How To Twist Out On Natural Hair? Here We’ll Show You How

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Natural hairstyles are endless, and you are likely familiar with high ponytails, topknots, and more. While there are various hairdos to choose from and try, there is a style that continues to be a top choice for girls: a perfect twist out. Not only a great protective style, twist out styles on short natural hair or long strands keep your curls and coils look amazing and funky. You want to put a twist out on natural hair, look no further. We’re going to share what a twist out is and how to do a twist out on natural hair, plus tips for achieving a fun and beautiful hairdo.

About twist out hairstyle 

What do you know about this style? A twist out refers to creating twists throughout your strands. It allows users to set twists overnight and unravel them the next morning. 

Hairstylists say that the twist out is among many hair options that can maintain healthy strands. The plus point of this hair is no requiring heat usage, thus preventing unexpected future damage. The mechanical technique gives wearers a beautiful and wavy or curly pattern. If you have natural African American hair, like 4c type, opt for this style. A twist out causes no tension on your scalp, protecting hair follicles and promoting hair growth. What’s more, it is a cute summer hairstyle for any length of your existing hair.  

Wondering braid out vs twist out on natural hair, which one is better?  These two styles are popular and give you the curl definition you desire. But if you don’t like shrinkage, braid out is your best choice. 

How To Twist Out On Natural Hair? Here We'll Show You How
twist out hairstyles

Steps to the perfect twist out

We agree that twist out is a fun and low-maintenance hairdo, but it does not always come out the way you want it to. For instance, there are some problems appearing like frizz and lack of definition. 

You can do this style on both completely dry and 90% wet or damp hair. If you do a dry twist out on short natural hair, it can last for a short period. However, don’t get this style on fully wet hair strands as they are more vulnerable and prone to breakage. To achieve your desired hair look every single time, check out our guide on how to do a dry twist out on natural hair.

Step 1: Choose the right hair product 

Depending on your own hair texture, you should select and use the right hair product for your tresses. You want to twist out on short natural hair 4c, we recommend using a curl cream or gel from the L’Oréal brand. These items work to offer soft hold and tame your curls for a moisturized finish. Plus, they add shine to your tresses. 

Step 2: Section your mane

Every great hairstyle begins with good preparation. Now, you divide your hair into four sections or more if thicker hair and clip them in tiny buns. You just leave out only the hair section you will work on first. This step is important as it keeps excess hair out of the way when you twist. 

Step 3: Hydrate

Take a spray bottle and hydrate your hair with water so that you can twist the hair easier. Make sure that you mist evenly over your curls. If you put a flat twist out on short natural hair 4c, don’t skip this step. 

Moisturize your curls with a favorite oil or leave-in conditioner to seal your hair moisture and achieve a good hold. 

How To Twist Out On Natural Hair? Here We'll Show You How
section your hair

Step 4: Detangle the hair

To ensure a smooth and shiny twist out hairdo, you have to remove all knots and tangle on your hair. You use a wide-toothed comb or run your fingers throughout the hair to take down all knots. 

Other ideas:

Step 5: Start twisting

Once your hair is moisturized and tangle-free, you grab a mini section of hair to twist. You also decide how big and small you wish your twists to be before starting to style your hair. Here are three options to get a beautiful twist out:  

– Single strand twists: Also known as finger coils, this technique requires more time to do but gives beautiful results. Start from your hair root, you twist the strand in either an inward or outward direction until you make a coil form. If your natural locks are short or medium lengths, opt for this technique. 

– Two strands twist out: This is the most common twist-out method and easy to follow. How to put two strand twist out on short natural hair? To create twists, you take a mini hair section and separate it into two strands, gently stretch and twist the hair over and under. Keep doing it until you reach the end of your hair. Apply a dab of gel and twirl your ends into a curl. 

– Flat twists: You are interested in curl definition from the root up, go for this technique. To follow it, you part a row of hair and separate the top of the hair row into two strands. Start twisting the hair over and under, and collect more hair into these two strands while keeping the twist flat on your scalp. Continue until you reach the hair ends. 

Step 6: Let your curls dry

To get the chunky twist out hairdo, you give your hair time to air dry. As if your twists are damp, the curl will not set. Leave it overnight if you like, but wrap your hair with a silk scarf to maintain strands smooth and moisturized. 

How To Twist Out On Natural Hair? Here We'll Show You How
how to twist out hair

Step 7: Untwist

You are at the final step. Do it correctly, otherwise, you may break your perfect twists. oil your fingertips and begin unraveling your twists. Let’s see how to untwist in different ways:

– Be patient when you unravel single-strand twists. You do this by twisting your curls in the opposite direction, then split into two strands, and retwist each strand back to the original look. Now, welcome your luscious curls. 

– If you create two strand twist out on 4c, carefully unraveling from the bottom, and working your way up. Oil your fingertips with four or five drops to separate your curls into thin waves. Now, you have a voluminous mane.

– Flat twists give you curls and stretch. Just like the above method, you start untwisting your hair from the bottom. 

Note: You can do twist out on straightened natural hair but this process may be more time-consuming than doing it on curls. You will get a great hairstyle with patience and intention. 

What’s more, twists are not only for short hair, you can get fun with it on long natural hair. Follow the guide above to achieve luscious and voluminous hair. 

Our conclusion

Ladies, are you ready to put a twist out on natural hair? Hope that all you find a great style for your natural locks after scanning through this post.

We would love your thoughts, please leave your comments in the section below. Don’t hesitate to share with us your experience with twists. 

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