What Are Lowlights? The Secret For Shiny & Gorgeous Hairdo

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Have you ever heard of lowlights? Do you know anything about it? Or what are lowlights? Lowlights are a common coloring technique that is often used to deepen the hair look by using 2-3 darker shades than your existing hair color. 

Want to know deep into lowlights technique, read on to learn more about it and how to maintain your hair color.  

What is lowlight hair?

The term lowlights refers to a well-liked hair coloring technique that is suitable for every individual with short, medium, and long hair. It is recommended to deepen the hair look and add dimension to your hair. Often, beauties with too light hair color opt for this technique to fix their hair look. For example, you bleach and color your hair blonde, but it is too shiny and looks artificial, lowlights are your best option. This is the opposite of highlighted hair, however, it also creates depth within your hair. 

What Are Lowlights? The Secret For Shiny & Gorgeous Hairdo
lowlight hair

Low lights create a soft effect and multi-tone colors by using 2-3 darker shades than your base color. Hair colorists use foils and balayage techniques to create these hairs. This is perfect for girls with finer hair who want their curls to look fuller and thicker. If you would like to switch up your hair hue without coloring the entire head, choose lowlights. It changes your hair subtly and blends your existing hair well, offering a perfect finish. 

What’s the difference between highlights and lowlights?

Can you distinguish between highlights and lowlights? The word highlights is also a common hair coloring technique that girls always crave. This technique refers to the hairpieces that are lighter than your existing hair color. While lowlights come with darker hairpieces. 

Put simply, highlights are described as lifting your base hair color while lowlight have darker shades to create depth and dimension to your mane. If your bleached highlights turn dull and fade, lowlights are a fun option to fix this look. Still, you should invest in color-safe shampoos and conditioners when going for these coloring techniques. They can work to maintain your hair color and shine effectively. 

Can you use both highlights and lowlights onto your head? Yes, but it would be better if you have an appointment with your hairdresser and discuss it. Go for a qualified and skilled hair colorist so that he/she can add highlights and lowlights for brown hair and create your desired hair color. Nevertheless, depending on the shade of your brown hair, the pro gives the best solution. Your existing hair is light brown, lowlight is an excellent candidate. In contrast, this darkening technique will not work for you if your hair is naturally dark brown or black. 

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How long do lowlights last?

Compared to highlights, this darkening technique requires low maintenance. That’s why hair colorists advise their clients to come back every two months for a touch-up. While you can care for your hair with lowlights at home. Often, people add lowlight when it transits from summer to fall. And others choose it as it can last very long with minimal upkeep. 

What Are Lowlights? The Secret For Shiny & Gorgeous Hairdo
highlights vs lowlights

Do lowlights cover grey hair? 

Some wearers use this technique to blend and cover their grey hair. However, it is a temporary solution. Your grey hair will be revealed and pop out when these colors fade. If you don’t mind seeing your grey hair, go for lowlight to refresh your hair look. 

Some inspired ideas with lowlight

We do agree that too much warmth makes your hair look brassy. By contrast, too much coolness can cause your look to go drab and flat. Let’s explore these inspired lowlight ideas to help change your hair color from season to season. Consult your hairdressers and pick the most beautiful lowlight to achieve your uniquely yours. 

Chocolate brown lowlights

If your natural locks are ash blonde, add some dark chocolate brown lowlights to add depth and dimension to your hair. It will create an illusion of thicker hair. Some darker hair pieces create a contrast between your hair colors. The combination of highlights and lowlights is great for all hair types. 

Try this hair to reach a fashionable and striking look. However, don’t do it yourself if you have no skill in coloring, otherwise, it may look patchy. Get yourself to a hair salon and ask for the pro’s help.

What Are Lowlights? The Secret For Shiny & Gorgeous Hairdo

Light brown hair with lowlight

The light brown hair with lowlight is a must-try. Add some waves to your hair and these darker shades are flattering. Also, this style can boost your hair volume and shine to the next level. We believe that brown hair with lowlights is sure to blow your mind. 

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Blonde hair brown lowlight

As we mentioned earlier, lowlights work better on light hair bases, such as blonde or light brown. So the darker shade of lowlights blends well with blonde hair. It adds depth and dimension to any shade of blonde hair, offering a more natural finished hair. 

Medium brown hair with highlights and lowlights

A professional colorist can help you blend highlights and lowlights perfectly into your natural hair color. Go with some highlighted and lowlighted hairs that enhance your base color. The lowlight will work to add a distinctive richness and depth to your mane while highlighted hairs will point up your curls and layers.

What Are Lowlights? The Secret For Shiny & Gorgeous Hairdo

Light hair color with caramel lowlight

We are sure that these lowlights are so much fun to wear. Some caramel hues can bring your hair look and appearance to the next level. You only need to make sure you go to a qualified colorist who definitely knows which strands and pieces need to be lowlighted. 

In addition, you can consider wearing platinum blonde hair with brown lowlight, bleached hair and purple lowlight, etc. These color ideas soften your hair and don’t appear too straightforward.


We hope that you have got some useful information about «what are lowlights» and basics relating to this darkening technique. 

You love the hair with lowlights and want to get this look, visit a hair colorist and get your unique hair. Don’t hesitate to refresh your hair as well as appearance. 

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