Why Everybody Is Talking About Cambodian Hair Weave? The Simple Truth Revealed

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For years, women in the world choose hair extensions as a popular beauty method. Cambodian hair weave bundles, which are one of the extensions, are also interested in because of their advantages and attraction.

What Is A Cambodian Hair Weave?

It’s not difficult to answer this question. A weave is one type of Raw Cambodian Hair collected from Cambodian women. Cambodian hair weave bundles are very silky, shiny and a little curly.

Why Everybody Is Talking About Cambodian Hair Weave? The Simple Truth Revealed
Cambodian hair weave

Because Cambodian hair is virgin, unprocessed, it can be easy to style. Women in Cambodia have their own treatments that can keep hair strongly. They say no with chemical products, have a good habit and diet. Natural shampoos and conditioners such as coconut, palm oil are prioritized. 

Those who choose raw hair don’t worry about its quality. Cambodian hairs can hold a curl well and dye or color without much damage to the quality of the hair. 

Cambodian vs Indian Hair Weave, What Should You Choose?

Have you ever spent time wondering which type of hair weave is the best? Each product has its own features that make them popular. If you search on the internet, there are many reviews that can help you sure about its quality.

To be honest, I advise you to choose a Cambodian hair weave. As being mentioned, it is human raw hair collected from girls in Cambodia. The natural texture of Cambodian hair is usually smooth, strong and thick. You may feel satisfied if you choose this product.

Why Everybody Is Talking About Cambodian Hair Weave? The Simple Truth Revealed
Cambodian, Indian, vs Vietnamese weft

Secondly, Cambodia hair is unprocessed, so you can style or color for the weave if you want. This type of hair extension is also well-known for its strength and long durability. If you have a good treatment, it will keep your hair in beauty longer.

Indian hair weaves are versatile on the market, with options varying from straight to kinky to wavy. They are so soft and quite luster. Indian hair is easy to find and the price is cheaper but you should be more careful to buy it.

Besides the Cambodian weave, the Vietnamese one is also a reliable product. The hair is cut off only one donor’s head. Vietnamese hair is always known as the highest quality. Although Vietnamese hair weave is not as thick as Cambodian one, it is extremely silky, soft, shiny and healthy. The natural texture of Vietnamese hair is usually straight and a little wavy. Black is the main color of Vietnamese raw hair.

Advantages of Wearing Weaves

Do you want to have beautiful hair? Why don’t you choosing Cambodian hair weave to make beauty? You want, but you don’t try, it’s your fault. Let’s find ways to change your appearance and yourself. So what are the advantages of weave?

Many celebrities and socialities are people who have to change more to renew theirs in front of the audients. So what did they do? They have many ways to change, but one of the most common methods is wearing weaves. They only visit professional hairstylists and then have beautiful hair. It is the reason why their hair was short yesterday, but longer today.

Why Everybody Is Talking About Cambodian Hair Weave? The Simple Truth Revealed
Cambodian human hair weave is easy to style

A great advantage of raw Cambodian hair weave is its easiness to style, color, bleach or dye as this type of hair is usually strong and durable. Thus, you can use your favorite styling tools on them without causing the hair a lot of damage. 

Besides extending lengths, weaves also add the volume, which makes them ideal for women with thin hair. When wearing weaves, you can feel more confident whenever attending events or for your daily routine.

Cambodian hair weaves are soft, that means when you wearing them, you will not feel it is unnatural and free tangles. Because of its luster, it is manageable. 

Cambodian hair weave is also flexible when you choose to buy some. There are a variety of patterns and styles to choose from.

How to Care Your Weaves?

It is very important to take care of the Cambodian hair weave. You should treat it as if it is your natural hair. 

The first step is choosing a good hydration shampoo and conditioner to prevents the weave from feeling dry and brittle. 

Why Everybody Is Talking About Cambodian Hair Weave? The Simple Truth Revealed
treat Cambodian hair weave as your real hair

The next is washing. You do not need to wash it very often, just wash when you feel that it starts looking dull. Apply a small amount of shampoo to the hair and wash in one direction, from top to bottom. Conditioning is also important to keep your weave soft. Remember to use organic shampoos and conditioners to regularly moisturize and treat your weaves.

Make sure that all the tracks are dry completely. If you proper care, it will be soft and beautiful for a long time. 

Where to buy Cambodian Hair Weave?

Nowadays, there are many Cambodian hair weave suppliers that can meet your demand. But coming with Layla Hair, we are willing to consult the best products with competitive prices for you. 

All Cambodian hairs from Layla Hair are collected from a single donor. By using our hair products, the customers will feel comfortable and convenient. Your hair will look awesome if styled and colored. Our raw Cambodian hair is the best choice if you’re looking for virgin hair extensions to extend your natural hair length and volume.  

Why Everybody Is Talking About Cambodian Hair Weave? The Simple Truth Revealed
Cambodian hair weave from Laylahair

Layla Hair is proud to be one of the most reliable wholesaler in Vietnam. Our manufacturers supply Cambodian hair in which all cuticles are the same direction from the root to the top. With Cambodian hair weave, we sure that you can change the hairstyle more frequently without much damaging. 

Besides weaves, Layla Hair also produces and sells a lot of products made of Cambodian and Vietnamese hair such as lace frontal wigs, bundles with closure, tape in hair extensions, clip in hair extensions… 

All of these sharings are basic information about Cambodian hair weave for sale. We hope that with all of its features, you will have one more option to change yourself as well as your life. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via the number (+84) 989 633 424 via Mobile, Whatsapp or Snapchat. We are willing to adapt yours requires.

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