Top Secrets About Human Hair Crown Toppers Ready To Be Revealed

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Human hair crown toppers are specifically designed to provide coverage for the crown area. In this article, we will introduce you the basics about these products.

Top Secrets About Human Hair Crown Toppers Ready To Be Revealed

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How to determine the area of hair loss

In order to determine the area of hair loss, we need to identify different regions of our head. There are three terms referring to the three most important areas that hair loss often occurs. They are central forelock, midscalp and the crown.

The central forelock

This area ranges from the anterior hairline to the temporal recession. Most men lose hair in this area.  Baldness occurring in the central forelock is less common in women than men.

Hair in the forelock offers protection and frame to our face.

The midscalp

The midscalp, as the name suggests, is the region from the temporal recession to the vertex transition point. Typically, only men suffer from hair loss in this area.

In some rare cases, women also encounter hair thining in this area.

The crown

The crown is the area where the transition zone ends. It is also known as the posterior hairline. This is the place where hair loss in women is most prominent.

What are human hair crown toppers?

No one wants to experience hair thinning and hair loss. However, if it happens, the chance of getting hair baldness is getting more and more apparent. Human hair crown toppers are the only choices for people with crown hair baldness.

Top Secrets About Human Hair Crown Toppers Ready To Be Revealed

Human hair toppers are also called wiglets. These items resemble a mini wig. The difference lies in size. Human hair crown toppers, for example, offer coverage to the crown area only.

Wigs, on the other, cover the whole head, from the hairline to the bottom, and from temple to temple.

Thanks to the small size, human hair crown toppers are more affordable than human hair wigs. For some people, these items are more head-friendly than wigs.

If you want to cover the patch of baldness only, choosing human hair toppers is the ultimate choice.



How to cover hair balding with human hair crown toppers?

Crown toppers are entirely different from other toppers. Due to the crown area, the toppers need to always come with hair clips to secure its place. Without the clips, there is no way you can wear a topper.

When you shop for a human hair topper, you should consider the size of your baldness as well. If it is small, think a small base hair topper. However, if the patch is big, you need to find a medium size topper.

Top Secrets About Human Hair Crown Toppers Ready To Be Revealed

The application of hair toppers is quite simple. You will take less than 1 minute to make it work.

Follow our necessary steps below:

Comb your hair: This step is essential. It makes sure that your hair is all in place, especially the one around the crown area. If you don’t want to use a comb, use your palm instead. Don’t put a topper on when your hair is messy.

Flip the topper over: You need to flip the topper to the other side to see the clips. Open all the clips before applying the base on your hair.

Determine the area of hair loss: Use a mirror to help you address the crown area. Place the base of topper over it.

Finish: Clip in the topper on the surrounding area. Recheck it if it is secured. Run your fingers down the topper to match it with the existing hair. Done!

These steps are easy to follow, aren’t they? You can put on your topper before leaving the house and remove it before going to bed. In case you want to sleep with your topper, we have the answer right below.

Can I sleep with my human hair crown toppers?

Many wig users also have the same question. Regarding the answer, we have an article to explain this. Please have a look at

As for hair toppers, the answer is a bit tricky. There are three types of toppers covering different parts over our head. Each category will be constructed differently so that it could cover the suitable area.

As for individual hair crown toppers, these items are used for the crown area. This area is down in the back of your head. To secure the topper, you need to use hair clips.

When you sleep with hair clips, you will feel a bit uncomfortable. This is because the clips will put pressure over the area. Things will get a bit comfier if you lay by your side.

However, imagine sleeping like that the whole night!

We would not recommend you to sleep with a crown hair topper. Also, your surrounding hair needs to take a break from the clips as well. During the night, your twisting and moving will also create tension for your natural hair.

Other immediate alternatives for hair loss

If you experience excessive hair loss in different areas, a crown hair topper isn’t a great choice. And if the balding patch is massive, we strongly advise you to try human hair wigs.

There are two types of wigs: full lace wigs and lace front wigs. Both offer full coverage. The application is also relatively simple. Plus, you can even sleep with the wig with some necessary accessories.

Most wigs made of Remy hair are reasonably priced given its coverage.

Full lace wigs

Full lace wigs offer a 100% lace base. With attached clips at the front end, you can secure the wig on your surrounding hair. These items are also very comfortable and breathable.

Lace front wigs

Lace front wigs are more affordable than full lace for several reasons. They adopt a small layer of lace in the front part of the wig. The rest is weft. These items are less breathable than their cousins.

The bottom line

Human hair crown toppers are the immediate method for women to combat premature baldness and hair loss at the crown area. When the baldness is severe, full lace wigs or lace front wigs should be used instead.

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