Vietnam Virgin Hair Guide: The Essential Tips To Beginners

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The ethnicity of the hair is an important thing to consider before deciding to buy any hair extension products. The following post is to get you covered with the ultimate Vietnam virgin hair guide. 

The hair extensions used worldwide come from different origins. Aside from popular names like Brazilian and Indian hair, Vietnamese hair has gradually gained users’ reliance and become one among the top recommended hair extensions.

So, is it worth a try to invest in some bulks of Vietnamese hair? Check out our virgin hair Vietnam reviews below.

1. A quick look at hair categories and the differences between them.

First of this Vietnam virgin hair guide, let us go through the different types of hair that are available in today’s market. Here’s how we differentiate raw hair from virgin hair and Remy from non-Remy hair.

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Raw hair vs. Virgin hair

“Are they the same?” – A question that you might think about when first listening to these two terms. They might sound the same, but in fact, it has two distinct meanings.

Raw hair

Raw hair, as its name suggests, is the human hair that is 100% unprocessed. It has NOT undergone any steaming, heating, or chemical processing. In other words, it is the purest hair with the most natural hair form. It also has the most-extended lifespan thanks to the first-class quality.

Vietnam Virgin Hair Guide: The Essential Tips To Beginners
Vietnam raw hair

Regarding hair patterns, raw hair is mostly available in 02 main types: straight and natural wavy.

No two bundles of raw hair are the same, as each of them has distinctive hair quality, color, and pattern.

The most significant sources of raw hair are Asian countries such as Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Indian. Vietnamese raw hair is famous for its straight texture and exceptional smoothness.

Virgin hair

By comparison, virgin hair is more popular in the market than the raw one. It refers to the hair that has never undergone ANY chemical processes. That is to say; it has never been permed, bleached, dyed, or relaxed.

Vietnam Virgin Hair Guide: The Essential Tips To Beginners
Vietnam virgin hair

Still, virgin hair will be steamed or processed to get different patterns such as body wavy, deep wavy, curly, kinky curly, etc.

Similar to raw hair, Vietnam virgin hair is among the major virgin hair resources in the market.

Remy hair vs. Non-Remy hair

Another thing you need to check in Vietnam virgin hair guide before buying a hair extension is whether it is Remy or Non-Remy hair. These two terms refer to the alignment of hair strands in the weft.

Remy hair

Remy hair is the most excellent quality of hair extensions. The cuticles remain intact, which means hair strands will be aligned in the same direction from the roots to the ends. The natural pattern is hence maintained, offering a more natural look.

Vietnam Virgin Hair Guide: The Essential Tips To Beginners
Remy vs. Non-Remy hair

Non-Remy hair

Whereas all Remy hair is virgin, not all virgin hair can be categorized as Remy hair. With non-Remy hair, the cuticles are stripped or run in different directions. People collect this type of hair from floors or random donors. Because the strands are not in the same direction, the hair tends to encounter problems like tangling, shedding, and matting.

Compared to Remy hair, the non-Remy is of much lower quality.


2. How to buy the best Vietnam virgin hair?

Everything considered, virgin Remy hair is the best product to choose if you want to buy hair extensions.

Are you interested in getting some great bundles of Vietnamese virgin hair extensions? Whether it is for personal use or retailing business, the following two steps from our Vietnam virgin hair guide are must-take to get the best deal.

#1 Do your search carefully

Shopping around is a must before buying anything. And hair purchasing is not an exception.

It is necessary to search everything well in advance. You should take a look at different Vietnam virgin hair company to see if it is reliable to lay your trust in. Wander around their websites or blogs to see the way their company operates.

Vietnam Virgin Hair Guide: The Essential Tips To Beginners
Do your search carefully

Reading reviews or asking recommendations from hair extension groups and forums are also smart ways to find a good agency.

#2 Make and keep track of your order

After deciding which hair distributor to work with, contact their sales team to make your order. In reputable hair vendors like Layla Hair, the sales and customer support team work 24/7, so clients can contact them any time to ask for assistance.

Vietnam Virgin Hair Guide: The Essential Tips To Beginners
Keep track of your order

Most of the companies will have a fixed quotation for different kinds of hair, but it is still possible for you to bargain and ask for some discounts. At Layla Hair, a first-purchaser program and friendly membership policy also actively offer clients some dollars off even when you are not asking for.

In case you still don’t feel assured with the vendors, you can make a sample order first. You can make a full order later when you are satisfied with the product already.


3. Recommended Vietnam virgin hair distributor.

There are plenty of hair companies to take into consideration. Among the long lists of hair vendors in this S-shaped country, Layla Hair stands out with its huge reputation in providing excellent products to every single client and partner. This company is highly appreciated in lots of Vietnam virgin hair guide. 

If you are looking for Vietnamese virgin hair in Vietnam Hanoi, Layla Hair cannot be a better choice. Our hair extensions are made from virgin Vietnamese hair that is only collected from healthy donors. Our product line varies in lengths, patterns, colors, offering clients a wide range of choices.

Vietnam Virgin Hair Guide: The Essential Tips To Beginners
Layla Hair – the best Vietnam virgin hair distributor

Aside from Vietnamese hair, Layla Hair also sell Cambodian hair and different types of extensions and wigs to meet the need of all clients. In addition to the ready-made products, customized hair extensions are also available to order.

We also provide fast payment and shipping methods so that your order will be complete as quickly as possible. A return policy is available, too.

The bottom line

Vietnam virgin hair is definitely the right choice if you want to have a good-looking hair extension. Hopefully, with this Vietnam virgin hair guide above, you have got a brief understanding of this product and how to buy it. 

With years of experiences in providing Vietnamese and Cambodian raw and virgin hair to people all over the world, Layla Hair takes pride in being the leading hair vendor in Vietnam.

If you are into hair extensions, don’t forget to stay tuned to keep updated on our beautiful products!

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