Hair Breakage Around Hairline: Causes And Solution

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Have you ever wondered what causes hair breakage around the hairline? There are a lot. Healthy strands rely on an inward cuticle with covering scales that help to put your hair together. If these scales are crumbled, your hair will get weak and shedding afterward, doing damage.

Therefore, breakage happens around your hairline along with common hair problems for example dehydration.

In this article, we will help you to know about the most typical reasons that cause hair breakage around hairline and how you can solve this problem.

Top 10 most common causes of hair breakage around hairline


What you are consuming affects your body a lot, to your hair and skin condition in particular. To prevent your hair from breakage as well as to grow your hair, there are essential nutrients that you need to consume daily such as iron, vitamin E, vitamin A, zinc and folic acid in your every day’s meals.

Getting enough of protein together with antioxidants is a great way to maintain your hair healthy without damage.


We cannot name enough evidence suggesting stress causes hair breakage around hairline as it is so apparent. The most common stress called telogen effluvium is strongly related to hair loss.

This inactive your follicles, therefore, leaving your hair in the middle of its growth phase and fall off. So keep your mind relax and stay away from stress can make your hair more healthy.


Dehydrated hair most likely causes hair breakage around hairline as well. The dry weather with low humidity is the main reason leading to hair dryness. When washing your hair, try to avoid using hot water but slightly warm weather to prevent hair from getting dry.

Don’t forget to apply conditioner as well as frequent use of hair mask weekly that will do the trick as well.

Heat damage

If you want to style your hair the best way by using a hair dryer, flat iron or curling iron, it’s all required high heat. The problem is if you keep using these daily or in the incorrect way, your cuticle would be damaged from extreme temperature.

Top 10 Most Common Causes Hair Breakage Around Hairline

If you want to style your hair the best way by using a hair dryer, flat iron or curling iron, it’s all required high heat.

Our advice for you is if you want to stop the causes hair breakage around the hairline, you need to stop using hot styling tool too often and let your hair a break from the heat at least twice a week. If you still want to use, we suggest finding ceramic styling tools because these will help to even the heat better than others so you can reduce the hair damage. It’s also crucial to use heat-protecting spray before styling the hair with heat to protect your hair.

Over-processing causes hair breakage around hairline

As damage as applying heat, using a chemical process such as coloring, permanent perm or straightening causes hair breakage around the hairline as well. If you do these too frequently, your cuticle can crumble and lead to hair damage.

Our recommendation for you is keeping a considerable period between your process, can be from 8 to 10 weeks. During the wait, use a hair mask once a week. This helps your hair to recover from the sessions.


The oilskin typed people tend to have more extra sebum (natural oil) produced in their scalp comparing to others. This makes them more tempting to wash their hair more frequent than they need to.

Washing your hair numerous times per day instead of daily washes may have an adverse effect on your oily hair. In contrast, if you have dry hair, you only need to shampoo maybe once or twice a week. When washing your hair, remember to do it without putting a lot of force at your scalp and use conditioner afterward from the end to the root of your hair. Dry shampoo will be a great companion for you during the day if you want to reduce the excess sebum in your scalp.

Improper towel drying

It’s a common thing for people to dry their skin and hair by rubbing a towel after finishing the shower. This gesture is not a good thing to do especially for your hair. The hair will be damaged by this rubbing action because when your hair wet, it is the weakest moment. Our suggestion is blot instead of rubbing the excess water out of your hair; it’s gentler and better for your scalp.

Elastic hair ties

Elastic hair ties are very convenient for every day’s life as it can be helpful on your bad hair days as well as when you don’t have much time to get ready, this comes in handy for keeping the hair out of your face.

Top 10 Most Common Causes Hair Breakage Around Hairline

However, when using the hair ties, your scalp and hair cuticle is likely pulled. After removing the hair ties, you may observe some hair strands shedding each time. The solution here is to stop putting your hair up to much and let your hair down occasionally or you can make the up-do looser and lesser the pressure your hair would be given by it. The rubber band causes hair breakage around hairline more than the actual hair tie, so you may want to choose to use real hair band instead.

Incorrect brushing and combing causes hair breakage around hairline

Don’t listen to comb’s advertisement saying that you need to brush the hair 100 strokes each day because that is a ridiculous myth. Hair experts highly suggest you comb your hair only when you need to, for example when styling it. It’s better to use wide-tooth coms as well as only comb your hair when it’s dry to stay away from common hair problems

Top 10 Most Common Causes Hair Breakage Around Hairline

Hair experts highly suggest you comb your hair only when you need to.

Lack of hair trims

You may be surprised at first when hearing this but instead of damaging your hair, occasionally trim your hair can help you to maintain its healthiness without any slit end. This habit is more or less like when you exfoliate your skin, they both support to replace the old cells and aid the growth of new cells.

You are recommended to visit the hairstylist once every eight weeks. Trimming your hair will not interfere with your plan of growing the hair but help avoid additional hair breakage around the hairline.

How to treat hairline breakage

After knowing what causes hairline breakage, you have to find the best hair breakage treatment to cure your natural locks. Besides taking medicine or supplements, people tend to prefer natural treatment to reduce hair breaking off at roots. Here’re several useful tips on how to fix hair breakage on top of head:

Brush the hair gently

Hair Breakage Around Hairline: Causes And Solution
brush your hair carefully to prevent breakage

Stop asking why my hair is breaking off in the front, try changing your hair care habit now. Some TLC tips (Tender Loving Care) may be the best solution for your hair breakage around the hairline. Try to gently brush your hair. Also, invest in a comb with rounded plastic prongs so that it does not hurt your scalp. 

Limit using thermal tools

If you can, avoid using heat styling tools such as blowdryer, straightener, or curling iron. Use once a weekly is maximum to avoid severe hair breakage. Don’t apply the hairdryer with high temperature after shampooing as it is the reason causing dry and damaged hair. To make the hair dry faster, squeeze your curls with a smooth towel and let tresses air dry. If you are in a hurry, switch the hairdryer from high to the medium or low level, it will good for your locks. 

Also, don’t dye your hair frequently as the harsh chemicals in hair dyes break the hair off easily. And remember spray heating protectant before styling hair. 

Change styling habits

Hair Breakage Around Hairline: Causes And Solution
change your hair styling habits

Why my hair is breaking off at the top? It may be due to the way you style your curls. You often tie your hair too tightly, you wear the hair up or in a high ponytail. Instead of, go for a looser hairdo or leave the hair down. Bear in mind that if a hairstyle hurts your scalp, it also cause hairline breakage. There are many special hair clips that are designed to prevent hair breakage. Opt for them to tie your locks.

Apply hot oil treatment as the fastest hair breakage repair

How to stop hair breakage fast? Apply this treatment once or twice per week, you can see the amazing result. Just use natural oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil, etc. For example, you take a few teaspoons of the extract of coconut oil in a bowl and heat it in a microwave. After heating, massage it evenly on the scalp and hair roots. You should special pay attention to your hairline. Don’t rinse it out immediately. You wear a plastic cap or use a towel to cover up the head for an hour. This helps moisturize your tresses. Once the time is up, you wash the hair with a good shampoo as you normally do. Then, apply a conditioner. Follow this hair care tip, you will not experience hairline breakage anymore. The set of hair care products also adds elasticity and shine to strands, as well. 

Hair Breakage Around Hairline: Causes And Solution
hot oil treatment for damaged hair

In addition, maintain a healthy and balanced diet will be benefits for your hair growth, not just for your front hairline. Provide enough protein, vitamins, and minerals to control hair breakage around the hairline. 

The bottom line

We understand that having hair breakage can be an annoying thing that you want to avoid at any cost. Luckily, the most common causes of hair breakage around hairline can be adjusted with proper lifestyle correction. Laylahair hope our article helps you with your battle against hair breakage.

For further information about hair care and hair extensions, feel free to browse our website or contact us directly via hotline (+84) 98 96 33 424 (Mobile/WhatsApp) at any time to get support.

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