What Is Afro Hair? Afro-Textured Natural Hair Vs. Afro Hairpieces

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What is your natural hair type? Do you know what afro hair is? Everyone thinks they are easy questions, but in fact, most are wrong. We understand too little about our existing hair. 

To find the answer to these questions, there are different hair textures and many hair systems released. Today, Layla only focuses on afro-textured hair. This hair type is contributed to the natural black hair of most African American people. 

What Is Afro Hair?

You may hear the term «natural hair afro» or «afro-textured hair» that refers to a type of natural hair texture. It commonly appears in the American African community. It is natural hair, has not been chemical-treated by flat irons or other heating tools. In the hair chart, it is known as Type 4C.


These hair strands grow in a tiny and coil shape. Sometimes, it is also called kinky or nappy. Compared to other hair textures like straight, wavy, natural black hair is thicker and coarser. Many people with naturally straight and curly hair opt for afro hairstyles to change their images, and it looks like a ball or cloud on the head. Black natural hair is dry and coarse. The amount of natural oil on this hair texture is little since its retain nourish and moisture ability are weak. That’s why kinky hair more prone to breakage and damage. 

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, afro kinky hair was particularly popular in the African-rooted community. It was characterized by its tight coils. Then, the hair has become the ideals and beauty standard of black people. It is the central icon and mainstream standards regarding hair strands. The hair now also appears in Oceania and some parts of South and Southeast Asia. 

Features Of Natural Black Curly Hair

Down below are features of naturally curly hair that you can refer to distinguish it

Dry and frizzy

According to the Andre Walker hair typing system, this hair is tightly twisted and fragile. The hair texture makes it can’t withstanding the heat. So you should be careful when using heating elements on it. We recommend going with its natural hair. You can leave long natural black hair or short hair, that is enough to make you more outstanding in the crowd. 


Hard to style

You may find difficult to style or restyle this hair type, but it does not mean that you cannot style it. As long as you don’t use heat and chemicals, you can straighten this hair by using roller sets and leave it overnight. Using a hair system is another way to get new hair without styling your natural locks. Style curly afro wig human hair to reach your hair desire and it does not damage your bio hair.

Popular afro hairstyles

The afro is large and it is common in both men and women. They wear this hair type in plaits or braids, basic twists style. They look so impressive with the unique hair. However, all styles can form into dreadlocks. Many celebs rock the hairstyle such as Lupita Nyong actress, Janelle Monáe, Solange Knowles, and more. For example, in 2014, Lupita Nyong is named as the «Most Beautiful» with afro-textured hair. Nowadays, numerous hair salons and professionals supply a variety of styling options with curly black natural hair.


To take care of afro hair, you can follow these tips:

— Retain moisture is necessary. This coil hair type prevents the distribution of natural oil and sebum evenly from the scalp to all strands, this cause dry hair. Hence, you have to add conditioner frequently to keep it moisturized. Remember that moisture is the key to take care of natural curly hair.

— Wash your hair 2 times per week is enough. Also, invest in the right shampoo that is sulfate-free and natural-formulated.  

— Gently detangle the knots: The coily hair texture tends to curl around each other. To avoid this problem, use a wide-tooth comb to run through the hair when it is still wet to eliminate knots. 

— Many curlies have found that sleeping with a satin pillowcase helps them avoid tangling problems. 


Opt For Afro Hairpieces To Get your Desire Look

Have you ever asked why most black people wear curly hair? In fact, they wear wigs and hair extensions to reach their beauty standard. The more unique the hair (style, shape, etc.) is, the more beautiful they are. For example, afro hair men or kinky hair braids will attract their girls than others.  

To meet the higher demands of customers, numerous hair manufacturers and sellers provide different options for they choose from. There are human hair afro wigs, toupees, toppers, hair weave, and so on. 

These hair systems look so attractive and impressive. What’s more, most products blend your existing hair seamlessly. With human hairpiece, wig wearers can style it to change up their look. Perfect, isn’t it? Imagine you wear an afro kinky human hair for braiding and appear in a cosplay party or masquerade, you will become the center of attention. 

The hair system comes in many styles and colors, such as natural afro wig, curly wig, afro toupee, curly hair extensions, etc. Each type of hair brings different beauty. When receiving a new hairpiece, you should shake the hair by your hand before taking it out of the package. This helps the coils of the wig to be more beautiful and tight.


Where To Buy Afro Hair System?

You are in the market to find a human hair afro wig or afro kinky bulk hair. Browse to Layla Hair. We are proud of being a trustworthy hair vendor with many years’ experience in this field. We provide high-quality hair at friendly prices. 

You want to get afro wig, we can create your own hairpiece. If you are planning to wear afro-textured hair, going with a full lace wig is better than a topper. 

Layla hopes that the post gets you covered everything about afro hair and its features. Interested in any human hair curly wigs or other hair extensions, kindly reach us via our hotline ore leave your comments below. It’s our pleasure to support you!

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