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Balayage means “sweep” or “paint” in French. It is a freehand coloring technique without the use of foils. This hair color technique is a is the latest hair dying trend that allows you to gain the most natural and dimensional looking for highlights by painting color on hair by hand. So if you want a dramatic change for your look, let’s try balayage and find the most balayage hair color for yourself right away.

Here are top 15+ must-try balayage hair color 2020 you cannot ignore this year.

Caramel Balayage

15+ Hottest Balayage Hair Color To Try This 2019 | Laylahair
Caramel Balayage

This brown-shade color is always a hot-trend balayage hair color for any girls with any hairstyles. This basic color suits all skin tones and provide a natural-looking. So girl, why don’t try it this summer?

Ice Blond

Ice blond is likely to win this 2020 summer. If you want a hairstyle with a natural look, the blond balayage will not let you down. You can mix blond with dark hair color for a stunning appearance. Moreover, the wavy hairstyle will add more gorgeousness with this balayage hair color.

Coral Reef Balayage Hair

15+ Hottest Balayage Hair Color To Try This 2019 | Laylahair
Coral Reef

Let’s custom your hair with coral balayage for a cute look. Get your hair with the mix of little pink and little orange will give your hairstyle a dimensional looking. Additionally, if you style your hair with wavy hairstyle, it will create an outstanding effect.

Silver blue

A silver-blue balayage will make a huge impression. It is an extreme version of the balayage style. Let’s mix different hair colors with silver-blue hue for a dynamic look. You can use the magic of curls to add dimension to your hair.

Rebellious Lavender 

15+ Hottest Balayage Hair Color To Try This 2019 | Laylahair
Rebellious Lavender

Lavender is a good choice for balayage hair color.  It is a trending color you can see not only in flowers but also in your custom. The tips for a perfect hair color is to dye your hair in brighter lavender color, with a shade of the dark on the roots and lighter at the ends.

Ashy Brown 

Ash brown is modern brunette hair which blended with gray tones. this multi-dimensional hue combine with the balayage hair color technique gives your tresses amazing depth and dimension.

Rose Gold Balayage Hair Color

15+ Hottest Balayage Hair Color To Try This 2019 | Laylahair
Rose Gold

This hue is a tempting consideration for all girls. There is a wide spectrum of rose gold from dusty pink to light pastel. The different tones will lead to a different style. You can add a more golden tone for a desirable look or a more pinky tone for a dynamic one.

Sexy Ginger 

For a sun-kissed balayage hair color, the ginger hue is the best option. Sometimes you don’t want an ultra clean balayage, let’s try a ginger color in dark brown or copper tone for a more classy look.


Magenta Purple Pink 

Balayage hair color technique with magenta pink purple tone will blow your mind. A little bit rose and a little bit violet combine with each other will create a beautiful gradual transition. If you custom some more curls with this color, the overall look will be enhanced.

15+ Hottest Balayage Hair Color To Try This 2019 | Laylahair
Magenta Purple Pink

Golden ombre 

With a darker golden hue from the roots to the lighter one at the ends, this balayage hair color will give you a fancy look. The lighter golden shade will help you show off your natural and shiny locks.

Blond Platinum Balayage Hair Color

15+ Hottest Balayage Hair Color To Try This 2019 | Laylahair
Blond Platinum

This is the most outstanding hue. If you want to attract one’s attention, do not be afraid to try on this balayage hair color. You and add some pastel highlights to gain an enormous effect.

Electric Blue 

Which would be cooler than a short haircut with awesome midnight blue hue on a natural black base? You want an outstanding look so let try this one. This is one of balayage hair colors for short hair will surprise you with its beauty and uniqueness.

Burgundy Balayage

15+ Hottest Balayage Hair Color To Try This 2019 | Laylahair
Burgundy Balayage

Are you seeking for a balayage hair color which can light up your skin tone? Let’s experience with burgundy bleach! Picking this warm-tone color will help you maintain a healthy and voluminous look.

Candy cane pastel coral 

Candy up you balayage with a mixture of pink and orange pastel will create a fancy appeal. Let curl it up for more volume, you can try it on your natural hair or your hair extensions to achieve the most attractive and striking look.

Allure Gemstone

15+ Hottest Balayage Hair Color To Try This 2019 | Laylahair
Allure Gemstone

A combination of colds such as blue, purple and green in gorgeous pastel can easily bring you a magical effect. Turn up like magic gemstone, this balayage hair color can easily reflect your hair fullness with a wide spectrum of different colored layers.

Tiger eye stone

Bronze, caramel and gold highlight all are combined in this color to bring out the best feature of your hair. Tiger eye stone can be the classiest balayage hair color with a warm base of brown bronze at the roots, blended by caramel shades from darker to lighter and customized with some golden highlights. 

Flaming Orange

15+ Hottest Balayage Hair Color To Try This 2019 | Laylahair
Hot orange color

Who wants to be hotter than this summer? If you wish to slay this summer,  the flaming Orange balayage hair color will serve you best. Deepen your hair with hot orange shades for wonderful dimensions which make the whole look stunning.

Ultimate Galaxy

The Ultimate galaxy balayage hair color is a magic mixture of blue, red, pink, and purple. when painting your hair with these fascinating colors of the cosmos, you will add more movement and dimension for the overall look.

15+ Hottest Balayage Hair Color To Try This 2019 | Laylahair
Ash Gray

Ash Gray Balayage Color

Here’s a striking color mixture that you absolutely need to try. Combing silver base with metallic ash certainly brings you the most glossy feature. The result is a stunning, attractive and fascinating hair look.

Rainbow color

Crowning your head with a spectrum of rainbow colors can make you stand out in the crowd. The combination of seven rainbow hue or some of them certainly slays your hairstyle ever. Add some curls for your hair will create a more stunning and voluminous look.

Balayage absolutely could be a trending hairstyle this year. If you don’t know where to find the hottest balayage hair color, just read through this paper. However, not all colors can go with your skin tones or eyes colors, so let’s take advice from your hairdresser before dying to gain the most gorgeous beauty for your hairdo.

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