Vietnam hair – The best quality human hair, most popular in USA market

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        Let’s start with the definition of Vietnam hair which the hair collected from Vietnamese ladies. In other words, Vietnamese hair is made from Vietnamese donor’s. As a result, Vietnamese hair extension has an outstanding and different feature to other types of hair. Why do Layla Hair say that? They will give some well-founded statement from the experts about Vietnamese Virgin Remy hair. As you may know, Vietnam hair is the best quality human hair, most popular in USA market. Then, The hair is really soft and shiny, no tangled and no shed with any hairstyle. Why do the ladies like Vietnamese hair? ‘Because it is appreciated about smoothness and thickness, especially durability’. You really see that any hair types is as durable as this hair type. If you take care of Vietnam hair properly and carefully, you are able to use as your natural hair.



In recent year, modern girls love to change their hairstyles for various different reasons. Human hair extensions are the most suitable explanation for why they want to try different hairstyles. Moreover, some ladies want to change hairstyle but concern about its potential undesirable effects. Are you looking for Vietnam hair  for your business, salon or yourself? However, there are lots of suppliers with several types of hair on the market right now. They made you so confuse which the hair extension with the best quality and reasonable price. Right here, beauty! Layla Hair is one of the best Vietnam hair extension wholesale. In addition, Layla Hair supplier have a lot of trendy hairstyles for you such as curly vietnamhair, wavy vietnam hair, straight vietnam hair, etc. Don’t hesitate to come to us!

What is Vietnam hair?

As you may know, in Vietnam, ladies often have long straight hair. In order to have such healthy and beautiful hair extension, Vietnamese women have an effective hair care way. They don’t use chemical shampoo or seldom dye and style for their hair. They often shampoo and care for hair by natural products as locust, rice water, some kind of leaves or herb.

Furthermore, our Vietnam hair is completely natural hair, not puzzled, not handled by the chemical, They still keep their advantages, preserved intact from root to the top of the hair. If you research detail information, you can see, most of the Vietnamese hair extension is the thin hair, very smooth and silky hair.

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How Vietnam hair long lasting?

As you can imagine, in Vietnam, there aren’t a lot of women who haven’t cut their hair or applied some sort of chemical process to their hair. Therefore, the durability of Vietnam hair is not only shown that its lifespan is a year, but also can stand the cold and hot weather more years. If you can care for it carefully, the hair will be stronger and very healthy. This can make the quality hair become better and better. Then, you are able to use your Vietnam hair extension in a year or more than a year.

What is the texture of Vietnam hair that USA customers looking for?

Layla Hair understands clearly thoroughly the buying habits and needs of each country in the world such as  US, UK, Sweden, …Europe market like weft hair in beautiful textures straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair. The Silky vietnamese hair is thick, long and beautiful and it is these three qualities that make Vietnamese hair extension in great demand. It is also for these same reasons that procuring this quality of hair so rare. Hence, if you buy hair from Layla, you will have an opportunity to make any style you want like straight, curly, wavy.

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Vietnam hair is one of the best choice for African American woman to make wigs


Human hair wigs are an investment to last many years for most people. Human hair wigs are an investment to last many years for most people. So, you need to choose carefully about the quality of lace, sources of hair, hairstyle to make sure that your big investment become effective. Why you don’t choose Vietnam hair human wig? After, read a lot of information above, Layla hair hope you understand that Vietnam hair is one of the best choice for African American woman to make wigs.This choice will sure that don’t make you disappointed.

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How to start selling Vietnam hair extension in the USA market?

Next, Getting started selling Vietnam hair extension in the USA market. The most cost-effective way to start selling hair extension is with an online store. Over the past few years, Layla Hair company has become a Hair Agency that has everything you need to get started selling online including wholesale hair, dropshipping, branding, and a knowledgeable customer service team.


Being the top wholesale Vietnam hair vendors from Vietnam, Layla Hair is ready to support customers 24/7 services whenever you need by the professional sales team. We have known that the only supplying good products is not enough, determining factor is customer service. Layla Hair ensures the needs and expectations of customers are met by the best way :

  • Quick Response: From consulting, delivery to feedback or solving customers’ problems are committed to the time and on time.
  • Accuracy: Customers will be consulted until getting the right Vietnamese hair for your choose
  • Profession: Layla Hair has a skillful sales team graduated in Business Department. And, with high – professional trained about the products, also Customer understanding skills. Therefore, we provide to customers the great services and customers’satisfaction is our top priority.

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Finally, Vietnam human hair is the best. And, Vietnam hair extension from Layla is exported to the European countries, North America, African and Asia. We enjoy a high prestige owing to our highest quality standard and latest hair fashion design. After reading all of the above information, Layla believes that you will understand what is Vietnam hair? So now, why don’t you buy hair from Remy hair wholesalers Layla? We believes that  it will absolutely change your life. 


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