What Is Ombre Hair? An In-Depth Explanation From Hair Gurus

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Are you interested in fashionable hairstyles? You feel bored with your existing look for many years. Think about refreshing your appearance, starting from changing your hair hue. Can’t decide to wear between balayage vs ombre hair color? Our words below are definitely for you. 

What is ombre hair? Nowadays, ombre hair is among the most popular hair trends. Many wear this look to change their appearance. And Layla Hair is here to provide you a deeper knowledge of this hairstyle. Let’s find how to dye your hair using this look. Check it now.

Overview — Ombre Hair

You should know a little bit about ombre hair before dyeing.

What is ombre hair color? 

«Ombre» or «ombré» is a French word, which means «shading» or «shaded.» Often, ombre appears with dark base color at the hair root and gradually gets lighter at its ends. This hairstyle is suitable for those who are looking for low-maintenance hairstyling. Ombre colors are also a common hue for nail art, home decorating, and graphic designs. 

In the 19th century, people created an ombre effect. They used shading effects on fabric painting. Over time, women use ombre as a popular hair color today. It has become popular since 2000 when the artist Britney Spears has her hair dyed in a subtle gradual fade, from black hair roots to lighter towards the hair ends. Then, artist Aaliyah also wore ombre hair in 2001. As of 2010, it was the golden time of this hair look. Many celebrities have adopted the ombre hair, such as Nicole Kidman, Beyoncé, Lauren Conrad, and more. 

What Is Ombre Hair? An In-Depth Explanation From Hair Gurus
ombre color

In 2020, after nearly two centuries, the ombre hairstyle has still remained its attractiveness. It is still a hot trend although fashion is changing every day. 

What color is ombre hair? It comes with a dark shade on top sections and lightened in the bottom. This hairstyle can be any hue combination, such as natural blonde, brown, red, etc. It is flexible and suitable most for medium and long hair. 

Outstanding features of ombre hair

As I stated, this hair color is favored by most celebrities. It looks good on most people, regardless of facial shape, hair length, skin tone, and more. 

That’s not all. The hair requires low-maintenance, so it is a good recommendation for busy people. It works well with different colors of the rainbow.

Is ombre for you? If you are creative with your personal style, go for this look. Just make sure that your hair strands are strong, opt for it. Spend time to apply hair masks and conditioning treatments to upkeep the condition of your natural locks. Or you can head to a hair salon for new hair color. 

What Is Ombre Hair? An In-Depth Explanation From Hair Gurus
ombre vs balayage

What Is The Difference Between Ombre And Balayage Hair?

What is balayage? Similarly to the «ombre» word, «balayage» is a French word, meaning «sweeping» or «painting.» Put simply, it is a coloring technique that the dye is painted onto strands by hand only. This gives sun-kissed effect and natural looks with no clear lines between the different shades. Balayage works for many colors, from natural blonde to red hair. 

Balayage vs ombre? People tend to make mistakes when differentiating these hair looks. Bear in mind that ombre is a bit more of hair color while balayage is coloring technique. Whether you are looking for a vivid hair look, you can go for these color effects. 

How To Ombre Hair — A Detailed Guide

Many women go for these ombre highlights with the help of professionals while some do it themselves. If you are skilled, you can color your natural locks at home. Follow some step-by-step techniques from the beginning to the end:

Choose suitable colors

Opt for the hue that blends well with your bio hair. Depending on the hair color, you have to use a different amount of product. Don’t go for any color that is lighter too much than your existing hair hue. 

Remove all knots

Brushing your hair is very necessary. Tackle all tangles and knots left in your natural locks. These unwanted things may ruin your ombre hairstyle

Bleach your tresses

What Is Ombre Hair? An In-Depth Explanation From Hair Gurus
how to paint your hair ombre

Divide your mane into sections and only apply the bleach on the hair roots. Wear plastic gloves and a specialized tool to apply the bleach. Don’t use your bare hand. After applying bleach, leave it to stay for about 30 minutes. Remember to check it every 10 mins so that you can control the process. When the time is up, rinse the bleach out. 

This step helps lift the color from your strands and get the best hair look. If you have bleached your hair before or have natural light hair hue, you can consider skipping this step. 

Dye hair

Let the hair dry after bleaching hair. Then section your hair once more. Prepare the hair dye and use a tool to apply it evenly on your hair. Make sure that you apply a coat all over your strands. Let it sit for 30-45 minutes until you are satisfied with the color result. Rinse the hair with fresh water to remove all products, and allow the hair to dry. Enjoy your new hair color and appearance. You can add some curls to reach a gorgeous hair look.

However, ombre hair color needs your skill. To have a beautiful ombre hairstyle, it also depends on many factors, hair types, dyes, and more. Don’t do it yourself if you are unsure. Visit a hair salon and ask for a professional’s help. 

What Is Ombre Hair? An In-Depth Explanation From Hair Gurus
ombre human hairpieces at Laylahair

Your hair strands are fine, damaged, but you really want to reach ombre hair. What should you do? Invest in human hair extensions or wigs. These hair systems are designed to meet all customers’ requirements. Hair products at Layla Hair company are made of 100% pure human hair and can be customized to suit your needs. Check out our website and choose the right extension at friendly prices. We have numerous human hair systems for all, both men and women. You want to change hair color or make an ombre, we are the best place you are looking for.  

We hope that with information from this article post, you may know what is ombre hair, ombre hair technique, and get the perfect ombre hairstyles.

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