What All The Fuss about Lace Front Wigs Human Hair Is About?

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When you are trying to achieve a glamorous hairdo or confronted with the problem of hair loss, chances are you will opt for wigs. Well, there is no surprise as this is almost the most accessible and most convenient option available.

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Then, why lace front wigs human hair while there are many other cheaper or easier to get choices on the market? If you are still wondering so, come along with us and make the final decisions for yourself.

Why would you need lace front wigs human hair and not just any other kinds of wigs?

Just like any other beauty products, companies manufacture wigs in many sizes, colors, patterns, and even prices to accommodate the need of every single woman.

If so, why lace front wigs human hair when other types seem to do the job just as well. Well, then let us do our part and help you clear up a few myths.

Why lace front wigs?

There are two most common types in this category: lace front and full lace.

At first glimpse, you may think that there is not so much of a difference between these two. However, when people know better, they will beg to differ.

What All The Fuss about Lace Front Wigs Human Hair Is About?

The collection of lace front wigs from Layla Hair

The main difference between these is that in one kind, the lace is sewed into the front part of the hairline while in the other, the lace covers the whole scalp.

Now, this is the reason why we recommended it to you when you do not know where to start: lace front wigs are incredibly beginner-friendly. They are easy to put on, easy to take off and feel comfortable throughout the whole day.

Another plus point of lace front wigs is that they look super natural without much adjustment and modifications. And also, as full lace wigs take longer to be crafted, they are considerably more expensive.

Even though full lace wigs do have some advantages to them such as the versatility and the lightweight, if you are a total newbie, definitely go for the lace front ones.

Why wigs made of real human hair?

Just like the category above, there are two main types of material manufacturers use to produce wigs, which are real human hair and synthetic substances.

When it comes to the quality of wigs, ones with human hair are remarkably more superior than ones made of synthetic strands.

What All The Fuss about Lace Front Wigs Human Hair Is About?

The difference between human hair and synthetic fibers is clear. 

Right off the bat, lace front wigs human hair last longer as they are are not heavily treated with chemicals to achieve a particular pattern as the other ones.

Plus, they will have that little something that piece the whole look together thanks to the authenticity they exude.

Another advantage that these have over the synthetic ones is the durability. Over extended periods of wearing, synthetic ones can easily get damaged, tangled and lose its original shine.

The quality and durability of human hair wigs will justify the price tag that comes with them. Bear in mind that there will always be a little more expensive than those made from synthetic strands.

Thus, after stating all of the above, we hope that you will be a smart consumer and splurge on a long-term investment. Buy wigs with real human hair, and you will be blessed with a long period of enjoying gorgeous locks without any fuss.



Tips on using lace front wigs human hair for beginners

These are some small tips and tricks you can use to take care of these products more efficiently and effortlessly.

Every wig requires different methods of maintenance and so do lace front wigs human hair. However, do not worry. Just be patient, and it will work out just fine even for beginners in this field.

Washing the wigs

Usually, these hairpieces are recommended to be cleaned every 1 to 2 months.

Start the process by immersing them in soapy water for one minute. After that, with the lightest force possible, move them back and force and let the water do the job.

Remember not to rub as the movement can damage the joints between portions of the wigs. If needed, run your fingers through the scalp to remove sweat and oil as gentle as you can.

Drying after washing

Use a towel to suck off the water before letting air dry in a clean and well-ventilated space.

What All The Fuss about Lace Front Wigs Human Hair Is About?

Hanging the wigs are a good idea.

Do not try to use a blower or put them in the sun as these two methods can quickly destroy the original state of the wigs.

Combing the hair

Do not brush these when they are wet. Do it when they are dry.

Also, use a steel or metal comb with wide gaps between the teeth to do the work. Brush gently from the root to the end. By doing this, you are helping the wigs to last longer and avoid shedding.

When they get severely tangled, spray them with special conditioners and slowly work out the knots. Do not pull or tug harshly.

Storing the products

Store them in their original package. Please do not let them be squished into some corners or under heavy objects. Also, remember to give them a shake so that they can return to their original state before putting them away for an extended period.

The bottom line

This article is our unique guide dedicated to those newbies out there trying to find out where and how to start this hair beauty journey. We hope that you girls found this useful and handy.

If you want to purchase lace front wigs human hair in the future, make sure to give our site a visit. Our company guarantees to provide one of the best products in the price range. Good luck and have the best first experience with these babies.

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