True Indian Hair — Is It Really Worth Your Trust & Money?

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True Indian hair has prevailed in the beauty industry recently. Many women love to choose that type of hair to embellish their look. So, why can it gain such a reputation? Let’s check it out in this article.

What is true Indian hair?

True Indian hair, of course, is hair collected from Indians. This hair is one of the very famous hair in the market nowadays. This is not only because it offers high quality but also comes with various hair textures. The lightness, airiness, and bounce of Indian hair that make it easy to style is another reason for girls to love it. If you look for naturally wavy or curly strands, true Indian hair is for you.

True Indian Hair - Is It Really Worth Your Trust & Money?
true Indian hair

Does true Indian hair have the best quality?

The answer depends on which type of Indian hair you choose.

If you purchase Virgin Indian hair, as known as chemically unprocessed Indian human hair, you have got the best hair in the world.

Otherwise, if you buy hair that is chemically processed to make it usable again by Chinese or Indian manufacturers, you have wasted your money.

What makes Indian hair become popular?

When mentioning true Indian hair, we cannot ignore its texture. The texture of Indian ranges widely from slightly wave to thick curl. So if you want to have a naturally wavy hair look without undergoing any styling process, Indian hair will definitely meet your requirements.

There are three major Indian hair textures in the beauty industry, which are naturally straight, naturally wavy, and naturally curly. Bone straight and deep curl Indian hair strands are not so popular but you can style them easily with a flat iron or curling one.

True Indian Hair - Is It Really Worth Your Trust & Money?
Indian hair is smooth and bouncy

How long does Indian hair last?

With proper care and maintenance, virgin Indian hair can last up to 12 months and even more. If you look for durable and high-quality hair, Indian will be a wise choice. Remember to choose reliable suppliers to make sure the hair you got can come up to your expectation.

Can true Indian hair be dyed or styled with heating tools?

The answer is yes if it is virgin Indian hair, you certainly can bleach, color, and use heating tools to style the hair. This is because, Indian human hair that is unprocessed with chemicals, can behave exactly the same as your natural hair. However, don’t forget to apply heat protectant before doing so.

What are the available types of products in the market made of true Indian hair?

This is listed below.

Indian Hair extensions: machine wefts, hand-tied wefts, clip-in hair extensions, tape-in hair extensions, i-tip, u-tip, hair extensions

Indian Hair wigs: lace frontal hair wigs of various sizes, lace closure Indian hair wigs of all sizes, 360° lace wig, etc.

If you want to know more details of each type, don’t hesitate to contact Layla Hair right now!

True Indian Hair - Is It Really Worth Your Trust & Money?
Indian hair extension types

True Indian hair reviews

A successful online product refers to a bunch of positive reviews and feedback from its users. Hence, you can find out many favorable reviews on the internet for virgin Indian hair. Many women highly recommend it because of its durability and the variety of hair textures, colors, and hairstyles it offers.

How to tell the differences between Indian hair and Vietnamese hair?

These are two famous hair sources from Asia. You may wonder what the differences between them are and what you should choose. Hence, let us draw a line between these two kinds of hair for you.


Indian human hair


The Indian hair’s natural texture ranges from a slightly wavy body to thick curls. Among them, the wavy body is the most popular texture of true Indian hair. It can be easily found in any store and be favored by most of the women, especially black women.

Indian hair also comes with very good density and provides a bouncy and voluminous effect. Its coarseness enables the curl to be held firm.


The natural colors of Indian hair are black, dark brown, and everything in between. So when coming to true Indian hair, you have more than one choice for color. That is also a reason for the popularity of this hair type.

Vietnamese human hair


Vietnamese hair is famous for its strong and thick strands, which make it become one of the most durable natural hair in the world. If Indian hair just provides you the hair with a slightly wavy texture or deep curly one, you can find bone straight patterns from Vietnamese human hair products.

Vietnamese hair also comes with incredible length, you can even buy Vietnamese hair bundles length from 30 inches and above.

True Indian Hair - Is It Really Worth Your Trust & Money?
Indian hair vs Vietnamese hair


The common shade of Vietnamese hair is a stunning black which is glossy and shiny. It also can easily be bleached and dyed into different colors.

Between the Indian hair and Vietnamese, it’s hard to tell which is better. Depending on your own preferences, you can have a great choice between the two. You can contact your hairstylist to choose the hair type that suits you.

Who can use true Indian hair?

Certainly, all women or even men can use Indian hair. The basic textures and colors it provides can blend well with many types of natural hair.

However, those who prefer Indian hair most rather than any type of hair is African American women, especially the one who loves to be natural. This is because the natural state of Indian hair, including colors and textures, really meets the requirements of black women. Even the chemically processed Indian hair still offers a wide range of hairstyle as well as color variations. Furthermore, the coarseness of it helps to hold curls for a long time and that is what African American women are looking for.

Our conclusion

Is true Indian hair worth your investment? With all the brief review above, we hope that this article will help you to be better able to understand Indian hair as well as make a good choice for yourself.

Whatever you choose, don’t forget to find a genuine supplier. If not, the hair you get will be absolutely different from what we tell you and immediately fall short of your expectation.

If you are looking for hair products made of true Indian human hair such as Indian hair weave, hair extensions, or hair wigs, Layla Hair can be a trusted place for your choice.

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