hair is annoying for many people, those who are tired of thick hair. Too much hair on your head sometimes weighs a lot, possibly leading to headaches. Moreover, you may find it hard to control your hair. Therefore, to make your life easier with your hair, Layla would like to share with you the way how to thin out thick hair in our article today.

How To Thin Out Thick Hair – Straighten Your Hair

If you are asking how to thin out thick hair without layers, why don’t you try straight hair? Straight hair often looks thinner than other hairstyles. Using a flat iron can make your hair thinner effectively because it applies heat to straighten and thin hair as much as possible. This way can also make your hair more manageable. Remember to make sure that your hair is completely dry after washing it carefully. You should divide your hair into small sections and slowly run your flat iron through each section 1-2 times until it is straight. Do not press a section too much because heat can cause hair breakage. It is essential to apply a heat protectant before styling it to prevent damage. You can thin out thick hair yourself with this method.

How To Thin Out Thick Hair? - The Exclusive Guide
Straightening hair can make it look thinner

In addition, you can use chemicals to straighten your hair as a long-term solution such as Brazilian blow-drying and keratin wraps. These ways can last for a few months, so if you want to maintain straight hair, you have to fix and straighten your hair every few months, depending on your hair type and method of straightening. However, chemical treatments can be expensive for you. In some bad cases, chemicals can cause allergies and other hair condition problems such as inflammation and hair loss. Therefore, it is essential to think carefully before you apply them.

Trim Your Hair

It is the most common way to thin out thick hair with scissors. Instead of taking the usual scissors, you need to buy hair trimming scissors at a cosmetic store or a hair care product counter in a shopping mall. These scissors on how to thin out thick hair with thinning shears have thick blades and are designed to trim 15% of hair to keep its style and shape with less volume and less volume.

Before trimming your hair, remember to wash and dry your hair as usual. Do not use any styling products before thinning your hair because they can change the volume of the hair, resulting in difficulty in trimming hair or too thin hair.

How to trim thick hair?

How To Thin Out Thick Hair? - The Exclusive Guide
thin out thick hair

You should divide hair into small parts and focus on each section while clipping the rest. Use hair trimming scissors to cut down the hair shaft. Place the serrated blade down at a 45-degree angle, about 5-7.5 cm from the ends of the hair, then open and close the scissors on the hair shaft. After that, move the scissors down about 2.5 cm, and open and close the scissors again. Remember to comb each section of hair after trimming to compare it with the rest of the hair to see if it is thin enough. If you cannot see the hair on the back of your head, put a mirror behind you and hold a mirror in front of you to see the reflection of the hair.

If you are not confident with your trimming ability how to thin out really thick hair, let’s ask for help or go to the salon. The hairstylist or a professional person can help you trim hair easily and quickly. You should trim hair regularly to maintain your hairstyle and density for a long time. In case you have a thick hairtail, you can choose a multi-layered staggered hairstyle which is effective for redistributing the hair volume and making the entire hair look smoother and less voluminous. Especially, how often to thin out thick hair? When you tend to have longer hair, trimming hair regularly is necessary.

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Change Your Daily Habits

Stay away from hot water

Paying attention to the hair care routine plays an important role in how to thin out thick hair at home. Do not use hot water when washing your hair because it can not only cause damage but also make your hair look thicker due to frizziness. Instead, choose cold water or lukewarm water and your hair will look thinner even with a slight drop in temperature. Water with a low temperature can also reduce puffiness and frizz.

Don’t wash your hair too often

How To Thin Out Thick Hair? - The Exclusive Guide
care your hair carefully to avoid frizziness

Do not wash your hair too much. Let’s shampoo and condition your hair about 2-3 times per week to take advantage of the natural oils in your hair that protects and keep your hair healthy. If you find your hair is too dirty, you can try to use dry shampoo to keep your hair looking fresh in the meantime. Remember that washing your hair with shampoo every day can make hair frizzy and dry, even hair damage such as hair loss.

Hair products are useful, too

It is recommended to apply some products that reduce the hair volume such as gels, creams, or serums. These products are famous for straightening hair or fixing frizzy hair. Each product has different ways of using it to remove frizz and give hair a shine or smooth appearance. In addition, if your hair is frizzy or has a non-straight texture, you should look for products specialized for your hair type which reduce frizz and volume without damaging natural curls. These products are effective for people looking for how to thin out thick curly hair. Avoid the volumetric products for your thick hair if you want to thin out the hair.

You often find it hard to manage thick and heavy. Therefore, we hope that some methods we have mentioned above can help you on how to thin out thick hair easily. You can do it at home or go to the salon to ask for help. If you have any questions or comments, please send them to Layla and we will answer as soon as possible. Besides, we buy wigs and hair extensions. If you want to change your appearance, including thicker hair or thinner hair, let’s consider buying our products through the hotline or email.

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