Top 5 Astonishing Secrets To Avoid Remy Hair Getting Tangled

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Top 5 Astonishing Secrets To Avoid Remy Hair Getting Tangled
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I suppose that Remy hair getting tangled is no longer a surprising story for most hair extensions’ users. Even though we pay an upscale price for hairpieces, they are likely to be tangled or shed if we don’t know to maintain them.

If you are a newbie, you might not know how to care for your newly purchased products. Allow me to show you these tips to prevent your hairpieces from tangling.

Top 5 Astonishing Secrets To Avoid Remy Hair Getting Tangled

Why do my Remy hair tangle?

Let’s start with the causes first.

Ever wonder why your premium Remy hair extensions encounter problems such as matting or tangling?

Here are the most common reasons:


I want to remind you once again that Remy hair is natural human hair. That means it can be affected by the weather just like our existing hair. Surprising, isn’t it?

If you live under ideal weather, where rain and moisture are not too high, congratulation! Your hair and hair-related products will stay durable and strong.

However, in case Remy hair get frequent exposure to rain and high humidity, it is bad news. Moisture increases the forming of hydrogen bonds between cuticles and water particles.

Ultimately the bonds make your hair curl and frizz. If you are unaware of this problem, curls and frizz could eventually lead to a bigger problem. That is your Remy hair getting tangled.

Hair products

When it comes to hair care, most users are confused. They don’t pay attention to hair products. Most of the wig-wearers go to the supermarket and grab whatever on the shelf.

Conventional shampoos and conditioners contain alcohol and drying agents. This is the top reason why not only the hair extensions but also your existing hair get tangled and shed.

Hair care routine

How much time do you care for your hair? If you have to think, no wonder why your hair extensions aren’t always in the best condition.

Top 5 Astonishing Secrets To Avoid Remy Hair Getting Tangled

Your hair care routine is essential for remy hair. 

Your hairpieces don’t require too much love and attention, but they do need daily care. How you care for your hair is also essential.


Are you a big fan of curls and bleach? Do you rarely use the thermal spray when applying blow drying? Do you seldom check the ingredients of hair products?

If you say yes for most of the question, you got the answer for your Remy hair getting tangled.

Top 5 astonishing secrets to avoid Remy hair getting tangled

Don’t worry! I’m here to help.

Below is my secret weapons to prevent hair damage including tangling and shedding.


A right brush could change everything. Of all the brushes, I advise you to choose ionic boar brushes.

The difference between our natural hair and Remy is that the latter never get oils from the scalp any longer. Without oils, hair strands tend to dry and fall off easily.

When you use a boar brush, it helps to distribute natural oils from the scalp along the hairlines. The oils eventually nourish your hair extensions and make them last longer.

Furthermore, the ionic brush will release negative ions down the hair strands, resulting in shiny and undamaged hair.

Hair care routine

If you want your hairpieces to last, it’s time to create a night care routine. Semi-permanent hair extensions need to be detangled every night. You also need to braid or make a loose ponytail for the products to last.

In case you wash your hair at night, don’t blow-dry it. Allow your hair to dry naturally.

Finally, invest some bucks in a silk bonnet. The bonnet will shield your hair from twisting together when you move around.

Use the right hair care products

There are specialized products for hairpieces as well. And those are precisely what you need. Make sure to choose shampoos and conditioners without sulfate and paraben.

What’s more, you should get used to the practice of hair mask weekly. The rule of thumb is to focus on the mid-shaft and ends. Especially when you use tape extensions, this will help Remy hair to be soft and healthy.

Top 5 Astonishing Secrets To Avoid Remy Hair Getting Tangled

There are specialized products for hairpieces as well.

All in all, you need to buy quality hair care products. You especially need to pay attention to the ingredients. More importantly, you should develop a consistent routine to avoid Remy hair getting tangled.

Limit heat and chemical processing

I highly recommend you to stay away from constant heat and chemical exposure. Of course, you can dye, bleach or color your hair, but be sure that you don’t overdo it within a short period.

Furthermore, say no to hairspray as well. This product contains lots of alcohol, which irritates your scalp and damage your hair.

I know it’s hard for you not to style your hair a bit. We all want to change our look and refresh our image. So, if you can’t resist processing, you can lessen its severe effect by choosing alcohol-free products or natural alternatives.

Never forget to apply thermal protectant when using heat processing such as blow drying, curling or ironing.


Last but not least, the most important thing to keep maintaining your Remy hair. Brushing it with care, using proper shampoos and conditioners, and most importantly building up daily care routine is essential.


I hope that you have gained crucial information regarding taking care of hair pieces. If you want to preclude Remy hair getting tangled, try these five tips and see how magically your hair extensions and weaves change.

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