What Are Skin Weft Hair Extensions? Get Your Scoop On!

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With proper installation and appropriate color matching, it is really hard to see whether you are wearing wefts or not. So what are skin weft hair extensions

Needless to say, hair extension, including skin wefts, offers a variety of advantages. You can not only have beautiful hair but save your time, and even maintenance. I can say that skin wefts are the latest member of the hair extension family. They are lightweight hairpiece that appear to be hair from your scalp.

Moreover, you can also tie your hairpiece in a high ponytail that is particularly useful for those with finer hair. 

Skin Weft Human Hair Extensions

What is skin weft hair extensions? Of course, it is a type of hair extensions, referred seamless wefts, and works to imitate hair growing from your own scalp. It consists of wide, long sections that are applied to your existing hair. 

The hair is held together by a strip of PU strip or an adhesive tape that remains sticky enough to adhere to the wearer’s hair. There are also hand tied skin weft hair extensions.

Skin Weft Hair Extensions - Invisible Tape IN Hair Extensions
normal tape vs invisible tape (skin wefts) vs stitched tape

This type of hairpiece easily matches your real hair, and as I mentioned, it can be challenging to notice the difference between the real hair and extensions in most situations. A skin weft has the advantage of being invisible without seams. It lies flat to blend with your scalp, giving a very natural look.

In a nutshell, the skin weft is a type of tape extensions. But when you look at a weft, you can notice there is no shiny panel across the top. Instead, human hair extensions are running all the way to the top then threaded through a hidden section that blends perfectly with your real hair.

What Are Skin Weft Hair Extensions? Get Your Scoop On!
skin wefts blend well with your real hair

A highlight of skin wefts is that you can color your extensions to match with your existing hair and create a seamless, perfect blend. While traditional tape-in can’t be colored in this top section because of the glue panel. 

The seamless extension is so comfortable to wear that you might not feel the wefts clipped into your natural hair. All are top-notch human hair, and you can choose from a variety of lengths and colors.

How Long Do Skin Weft Hair Extensions Last?

Because the skin weft is of 100% Remy human hair, it may last between 12 to 24 months. Even it can last longer if you have proper treatments. 

You can invest so much time on the Internet, searching for “how to care hair extensions” and it will give you a thousand results. Or you can refer some useful tips below to keep your skin weft extension longer.

— Keep your weft clean and untangled by taking the time to care for them every day.

— Never comb or brush when your hair is wet.

What Are Skin Weft Hair Extensions? Get Your Scoop On!
the lifespan of skin weft hair extensions depends on your care and maintenance

— Use high-quality hair care products and don’t overdo it. Remember that too much hair products can cause build-up and tangling over time. Try to use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners to keep your hair extensions in the best condition. 

— Be sure to remove excess sweat and chlorine after working out or swimming.

— Limited using heat tools. Or be sure to apply a heat protectant spray before using heat tools. If you use the tool frequently, the life of the hairpiece will be shortened.

— Don’t sleep with wet or damp hair. We recommend sleeping with hair in a braid, low ponytail or bun.

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Layla Hair — A Trustworthy Wholesale Hair Vendor

Do you wonder where can I buy skin weft hair extensions? Let visit Layla and you do not need to worry about the quality and price of our human hair extensions.

Proud of being one of the top wholesale hair suppliers from Vietnam, Layla Hair is willing to support customers 24/7 services whenever you need. We only supply good products from 100% human hair collected from healthy Vietnamese and Cambodian donors.

Skin weft hair extensions in Layla Hair are 100% Remy hair. This is a reason why many customers love our hair products.

Remy human hair extensions are very popular on the market today thanks to its beauty and quality. Unlike Non-Remy hair, Remy hair is collected from only one donor and all cuticles remain in the same direction. It will reduce the possibility of friction between hair strands and also help the hair remain tangle-free.

Wondering How To Make Skin Weft Hair Extensions? Here's The Secret!
skin wefts at Laylahair

In addition to skin wefts, Layla also supplies all kinds of hair extensions made from human hair.  You can easily find many items you want such as hair weave, full lace wig, hair toppers and toupees, tape-in hair, clip-in hair, lace front wigs, and so on with a variety of styles. 

Moreover, we can style hairpieces according to your demands. We can make it become curly hair, straight hair, body wave hair, deep curly hair… 

The customers can feel free to use our hair products without worrying that hair extension can damage your existing hair or your health. We are sure that our extensions absolutely change up your style, appearance and also be more gorgeous.

Come to Layla Hair, you will have chances to own beautiful hair extensions that can blend perfectly your existing hair. The price of Layla’s products is actually competitive. Let contact us to order perfect hair extensions with cheap price.

To Sum Up

Above are our complete sharings on What are skin weft hair extensions. We hope you will understand more about this type of hairpiece. And if you are looking for a place to buy the best human skin wefts, our products are not bad a choice. 

Or if you concern other types of hair extensions or hairstyles in Layla Hair, do not hesitate to visit our website. Our professional teams are willing to be on services!

We are very glad to answer any of your questions, so drop us via +84 98 963 34 24 (WhatsApp /Snapchat/ Mobile) at any time. 

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