Top 4 DIY Hairstyle For Thin Hair To Create An Outstanding Look

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Thin hair can become frustrated to deal with at times but don’t let it get us down, ladies. The top DIY hairstyle for thin hair, along with our simple tricks and tips, ensures to create an illusion of thicker and fuller hair.

The magic of DIY hairstyles for thin hair

Shorter haircuts are an ideal choice for thin hair. These hairstyles for thin hair will make people focus on the modern and fashionable look that they bring. Besides, DIY hairstyle for thin hair has succeeded in bringing a fuller and thicker look for the hair.

It also inspires women to take a few inches off to enjoy a luxurious and cool look with the hairstyle for thin hair.

Moreover, let’s be clear about one thing. Being born with super thick, floating, and supermodel hair can bring a wide variety of choices. But there is no reason for women with thin hair to disappoint themselves and «cry a river.» Beauty is about creating optical illusions.

Top 4 DIY Hairstyle For Thin Hair To Create An Outstanding Look

The functions of these illusions are like a suitable lipstick can give the lips a fuller look, or a suitable pair of eyeliner can make the eyes stand out. Thus, a right hairstyle can transform thin hair into thick and voluminous one.

These followings are our best DIY hairstyle for thin hair, together with valuable advice from many hair experts. The seemingly simple yet straightforward hairstyle for thin hair can deceive the eyes of onlookers into believing we have more hair than we are.

Top 4 DIY hairstyle for thin hair for an outstanding look

Thin Razor Cut

This hairstyle is compatible with straight and wavy hair. A razor cut makes the hair locks look thinner, producing a sharp and gentle effect. Thin razor cut offers a perfect texture and volume to the hair without making it feel heavy.

  • How to describe this look?

This is a textured lob (long bob) and is cut above the shoulders. Hairstylists use a ¼ inch curling wand to create these lively waves. Next, they finish with a touch of light hairspray to add more textures. Women prefer thin razor cut because of its easy-to-style feature and flexibility.

Top 4 DIY Hairstyle For Thin Hair To Create An Outstanding Look

  • Advice for first triers

Thin razor cut is a wonder DIY hairstyle for light hair, especially for those who are taking their first steps into the world of thin hair. Besides, this style is easy to grow so there will be no problem if we suddenly change our mind.

This look can match almost hair textures, from straight, curly, wavy and still leaves enough hair to pull up in a ponytail. In general, the thin razor cut’s length works well with all face shapes and hair types.

Moreover, this hairstyle for thin hair is convenient for women who are always on the move and don’t have enough time to take care of their hair. All we need to do is making a few loose natural waves and asking the help of textured hairspray to keep the hairstyle stand out.

Easy-to-style Bob

  • How to describe this look?

The second DIY hairstyle for thin hair is famous for its feminine appearance as well as easiness to style wavy or straight.

Top 4 DIY Hairstyle For Thin Hair To Create An Outstanding Look

  • Advice for first triers

This look is excellent for adding more volume and thickness to the thin hair. The hairstyle suits redheads, blondes and brunettes are just as perfect. But this Bob style is likely to bring out the face outlines of a round face, so it is not advisable for round-faced women. Easy-to-style Bob tends to match an urban, free and bohemian lifestyle better.

With this hairstyle for thin hair, styling hairsprays and modeling hair machines are our «best friends» to comb and curl the hair. Women can also blow the hair dry upside down to pump up more volume.



Blunt Modern Bob for thin locks

  • How to describe this look?

This hairstyle is a perfect combination of old and new. The Bob style has existed long enough, but the fundamental rule is how to style it to suit different individuals.

Top 4 DIY Hairstyle For Thin Hair To Create An Outstanding Look

Blunt modern bob is about concentrating on maintaining the essential features – sharp, classic and blunt. This ensures the density until the ends and is suitable for fine-haired women. Long layers on the two ends created by a razor blade provide a modern touch

  • Advice for first triers

Our recommendation for a customer looking for this DIY hairstyle for thin hair is specific and detailed about what they are seeking for. When styling, less is better. It is advisable to find out the basic knowledge about soft GHD waves, play around with different sizes and techniques and use wax to bring a perfect undone look.

Hidden Taper

  • How to describe the look?

This hairstyle is famous for a tangled bob with a hidden taper at the back. The most favorite thing about Hidden Taper hairstyle is the nape area’s shape – a curved silhouette. This means the hair still maintains its glossiness without any tangled layers and keeps the taper effect.

Top 4 DIY Hairstyle For Thin Hair To Create An Outstanding Look

  • What hair products to maintain and recreate this hairstyle for thin hair?

Using texturing hairsprays is the best final touch to this hairstyle. Thin and beautiful hair can weigh our hair down if we overuse product, so only a little is enough. These hairsprays will provide enough to keep the hair smooth and allow movement.

  • Who should try this hairstyle?

This hairstyle is comfortable and convenient to maintain on a daily basis because it follows a perimeter shape. Anyone who doesn’t want their hair to get tangled every morning, they will see themselves benefited from the flexibility and convenience of this look.

The thickness from fine to medium brings the best effect. Besides, those that achieve the length and density in front will reach this level of angle. Because of that angle, together with a deeper part to create a diagonal line, this cut is suitable for every face shape.

The bottom line

With the top DIY hairstyle for thin hair listed above, our thin-haired friends will no longer to be worried about their volume and thickness of their hair. The haircut for thin hair is no doubt a “best friend” of every girl who wants to achieve a fuller, more bouncing and floating look.

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