What Happens If You Dye Your Hair Without Bleaching?

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Besides fashionable outfits and gorgeous makeup, stylish hair is also an important highlight to create a perfect whole. Just a new hair is enough for you to refresh yourself and have a new look. To have outstanding hair color, it is necessary to bleach the hair, but it makes your hair easily damaged and difficult to recover. So, what happens if you dye your hair without bleaching? Let’s see!

What is bleach?

Bleaching is the process of removing melanin present in the hair with specialized chemicals to help the hair lose its original color. Melanin is well known as a pigment that gives color to the skin, hair, and eyes. Melanin can be found in the body. If your body lacks melanin, the hair will turn white or grey, and this will be the premise for dyeing colors such as platinum, beautiful hair color smoke, or light color.

What Happens If You Dye Your Hair Without Bleaching?
bleaching hair

Is it okay to dye hair without bleaching? What happens then?

Have you ever painted a wall or seen any painting a wall? Painting a white wall is easy to work on as you can add any color and get the perfect shade as you expect. But what if it’s dark brown and you want it to be blue? Actually, you need to take it back to white before painting the blue.  This example works the same as when you dye your hair. If your hair is white then you can apply any dye color. However, white hair is very rare. Natural hair hue is dark and it doesn’t absorb color easily. As you can see, your hairstylist often suggests bleaching your hair before applying the hair dye if you want to get blonde. The more of a transformation you want, the more bleach you might need. 

Because bleaching can cause your hair many problems, many wonder that “Is it okay to dye hair without bleaching?” The answer is of course yes, it depends on what color you want to dye your hair. But how it works if you dye your hair without bleaching?  What happens if you dye your hair without bleaching?

What will happen if you color your curls and skipping the bleaching step?

The first and the most important thing you should know is that you cannot get your dark hair lighter without bleaching it. You can choose a color that has the same value as your dark hair such as dark brown to dark red. Without bleaching, you can only dye your hair a maximum of four levels lighter than your natural colors. If your hair already had color on it then you want to go for a darker color then no bleaching is needed. 

Don‘t expect to go from dark brown to blonde without applying any sort of bleach. You can use some products that contain bleach or peroxide, but it might lighten your hair to a certain level. For neon and pastel colors, bleach is required. So if you do not want to bleach your hair, do not aim for very light colors. In case your natural hair is lighter like light brown, you can easily dye your tresses in different colors with bleaching.   

What Happens If You Dye Your Hair Without Bleaching?
hair won’t keep the color well if you dye it without bleaching

Remember that hair dye has transparency. Some of the natural hair colors will still shine out. For example, if you were going to dye your blonde hair blue, the result you would get might be green. Because your hair is dark, any dye color will be darker than the color printed on the box when dyeing. If you have dark brown hair and want to dye it red, your hair will end up being dark red.

Note that some hair types and textures are more susceptible to dying than others. There are different types of hair with different thicknesses and porosity. All of the above factors affect the receptivity of hair color. For instance, the hair of Asians is often difficult to dye because the cuticle is too strong. African hair is also difficult to dye because it is quite weak and easily damaged. Even if you have the exact same hair color as a friend’s, there’s no guarantee that the dye she uses will have the same effect on yours.

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Which products to choose from when dying hair without bleaching?

Choose a permanent or semi-permanent dye instead of a semi-permanent

Semi-permanent dye includes a small amount of peroxide, so it can lighten hair color to a certain extent. This is a good option if you want to dye your hair a little lighter. Permanent dyes have a much stronger effect and can lighten hair color up to 4 levels. However, this type also causes more damage. Semi-temporary dyes will not take away hair color but only add color.

Use a light-colored concentrated dye

You can use this kind of product but the effect won’t be as noticeable. Light shades sometimes won’t show up on dark hair. Lighter colors such as blue or purple may tint but will be very dark. You can see these colors in the sunlight, but not under other lights.

What Happens If You Dye Your Hair Without Bleaching?
choose the quality hair dye

Specialized products are the best choice

Be aware that you won’t have many options. There are hair dyes specifically for chestnut brown hair, such as Splat. These products are still relatively new and are limited to a few colors such as purple, red and blue. When buying hair dye, choose a product for dark hair. You can also try a hair color that adds color, such as Splat or Manic Panic. These are concentrated dyes and may work better on dark hair than other hair dyes.

Choose cool or ash tones

Dark-colored hair often turns brassy when dyed light. Warm-toned hair dyes will make your hair even warmer, and in some cases even orange. Cool tones or ash tones will help reduce red tones and create more accurate colors.

To sum up, please answer the question What happens if you dye your hair without bleaching if you plan to color your hair and refresh your appearance. We hope that our blog post is helpful for you. Now you can be shinning with your desired hair color without worrying about the damage from bleaching. Remember that taking care of your hair is also necessary. Do not hesitate to leave any comments below or contact us if you have any questions. Thank you!

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