How To Backcomb Dreads? The Easiest Way To Form Dreadlocks

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Backcombing is popular because it is one of the few methods that work in hair without texture. It involves using a comb to tease the hair in each section up towards the roots to create knotted hair. Find out how to backcomb dreads with us and what requirement you’ll need to meet.

Backcombing Method

Backcombing is known as teasing or knotting. By combing the hair towards the scalp, backcombing can cause the hair to tangle and knot up. Dreadlocks with this method look decent as soon as they are dreaded. When they are new, they are a bit fuzzier than mature dreads but they soon compress and tighten.

How To Backcomb Dreads? The Easiest Way To Form Dreadlocks
dreadlocks by backcombing method

The method is popular in African hair textures, straight Asian hair, and wavy hair as well. People use backcomb method to start dreads from3 inches in length. However, it will work effectively if your hair is 6 inches or longer.

Many people choose this technique because it is the easiest to learn.

Hair experts recommend that you do not use the backcombing method on hair that is damaged by color or perming. Because it can damage your hair cuticles.

And the wearer should use a residue-free shampoo just like other methods of dreading. Using good shampoo is to facilitate the locking process.

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How to Backcomb Dreads

Step 1: Wash your hair with shampoo

The deep cleansing will remove any oily build-up or residues left over by previous styling products.

How To Backcomb Dreads? The Easiest Way To Form Dreadlocks
wash your hair with anti-residue shampoo
  • Don’t choose shampoos for dry hair. It’s better to use a residue-free shampoo. 
  • If your hair is dry or damaged, use a moisturizing shampoo.
  • Start washing your hair with shampoo up to a week or 2-3 times before dreading.

Step 2: Section your hair

You should section your hair with a comb because if you don’t, your dreadlocks can end up with some a lot bigger than others and spaces in between. Hold sections in place using elastics or clips.

How To Backcomb Dreads? The Easiest Way To Form Dreadlocks
section your hair
  • Try to keep the size of the sections. Remember the amount of hair in the section determines the size of the dread. You will feel better after doing a few.

Step 3: Backcombing

First, using a dread comb to push your hair towards the scalp. Hold a section in one hand and push the comb through the section of hair back up to the scalp.

  • Depending on the length of your hair, you can start the stroke by putting a comb in just part way down the length of your hair.

You can’t feel the results immediately but after hair will start to get packed down at the bottom of the stroke near the scalp.

Next, continue the hair getting packed together at the roots will build up creating a knotted rope. Then, repeat the process with the rest of the sections. You should tie the root and tip of each dread by a rubber band (or silicone band) when you finish backcombing. The distance from your scalp to rubber bands on the root should be about a finger width. Keep them on for a week or until the first shampoo.

How To Backcomb Dreads? The Easiest Way To Form Dreadlocks
backcomb your hair
  • Bands at the tips help prevent the new dreadlocks from loosing knots before tightening. While the bands at the roots help the new growth find it’s way into the dread.
  • Be important to note that the rubber bands should not be too tight because you can create the risk of breaking the hair.

Once you have finished this step, it means you have done with backcombing. You can use cream or dread wax to hold your dreads together and provide moisture to the hair and scalp. However, hairstylists recommend not to overuse wax because it is suitable for people who have coarse, curly or very very dry hair.

These steps are similar to the way of how to backcomb dreads without wax. The differences are using no wax and washing your hair with additive-free shampoo. Indeed, waxes will not be as safe or effective in locking your hair as natural oil.

Pros of Dreadlock Backcombing Method

Because backcombing is possibly the best way to make dreads, this is the reason why most salons choose it. The method gives you a lot of opportunities to help your dreads tighten faster and improve the way they look right from the start.

How To Backcomb Dreads? The Easiest Way To Form Dreadlocks
it does not require much maintenance

With dreadlocks done by the backcombing method, they don’t need almost any maintenance. You only wash hair much less often, about once every two weeks in order not to loosen the strands.

Besides, your hair also grows faster when it is knotted into dreadlocks. Frequently washing or combing might damage your hair, still. 

Backcombed dreads are more durable than the other methods if you avoid washing frequently.

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Backcombing Method Cons

You need more time to get used to with dreads, so you may feel uncomfortable during the first few days or weeks. The wearer usually has trouble sleeping with dreadlocks.

Drying dreads completely is one problem. Your hair takes a while to dry as it is knotted.

Because you can’t wash your hair all the time, dirt could remain in your hair and make your scalp itchy.

How To Backcomb Dreads? The Easiest Way To Form Dreadlocks
it took a longer time to let the hair completely dry

In addition to making dreadlocks with natural hair, you can search for any meaningful articles and tips that show how to backcomb synthetic dreads, how to comb twist dreads

For example, to creating synthetic dreads, you have to secure the hair to your work surface and pick up with one hand. Then separate hair into small sections. You hold your comb and begin brushing the hair from the top to the end. Don’t have to pack it very tight for the first time and the next time is tighter than the last. When you get to the end, continue backcombing all the way through the end of the dread. Repeating the process with the rest of synthetic hair. Finally, slide the hair off the surface and finish. 

Final thoughts

Above is our complete guide of how to backcomb dreads. Our sharings would somehow help you to create beautiful dreadlocks and take better care of your hair.

If you want to own a private hairstyle with dread, you should try with hair extensions. It can protect your hair because your hair will suffer a lot of chemistry to make dread. Visit our website to get more useful and necessary information about the hairstyle and other things about hair in general.

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