15+ Hottest 2021 Hairstyles Will Help You Turn Heads!

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Believe it or not, 2021 is still a big year for haircuts in spite of COVID 19. We witnessed countless beauties give themselves layers, waves, bangs, and pixie cuts. People sprint to favorite stylists to transform their hair as well as appearance. Besides long and gorgeous haircuts, girls also tend to love low-maintenance hairstyles, too. 

If you are looking for some great 2021 hairstyles, this blog post is a must-read. We have some suggestions that would blow your mind. Just keep on scrolling and find out which one suits you best. 

2021 Hairstyles With Straight Hair

Straight haircuts are everywhere in 2021. Let’s see:

Sleek Strong Bob

You fall in love with short hairstyles 2021, try this look now. A strong bob, also called a blunt bob, is on the rise around the world. Sleek and razor-sharp hair is easy to style and gives you the celeb gleam you deserve. Plus, it is so cool and sexy. Many believe that this cut is very suitable for independent and forward-thinking women. 

15+ Hottest 2021 Hairstyles Will Help You Turn Heads!

Straight Layered Hair

Straight hair looks thinner than other hair textures; hence opt for this straight layered hairstyle to add a lot of life and movement to your locks. Besides, layers are a great way to give straight hair strands more volume by creating an illusion of bouncier and thicker hair. That’s why a lot of us prefer this flattering style. 

Long Straight Hair with Bangs

The next candidate on the list of 2021 haircuts female is naturally straight hair with bangs. It does not require a lot of fuss to reach this look. Straight hair is awesome for all women and facial shapes since it is a beautiful natural texture and has a natural shine. That’s why this look has been a staple style through the years. 

Bangs are an important part of this cut as it adds to your universal appeal. It also looks a little bit retro at the same time. 

2021 Hairstyles With Wavy Hair

For a good texture and voluminous hair look, try wearing these 2021 women’s hairstyles with waves.  

Wavy Lob

We’re sure that you are not strange to this hairdo. A wavy lob has been among the top picks for women’s hairstyles since 2010. And now it is coming back and becoming a 2021 haircut trends female for special occasions. 

This cut is shoulder-length and styled with beachy and soft waves. If you are aiming to show off the feminine, modern, and stylish look, go for a wavy lob. Also, it is not sophisticated to wear. If your existing hair is light brown tone, don’t hesitate to add some blonde highlights because it brings a sense of fullness and volume. This hairdo is a great option for women whose hair is thin and a little flat.

15+ Hottest 2021 Hairstyles Will Help You Turn Heads!

Mullet Haircut

Have you ever seen Miley Cyrus in a mullet hairstyle? Traditionally, it is a men’s cut, but now 2021 is welcoming it as a trendy hairstyle for females. 

Put simply, girls are now ready to experiment with a new look that they were never confident to wear before. Instead of wearing a traditional version with short fringe & sides and longer at the back, you should choose the modern one. The hair is layered cut, short and has choppy fringe but shaggy on the sides. We recommend you apply a texturizer and wax to hold this look. Especially, you can add different vibrant colors to make a mullet style look more astonishing and rebellious. 

Wavy bob with bangs

Hair bangs provide an extra element to most 2021 hairstyles and are a smart choice for edgy girls. Combine it with a short wavy bob, it makes this style perfect for every woman. 

To rock this bob cut, you keep your hair waves shoulder-length, not too short. Opt for the length of bangs that suit your face and vibe, it may be short, long, or thin bangs. Either way, the bangs will blend seamlessly with your waves, making them look fetching and soft.

Other inspirations:

2021 Hairstyles With Curly Hair

The followings are modern-day versions of curly hair for considering:

Natural Curls

Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. And always. Natural curls have been a trendy cut for all girls, especially for black ladies. Bear in mind that simple is beautiful. 

To achieve 2021 haircut trends female, try to care for your natural curls properly. You can apply oil or diffused oil to manage them effectively.  Don’t skip to hydrate and moisturize your hair as curly hair tends to dry quickly. Then you can wear your naturally curly hair in various cuts, such as ponytails, up-do styles, or let it free if you want. 

Curly Shag

Many Hollywood stars like Ciara, Zendaya, Natasha Lyonne, etc. rocked this shag cut for a few seasons now. Paired with a curly pattern, this hairdo gives wearers a cool, lived-in, and modern look. Hairstylists say that this option works amazingly for all curl patterns, from light curl to coily hair, because the hair itself has volume.  

The secret to nailing 2021 hairstyles for women is hair care products. It’s important to keep your curls soft and manageable. Try to eliminate frizz if you rock this haircut. 

15+ Hottest 2021 Hairstyles Will Help You Turn Heads!

Trendy Ombre for Curly Hair

In this list, we have talked about a number of fabulous hairstyles for women. Let’s mix a trendy cut with 2021 hair color trends. Ombre color is among the best solutions for ladies with curly hair. While curly hair gives more hair volume to your locks, ombre helps this look get more attention. 

Want to mimic the look of a movie star, opt for a light-colored ombre for your curls, such as pastel green and pink. Or go for neutral colors such as blonde and brown ombre to draw attention to your gorgeous curly hair. 

Crochet Curly Hair

Many people love this crochet curly hairstyle because it creates an illusion of a fuller and thicker hair look. Instead of styling existing hair, women tend to use hair extensions to get this beautiful hair. Buy human hair extensions so that you can adjust the texture and cut them to reach your desired stunning curls. 

Other ideas for 2021 haircuts

Other 2021 stunning hairdos for hair that will make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Side Swept Undercut

Women also ask for some daring 2021 hairstyles, tired of the same old. One of the stylish looks is that they are going for a side-swept undercut. 

People always think about mens’ hairstyles when referring to this cut. But with some changes, girls can wear this dramatically modern hairstyle. Just temple shave or nape undercut one side of your head and swept the rest hair part on another side. The result will not let you down, it is a bold yet chic and feminine look. We are sure that everyone will turn their heads when you rock this fabulous hairstyle. 

15+ Hottest 2021 Hairstyles Will Help You Turn Heads!

Nape Undercut 

This is another option of undercut 2021 hairstyles for women. Consider going for a nape undercut if you are looking for something that is subtle and alternative. To achieve this cut, a skilled hairdresser has to create a small shaved section at the top of your neck. It injects your hair with a simple yet stunning look. 

However, you have to visit your hairstylist more frequently to maintain this look. If you are a busy person, there are still numerous styles for you to go for. 

Bold Pixie Cut

A pixie cut is a classic hairstyle that looks adorable. It was popular through the ages, and you will definitely ask for this style in 2021. Believe it or not, many have a thought that the shorter the hair is, the better it is. 

Why? It seems that women are ever more open-minded to change. They want a hairstyle giving a bolder feel and look. What’s more, it is a great idea for most face shapes, such as a cute pixie cut for those with round faces. Your natural locks are at least 3 inches to get this cut. It may either be on the same length or cut longer on the top and shorter on the sides, it depends on your preference.   

Many artists have tried bold pixie cuts, such as Katy Perry, Pamela Anderson, Miley Cyrus, and others. Feel free to choose a trendy short pixie cut to refresh your hair as well as appearance this year. 


You remember what is the haircut for 2020? There are countless names, including dreadlocks. And it is still a beautiful 2021 hairstyle choice. This look will be a breath of fresh air in your life. 

For your existing hair, dreadlocks are considered a protective style since they don’t require colors or chemicals to style. Plus, it is eye-catching and easy to maintain. Opt for any version you desire, short, medium, or long dreadlocks, dread braid styles, etc. You can keep your dreads in natural colors like black, brown, or shake them up with beautiful tones. 

Additionally, there is a wealth of hair care products that you should use to keep your dreads looking good every day. Follow a maintaining method in order to keep your hair soft and manageable. We advise you to use dry shampoo in between washes to keep your hair and scalp clean and fresh. 

15+ Hottest 2021 Hairstyles Will Help You Turn Heads!

Classic French Fringe

This timeless French haircut with a fringe always appears on the list of favorite women’s hairs. In the past, this cut was seen all over the streets of Paris and then copied quickly by beauty believers across the world. This cut requires natural hair texture for a realistic and chic look. And a more reason for making it become more popular is that it flatters most facial shapes. 

And don’t forget to take care of your mane when wearing this cut. Utilize a conditioner or nourishing hair mask to keep it shiny and soft. We think that you will love this romantic cut very much.  

Tousled Texture

Do you want to look effortless yet attractive with newly tousled hairstyles? With the fun and flirty look, you can wear your hairdo in any situation. Whether you style this look for work, school, or join a wedding party, it is perfect. We see many celebrities and influencers embrace this cut due to its flexibility and it gives a more messy and natural look.

Instead of using harsh chemicals and heat styling tools on your natural locks, tousled haircuts are considered protective styles. Just apply and texture your mane with a few products to get the tousled hair you desire. These 2021 hairstyles will look absolutely delicious if you pair them with long blonde hair. 

Scan through our hairpieces:

Long haircut with scrunchies or accessories

This idea is a hot trend chosen by the girls, especially at parties. Try making your mane more beautiful and stunning with hair scrunchy or colored clips. We believe that it is the easiest and quickest to transform your long locks. 

Wear your hair in basic half-up half-down style and tie it with a scrunchy. It gives you a gentle and feminine look. You can apply it during outdoor parties. 

We do hope that after scanning through our blog post about 2021 hairstyles for women, you can find the most suitable one to try. Some haircuts are simple but others are sophisticated and require techniques. If you are not confident to do it at home by yourself, bringing yourself to a professional salon is necessary. 

Plus, women now tend to utilize hair extensions to reach their favorite styles. At Layla, we provide numerous types of human hair replacement systems to meet the higher and higher demands of customers. Click on our product categories to see more about what we sell. We commit to use real human hair strands to create durable and flexible hairpieces. Our hair can be cut, dyed, or restyled if you like. Also, we gather human hair and produce hair extensions by ourselves, so the hair prices are affordable.  

Layla is always glad to hear any comments from you. Don’t hesitate to let us hear your opinion. And reach us via WhatsApp Hotline if you want to buy high-quality hair extensions and wigs for yourself.

Have a nice hair day! 

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