What Is Balayage Hair? – A Comprehensive Guide To Newbies!

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Balayage hair has become the most popular demand in beauty salons all over the world in recent years. Are you wondering how celebrities and supermodels got their sunkissed and gorgeous color? The answer is balayage hair!

So what is special about this highlighting technique? What is balayage hair? Can you create a balayage at home? Let’s keep reading to know about the do’s and don’ts to own the celebrity-like beautiful and outstanding style.

Where did balayage hair come from?

Balayage hair made its first fabulous appearance in the 1970s in Paris, France. At that time, the standard of the beauty industry is to dye the hair by foils and frosting caps.

What Is Balayage Hair? - A Comprehensive Guide To Newbies!
balayage hair color

It appeared as a new and revolutionary technique, making use of cotton strips to separate the dyed hair from un-dyed one and resulting in an effortless look.

In the 90s, balayage hair came to America and turned the world of beauty lovers upside down! Since then, this technique has received unconditional love and favor by many A-list celebrities and stars such as Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, just to name a few.

Don’t miss this chance to put your name on the list of outstanding hairstyles of 2019 with this highlight!

What is balayage hair?

Let’s walk through the basics first- balayage hair meaning!

You are probably wondering where those celebrities have got their gorgeous hair with prominent depth and dimension from? There’s no need to look anywhere far because the answer is right here, right now – that’s balayage!

What Is Balayage Hair? - A Comprehensive Guide To Newbies!
Jennifer Lopez balayage hair

French colorists made a great contribution to the creation of this highlighting technique called balayage in the 1970s. The word “balayage” in French means to “sweep” or “paint.” It’s a smart and unique dyeing method that makes use of hand-painted colors to create a natural transition.

Besides, balayage won’t disappoint you with a wide variety of light and dark tones, showing off a natural and almost surreal glow with multiple dimensions of color.

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The most appealing about this technique is that you can customize the balayage hair colors to suit your preference. Feel free to show your creativity and boldness while playing around with the colors, and you can rest assured that your hair is one-of-a-kind and no one out there can mimic your style.

What Is Balayage Hair? - A Comprehensive Guide To Newbies!
shoulder-length balayage hair

Another big plus of balayage hair is no matter what hairdo you got, a pixie cut or shoulder-length style, this method can apply to anybody! Its top priority is highlighting your natural-looking and glossy hair.

What makes balayage hair irresistible?

You can be as bold and wild as you desire with the unlimited creative possibilities of balayage hair! It’s a pleasant yet surprising “breakthrough” from your old routine, especially if you have never experienced having your hair dyed before. Let’s discover why balayage is favorable!

Make hair look good in every season

If you are seeking a new “coat” for your locks during the spring and summer season, there’s nothing better than opting for balayage hair!

What Is Balayage Hair? - A Comprehensive Guide To Newbies!
balayage brings you natural shiny hair

You can go for a natural shine and a lighter shade to the hair in the spring before going wild with bolder tones for the summer. Moreover,  the hair also continues to grow beautifully, allowing you to change your hairstyle if you wish.

So, what about autumn and winter?

This highlight can work its magic even better with warmer blonde or darker chocolate tones. Thus, a seamless look for every season is no longer out of reach with this convenient hair-dyeing method.

Let your old highlights shine

Balayage hair is an ideal method to blend and make these past highlights stand out without the need for constant dyeing.

Create an impressive dimension of colors

Balayage has rarely failed to add eye-catching color dimension to your strands in the most undetectable and natural way. If you’re still hesitant to have your hair dyed or aren’t ready for a big makeover, this technique is something in between.

What Is Balayage Hair? - A Comprehensive Guide To Newbies!
balayage add dimensions to your hair

Have you ever wondered how to catch the vibrant and beautiful light from the sun to set off your hair? Balayage can do that, permanently!

Say goodbye to the hassle of regular maintenance

Most people out there avoid dyeing their hair due to the trouble of routine maintenance to keep the hair healthy and it’s color vibrant and fresh.

However, because balayage is hand-painted, the dye develops seamlessly without harsh lines. This means the number of times spent going to the beauty salon is reduced, and so does time for continuous hair dyeing.

What Is Balayage Hair? - A Comprehensive Guide To Newbies!
this color fits all hair types

Work well on all types of hair

The best thing we love about this highlight type is it does an amazing job on every type of hair! No matter what color or style of your hair is, this highlighting method can match your look perfectly.

It’s better to have an experienced colorist as they know for certain what are the best shades for your hair and face shape.

Offer a fuller and thicker look

As all the highlights on the head are placed in different colors, balayage can create an illusion of thickness and fullness for fine hair.

Not to mention the fact that the hair color encourages the expansion of the hair shaft, thus resulting in a fuller and thicker look.

How can you tell the difference between ombre and balayage hair?

Many people mistake balayage to ombre hair due to their quite similar looks. In fact, there are several vital differences between them.

Ombre hair

Ombre is a French word, meaning “shadow” and referring to a hair dyeing process from dark to light. The result is often darker hair from the roots to the mid-shaft and becomes lighter from the mid-center to the ends.

Nevertheless, if done inappropriately, ombre is likely to bring a harsh and rigid look. That’s why you need an expert to perform this critical process.

What Is Balayage Hair? - A Comprehensive Guide To Newbies!
ombre vs. balayage

With this technique, the darker part at the bottom of the hair will disappear. You can see the hair going through a smooth transition from dark to light, which is very attractive and prominent.

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Balayage hair

As mentioned above, balayage, meaning “to sweep” or “paint,” indicates a dyeing process that focuses on creating natural highlights. With this technique, you sweep the color onto the hair to achieve a seamless blend between highlights and your natural hair.

Besides, you can hardly see any visible blurred lines between the darker and lighter tones. Unlike Ombre hair, the darker parts are kept at the bottom to add more depth and volume to the hair.

What Is Balayage Hair? - A Comprehensive Guide To Newbies!
balayage extensions

Even better, you don’t have to worry about frequent maintenance of this highlights thanks to this natural transition.

Are you ready to try it out?

We’ve answered some of the popular questions, including the most important one – “what is balayage hair?”. The more you understand about this surprising technique, the easier for you to make the decision.

But if you’re still not sure about making a total makeover or having trouble with dyeing the hair with your favorite color, we suggest using balayage hair extensions for more comfort and convenience.

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