What is a Topper?

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Hello dear friends, are you a wild man and love hair extensions? Surely you do not miss another good option and the quality is hair topper. You do not need to use The Wigs just for the need or bald on your head. The other side is very much you ask with questions “What is a topper“. So here we find out.

What is a topper?

what is a topper

What is a topper?

Everything is so simple now for a bald head or a damaged part of your hair. A head that is sometimes called a “wig” or “head”, but usually people will. just call it a hair topper. Go to basic, a first start includes your head. Toppers come in different sizes, and you can choose from a variety of styles depending on the shading wave you need – only 2 x 4 inches and just sit on your part, size 8 x 9 inches and most like to cover all your start! Top up your hair with the clips, and your hair will be worn underneath to add the first hair.

That’s it, most toppers will cover your head so that it fits in perfectly. both male and female. This has meant that there is an excellent solution for women under rude hair, hair and hairy, and female For women not to lose all their hair, it can be very difficult to decide between a wig and a head. There are pros and cons for both, so I decided to put a complete list here for those who are considering them to choose! And consideration and consideration are essential for hair topper.

hair topper lenght 8 to 20 inch

The hair topper lenght

Vietnamese hair topper

Topper Pros, toppers hair  are much more natural than wigs. This makes the first toc blend well with your hair students and is well built, with one that is eye-catching. Wigs can be cumbersome and silly and the truth is that sometimes it is difficult to look after, but with a hooded cake that is completely suppressed. A hair topper extensions  is the perfect choice. Hair can be unbearably hot in summer, especially in the eastern countries! Wearing a blouse means that only one of your heads is covered, and they are softer and breathable so with full wigs. And even if you want to edit it does not matter to the hair topper.

Attributes to the head size of the headline, you can usually default to your hair in a realistic ponytail, bread, or other baking styles such as curly or straight. Although a tail of hair with a wig is often impossible – it’s too bulky with too much hair, it’s unrealistic, and the weft may appear at the head of the neck or slip out of your control. Topper hair are more affordable than wigs! All less, less so less, must be? Topper Cons. But generally the price of hair topper is always very suitable for all ages and ability of each person. Due to its natural top, it must match the color and texture of your hair. This may be a challenge when set online, visually seen.


The Hair Topper- 100% Virgin Human Hair

You can usually put a color that suits most of the suppliers to match the color with your hair. The hair color will make you look confident and the younger the better if possible. The Hair topper has to bring true. lots of interesting experiences. Some women are having problems with these films to protect their head.

Usually, especially if we have cheaper quality, we can pull, pull and use you, sometimes causing headaches and even soreness. If you keep the clips on the same part of your hair every day, you can lose more hair in that area, from the strings of hair and stuff it up. If your hair loss is concentrated in the front, like many women suffer from alopecia, it may be difficult to find an area on your front line to attach the clips. In this field, link to head (keo or sticky) to your first front of your first.


What is a topper (Internet photos)

Wear hair Topper

When you wear a chef, you have to create your own style. For me, this means blowing it and straightening it or curling it along with the topper hair  to make them blend and mix nicely. This is very high maintenance so with a fake kit, because with a wig you can just throw it on your tangled hair and no one will know! As you see, privileges and equal to balance.

When I started a hair, I straighten up to make hairs because I do not want to go with the assortions of one of the best studios of my style for both. However, when the summer came, my sweaty head knew I needed a choice, and I started one. My time One Topper Most all the days! I am almost at the point where I do not have enough hair to make it work, but as long as I can, I will wear it, because it is very comfortable!

Topper hair extensions will always be your number one choice when choosing the right hair piece. If you have any doubts or questions, hopefully you will comment and keep up with us. Thanks for watching.

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