What Is Coarse Hair? It’s Totally Different From Thick Hair!

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We believe that you’ve ever heard about coarse hair. But not all of us can answer the question “what is coarse hair.” Some say that it means that it is hard to manage. It is not true for all. Coarse hair is a term used to describe thick and wide hair strands. If you take care of this hair type properly, it can hold the style well and look healthy. 

This post will take a deeper dive into the definition and tips to care for it. 

What does coarse hair mean?

In fact, coarse hair refers to the strand thickness and diameter. In other words, this hair type is the widest and thickest strands. It may feel drier and rougher when you touch this hair. Coarse hair is very popular in African-American women. Whether you have straight, wavy, curly, or coiled texture, it could be technically coarse. 

Hair experts say that this hair type has the tendency to lose moisture quickly; hence, it requires more moisture to look healthy. Frequently deep condition your hair to avoid hair damage and breakage. 

However, if your curls are not naturally coarse, it may be an issue caused by hormone imbalance. The overuse of hair growth supplements can also result in rough and thick hair

What Is Coarse Hair? It's Totally Different From Thick Hair!
coarse hair

Coarse hair texture

What is the texture? As we mentioned above, it may be straight, curly, coiled hair, or everywhere in between. Your hair strands may be thicker and rougher if you are Asian or African. Based on genes, people will have thick or coarse hair. Nevertheless, it is no bad, and it does not mean your mane is challenging to manage. We don’t mean that it is more likely to frizzy and tangle.

How can tell you have coarse hair?

You no need to run to a hairstylist to check whether your strands are coarse or not. It is not challenging to do a self-test. Pick up a hair strand, you have coarse hair texture if you can feel it. Or you can roll the hair strand between your fingers to feel its thickness. If you are still having trouble, compare it to a piece of sewing thread. Often, coarse strands look thicker and wider than a standard thread. 

Of course, this hair type may not be a natural texture. It is an unwanted effect of:

– Prescription drugs, such as steroids medications, Minoxidil, etc.

– Hormone imbalance

– Thyroid conditions

Coarse hair and thick hair, are they the same?

Some people always misunderstand coarse hair meaning and thick hair. So are there any differences between them? Let’s go into more detail on these hair types. 

What Is Coarse Hair? It's Totally Different From Thick Hair!

Bear in mind that thick hair differs from the coarse one. Thick hair relates to the density of hair on the scalp. To be specific, if you have more hair follicles on your scalp, you have thick hair.

What about coarse hair? It means that your hair strands have a larger and wider diameter than other types. Also, you can feel it more substantial and rough when touching.

To sum up, thick hair refers to the density level of hair follicles on the scalp, whereas the coarse one describes the hair texture. Therefore, the hair density and texture are completely different. Some individuals may have these two features of their heads. 

Once you’ve understood your hair type and texture, you will have the right caring recipes to maintain healthy strands. 


Tips and tricks to care for coarse hair

Apply conditioning products

Invest in good conditioning creams and serums to keep the hair look healthy and shiny. These products help lay flat your hair shaft and restore it well. 

Plus, conditioning products prevent hair from dryness. It infuses hair strands with silicone and proteins to protect them from potential damage. When you use items in the form of cream, just apply to curls a moderate amount. It adds gloss, helps smooth, and does not weigh down your strands. 

What Is Coarse Hair? It's Totally Different From Thick Hair!
condition your hair with good conditioning products

Do the research and opt for the product formulated with natural ingredients. For example, you can use Hair Treatment Serum by Bali Secret that was made with hair vitamins and plant oils, such as argan oil, avocado, macadamia nut oils, etc.

Avoid using alcohol-based products

We all know that alcohol can tame your locks, but it also strips the moisture out of your natural locks. 

Coarse hair tends to dry out easily as it is thicker than other types. Therefore, try to get alcohol-free hair products for your natural curls when possible. 

Limit styling with heating tools

Don’t misuse heat styling tools, such as curling iron or straightener, as they make your strands drier and less manageable. 

If your hair was born naturally coarse, Please keep your styling routine to a minimum. You can blow dry your mane by set machine on the low heat setting and keep it about 6 inches away from your head. 

What Is Coarse Hair? It's Totally Different From Thick Hair!
avoid exposure to excessive hair

Provide oil for hair

Placing oil to your hair to nourish and moisturize your natural locks. Don’t ignore this important tip. Create your own hair masks from natural and usual oils like: 

– Olive oil

– Coconut oil

– Aloe vera

– Avocado oil

– Jojoba oil

– Honey

And more. To maximize the advantages, we recommend leaving the mask overnight. These ingredients help prevent hair dryness, while work to reduce frizz. So, you should repeat this treatment once a week for a perfect hair look. 

What’s more, trimming hair every 7-8 weeks is another way to take care of coarse hair. That way, you can stay away from split hair ends and damage. 


If you have got naturally coarse hair, it just means your strands are thick and wide. Once you understand your mane, you can go about tending to your curls. 

Hopefully, you’ve got some useful information about “what is coarse hair” and how to take care of it after scanning through our words. 

Want to have a deep insight into the hair world, including hair types, extensions, and wigs, feel free to browse our website. We have an array of interesting writings waiting for you to discover. Hope to see you soon!

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