Top 3 Weird Misunderstandings About Remy Hair Women Share

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Remy hair is no longer a stranger term for ladies who fond of hair accessories. It is a qualified and long-lasting material for hair extensions and wigs.

That said, we women who value quality and durability of hairpieces tend to buy products of natural hair rather than synthetic fibers.

However, even experts on wig-wearing could make terrible mistakes about this hair type. That’s why, in this article, we would reveal three weird misunderstandings about Remy hair women share.

Let’s read on!

What is Remy hair?

Before we get to the core part where I explain our odd misunderstandings about Remy hair, let me first run through some necessary information about this material.

If you ask ten hair stylists, 9 out of them will agree that this natural hair is the most delicate substance for making hair weaves. And they are right. Hair extensions and wigs made of it tend to last longer under proper care.

There are two factors to determine Remy hair.

Human hair

Remy hair refers to the natural hair type, collected from human donors. These donors treat their hair well. They apply minimal chemical hair treatments to ensure the quality of hair strands.

Top 3 Weird Misunderstandings About Remy Hair Women Share

When you buy these products, you will notice that the hair is tangle-free, shedding-free and most importantly super soft.


Cuticles are the outer layer of hair strands. Human hair, at its natural stage, has cuticles aligned in the same direction. That means each hair strand will fall from the scalp.

Top 3 Weird Misunderstandings About Remy hair Women Share

Remy hair has undamaged cuticles.

It inherits this trait from natural hair. That means all the cuticles must run in the same way. Having straight outer layers prevents Remy hair from tangled, shed, especially when it is wet.

Top 3 weird misunderstandings about Remy hair women share

Remy hair is human hair

This is one of the most common misunderstandings about Remy hair.

This is where most of the misconceptions begin. When you type wigs or hair extensions, you will see two results pop up: either synthetic or human hair.

Human hair is a natural material for making hairpieces. However, it is an extremely general term. In fact, there is more than one type of human hair used for wigs and hair extensions.

Human hair is classified into 3 categories:

Virgin hair: this type refers to the authentic and natural stage of hair. Virgin hair never goes through chemical or heat processing. Even if it does, that is extremely rare. Virgin hair is, therefore, the most expensive material. Typically, this style is collected from only one donor.

Remy: As I mentioned above, it means human hair with intact cuticles. Hair strands fall in the same direction.

Non-Remy: This type of hair is completely the opposite with Remy hair. Non-Remy hair has damaged cuticles.

The quality of Remy hair and non-Remy hair is not different

This is the second weirdest misunderstandings about Remy hair some women have. They think that if it is human hair, then the quality must be the same.

Unfortunately, this is not the case.

When hair is collected, wigs markers have to check the quality of the material before weaving. It must have intact cuticles. It must also come from donors with a healthy habit of hair maintaining. This hair type, therefore, is strong and healthy.

On the other hand, non-Remy hair could come from various unchecked sources. The donors could use many heats and chemical processing, and their hair is severely damaged.

Top 3 Weird Misunderstandings About Remy hair Women Share

Many hair donors could use many heats and chemical processing.

Since the cuticles are not intact, the hair strands can’t fall in the same direction. They tend to twist together, tangle and shed quickly.

Remy hair is from a single donor

The last one in the list of understandings about Remy hair is the origin.

If you buy Remy extensions, this could likely be the case. Then again, because one wig requires a substantial amount of hair, it is quite impossible to have Remy type from one donor.

Even if it is, the price is exceptionally high.

Top 3 Weird Misunderstandings About Remy Hair Women Share

Typically, Remy hair comes from many donors. This significantly reduces the cost of hairpieces, making it affordable for most of us.

Is Remy hair good or bad?

I have read a lot of reviews about Remy hair, and some of them said this hair is not qualified at all. So if you ever come across them, don’t freak out.

As for quality, it is undoubtedly the best. Hair donors care for their hair and use less chemical and heat processing so that their hair is healthy and soft.

Those who bought bad quality Remy could possibly fall prey to scammers. Some hair vendors mix non-Remy hair and Remy hair or even with synthetic fibers in order to lower the cost.

Top 3 Weird Misunderstandings About Remy hair Women Share

In term of quality, this hair type is the best.

As a result, first-time purchasers who have little knowledge about different types of hair buy shedding, tangling hairpieces. They blame the quality without knowing that it is the manufacturers’ fault.

In term of price, it is not everybody’s cup of tea. While you can buy synthetic wigs and hair extensions with a few bucks, Remy hair pieces will cost triple or even more.

So yes, on the one hand, this type of hair is terrible for your wallet. However, on the other hand, it guarantees both quality and durability for long-term use.


Ladies, I hope that you have gained some useful information about how weird our misunderstandings about Remy hair. It seems that these false ideas have spread all over the Internet. But now you have known; it isn’t like what you have thought!

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