Hair Loss And Stress: How And Why You Should Worry About It

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Not only hair loss and stress can be related, but this problem also is the most common reason causing hair loss. How it happens and why you should worry about it, let’s find out.

Hair Loss And Stress: How And Why You Should Worry About It

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Why do we experience stress?

Everyone encounters stress. It’s a reaction from our body to keep alert and ready for the changing environment. Whenever we sense a potentially threatening situation arises, our body release stress hormones into the bloodstream.

Stress may happen because of significant changes in life such as break up, divorce, financial loss the death of a loved one. Stress can also arise due to daily problems. It’s hard for the brain to distinguish between a real threat and a perceived threat.

Hair Loss And Stress: How And Why You Should Worry About It

We experience stress almost every day from work or in private life. 

For example, you get extremely stressed over an argument with your friend, a school or work deadline or a job interview; your body will react just as powerful as if you’re dealing with a real life-or-death condition. This also referred to as fight or flight response.

Stress has a physical, mental and emotional impact on us and our feeling whether it is positive or negative. As a positive effect, it can force us to action and walk out of the usual comfort zone, making us enjoy life more fully. But also, stress can come with a negative influence when you’re overthinking.

It can cause feelings of fatigue, anxiety, anger, or depression. These feelings can lead to a physical health problem like high blood pressure, headaches, insomnia. We cannot sleep properly, mess with the appetite that makes us eat either too much or too little. Hair loss is also one of the issues created by stress.


Hair loss and stress – are they related?

Many people underrate the influence of stress on the body and only think it as a merely emotional condition. But stress can show in the form of significant physical symptoms – including increased falling or hair loss.

The consequence of stress

There’s a strong connection between hair loss and stress. While you’re stress, the body draws away its nutrients from the parts that it thinks is less important than other areas. In this case that is hair and nails.

If you’ve been through emotional or physical stress in at least six months, and you’ve detected some abnormal amount of hair shedding or notice what similar the beginning of pattern baldness, there is a possibility that you could be undergoing stress-induced hair loss.  Under severe stress, hair stops growing and then shed after a few months.

Additional reasons for the link between hair loss and stress

Not to mention that when we are under a stressful condition, we usually don’t take care of ourselves. For instance, we may miss meals or eat more unhealthy food to soothe our emotion. Our hair will not grow if it doesn’t get an adequate amount of nutrients needed. Otherwise, it will become weak, brittle and dull.

Hair Loss And Stress: How And Why You Should Worry About It

Another case can occur is having severe emotional stress. This leads to an increase in hair loss. Thus, stress is one of the triggers of hereditary hair loss related to genes, age, and hormones. Hereditary hair loss mainly involves slow and consistent thinning of your hair in some particular areas of the scalp, while under stress-induced hair loss the hair shedding progress is faster.

Besides that, Alopecia Areata, an autoimmune disease can involve as the factor too. After androgenetic alopecia, this disorder is the most widely known reason for hair loss, and even the researchers still cannot point out what the cause of this condition is. Sudden shock or trauma are considered as some of the particular factors to bring this one.

Is hair loss from stress permanent

For both genders, suffer from hair loss and stress can be a nightmare for you. Don’t worry as we have good news for you: Not all hair loss is permanent, it’s only temporary. There are solutions for all the mentioned conditions above. Our suggestion is finding a public specialist hair loss clinic. They will have more experience and also a custom treatment featuring medically-proven items which have been the success in curing hundreds of cases. It is essential for you to remember is that the earlier you have been diagnosed, the faster problem will be solved. But there is still some hope as many women have noticed that Female Pattern Baldness after a long time and always can be effectively treated.

What should I do to stop hair fall?

We have finished at breaking down the reasons for hair loss and stress; now we will mainly focus on how to fix it. As soon as you have noticed the sign of hair thinning in a period of time, try applying some of the tips below to remedy the problem. If there is no result, even you have tried a lot, pay a visit to the doctor and have a blood test to determine if a hidden health condition occurs the hair loss.

Avoid too tight hairstyles:

Ponytails, braids for example. Anything that can pull the small hair that affects your hairline can cause hair loss. By doing the tight hairstyles, you can damage the delicate hairline, hence lead to hair loss.

Stay away from using hair tools.

Heat is always hard for hair. Using a hair tool on a regular basis will cause brittle hair that can break and falls out. If you decide to use it, make sure to using hair care products to protect your hair from the heat and also not to leave it on your hair for too long, maximum 10 seconds then move it to another spot.

Hair Loss And Stress: How And Why You Should Worry About It

Being wary of chemical processing

Damaging the same amount or even more significant as heat, a variety of chemical processing treatments can cause hair loss for you as well. If it is possible, try to stay with your natural hairstyle and color as firmly as possible. After the chemical session, you should make sure to take care of your hair with deep-conditioning treatment at least one time a week.

Be patient

Of course, you can try using a lot of good hair care products that you can find but using that just will not cure your hair loss condition. The best thing to do is you must look after your general health. Remember to keep track of your daily diet, as well as the health of your scalp.

The thing takes time. The battle with hair loss due to stress will be a challenging period for you but please hang in there and be patient. On average, it will take at least 6 to 8 weeks to see any improvement.

Hair loss and stress can be a huge concern. However, after taking our advice, we hope you can recover your fabulous hair.

For any further advice on hair loss treatment and headcovers, feel free to contact Laylahair at any time.


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