Top 10 Best Nutrients And Vitamins For Hair Loss

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It’s common that people consider healthy-looking hair as a symbol of health and beauty. Like any other part of a body, hair needs a lot of nutrients to develop and be healthy. So, if you are encountering hair loss, there is a big chance that you may lack vitamins for hair growth.

Top 10 Best Nutrients And Vitamins For Hair Loss

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In other words, the best hair loss treatment that you can apply is intaking vitamins for curing hair loss.

In this article, we will introduce to you five vitamins and five other nutrients that are essential for hair growth.

Top 10 Best Nutrients And Vitamins For Hair Loss

Vitamin A

We all know that how vital vitamin A is for our body.  When it’s come to hair, vitamin A helps to create an oil known as the name Sebum, which conditions the scalp and maintains hair in healthy condition. If the body lack of sebum, the scalp can be itchy, and your hair becomes lifeless and brittle.

These eventually will lead to hair loss.  Vitamin A can be found in orange or yellow vegetables such as carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes… They are all high in beta-carotene, which can transform into vitamin A – one of the vitamins you need for hair loss.

Top 10 Best Nutrients And Vitamins For Hair Loss

You can also find Vitamin A in animal products like eggs, milk, and yoghurt. Especially the cod liver oil is a good source for vitamin A.

Vitamin B

Biotin, or vitamin B-7, probably is the most well-known vitamins for hair loss. Biotin helps to carry oxygen and nourishment to your scalp, which benefits in hair loss cure. Our advice does not take biotin if you are currently taking Vitamin B5 supplements. If you’re taking this together, it can reduce the efficacy of the vitamins.

Vitamin C

One of the factors might cause hair loss and probably ageing your hair is free radical damage. The vitamins for hair loss you need in this case is vitamin C. As it is known for effective antioxidant, Vitamin C shield the body against the oxidative tension resulted by free radicals. Moreover, Vitamin X is essential for the body to create collagen and consume iron. These are necessary for growing hair. You can find good sources of Vitamin C in citrus fruits, blueberries, kiwis…

Vitamin D

Research indicated that Vitamin D aid decreased stress and depression and discovered in healthy hair follicles. Vitamin D can generate new follicles – the small pores in your scalp so the hair can grow. In recent years, most people don’t intake enough Vitamin D – essential vitamins for hair loss.

Top 10 Best Nutrients And Vitamins For Hair Loss

It would be better to increase consumption. Our body develops vitamin D simply just through direct contact with the sun’s rays. Also, vitamin D can be found in eggs, mushrooms, oily and fatty fishes.

Vitamin E

Like Vitamin C, Vitamin E is an is an oxidation inhibitor that can prevent oxidative tension and increase hair growth. Vitamin E is a significant supplement to take as well as crucial vitamins for hair loss by protecting your hair from exposing too much in the sun. Good dietary sources contain nuts, avocados, spinach and the like.


Besides taking more vitamins, you can also consider increasing the iron level as well. Note in mind that Iron is vital for hair growth. If the body iron level is too low, it can cause anaemia as known as the major cause of losing hair. In this case, your body doesn’t have enough iron to supply to hair follicles.

Top 10 Best Nutrients And Vitamins For Hair Loss

By having this, the hair growth cycle will corrupt and lead to hair loss in people. Most of the case happens in women. The best hair loss treatment you can do is increase your iron count. The best sources of iron can be found in red meat, clams, oysters, and lentils.


If you are suffering from hair loss, we advise you to take Zinc into account too. Zinc plays an integral part in generating hair growth cycle and to repair your hair. Zinc helps balance the level of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) in your body. Studies point out that hair loss is usually due to zinc deficiency.

It also shows that if the zinc levels are too weak, the agency will produce more additional DHT. This hormone can contribute to hair loss. The mineral zinc enhances hair growth. For this reason, you may better intake zinc from whole foods. Our suggestion is oysters, wheat germ, pumpkin seeds… those are all foods high in Zinc.


The component plays a massive role in making hair is protein. Hair is made almost entirely of protein. For this fact, taking an inefficient amount of protein is needed for hair growth. Researchers also show that lack of protein may reduce hair growth and eventually cause hair loss.

Nevertheless, considering the modern world we are living now, to be protein deficiency is extraordinarily rare.

Amino acids

This is also a good supplement that you can take if you’re going through hair loss. Amino Acids are proved to be important for growing hair because they aid the body to generate keratin and develop hair. The sound sources of Amino acids are found easily in protein-rich ingredients like dairy products, meat, eggs.

Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids

Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are called critical fatty acids. The reason is the human body can’t produce these elements itself. Omega-3 helps your body against inflammation, an underlying factor of numerous issues. Premature hair loss may also link with inflammation. Omega-6, on the other hand, is vital for overall skin health, which might help the scalp.

Top 10 Best Nutrients And Vitamins For Hair Loss

The bottom line

We hope after this article you will know more about all the vitamins for hair loss and it will help your treatment to cure the issue. At the end of the day, the best approach to get these nutrients is by consuming a real food-based diet that contains lots of nutrient-dense foods.

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