What Is Single Drawn Hair And How Does It Work? Read This First!

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Hair extensions appear and provide about a lot of feelings and comfort for users. It is an accessible tool to help people reach their dream hair. It can be found in most hair vendors and salons. The most frequent question is that what is single drawn hair? Does it suit you best? Is it worth to invest? Now dive into our words below to find your own answer. Follow us!

What is single drawn virgin hair?

What Is Single Drawn Hair And How Does It Work? Read This First!
what is single drawn hair

If you are interested in hair extensions, you may hear a lot about single drawn hair. Simply speaking, this tool is harvested from a single donor and placed into the hair bundle. As we know, our hair strands vary in lengths. So, the item tends to be thick in the roots, tapers in the middle and gets thinner at the ends. Single drawn hair extensions are the best option for those who want to have a natural look. 

This extension has only 50% of strands that have a similar length. The rest hair is shorter. In the hair market, this hair is one of the most popular choices for wearers. It helps enhance someone’s hair thickness and length as well. 

Because the cost of the producing process is cheap, the hair is more economical. However, you have to wear and maintain the double drawn weft properly. The hair tends to become strangling after several wearings. You can style the hair with a nice cut, making your hair appears beautiful and fresh.  

How to make single drawn hair extensions

What Is Single Drawn Hair And How Does It Work? Read This First!
how to make single drawn hair

Follow these steps below to design your own hair unit: 

– You use a measuring tape to measure the hair. The length of the single drawn hairs depend on you. 

– Next, comb the hair so that it can reach the maximum length. Then, you use a band to tie the hair.

– You have to remove all split ends. Then you thin out the strands on the ends to make it looks more realistic.

– Finally, sewing the hair strands to form a weft. 

Pros and cons


– The affordable price makes the hair become a popular hair extension. It suits for all women and their capacity. 

– The hair type focus on the naturalness. It offers a natural finished look. If you don’t mind about the hair volume, the single drawn is your best choice. 

– You can easily reach your desired hair length with this hair. It is also flexible as you can trim it to get a fresh hairstyle. 


– It is not a great option for those who want to add more hair density.

– If you have short hair, we don’t recommend using this hair type.

– Wearers have to buy some single drawn hairs if they want to get a fuller and thicker look. And it is not economical anymore. 

Single drawn vs double drawn hair

Keep reading to distinguish two types of hair extensions:

What Is Single Drawn Hair And How Does It Work? Read This First!
single drawn vs double drawn hair

Hair ends

Double drawn hair is thick. In other words, the single one is sparse on the ends, offering a natural look. It contains less hair than the double drawn weft. It means that the double gives a fuller and thicker hair. 


At Layla, all hairs are made of 100% raw human hair, so you can rest assure about the hair quality. But each hair system has its own features. The extension blends easily with long strands, not for short hairdo. It offers a lot of thickness to the hair roots and covers the head. The hair is gathered and store carefully before sewing into the weft. No split hair ends, no synthetic fibers. This typical raises the quality of the extensions well. 

What about the double drawn hair? It is high-quality, and the hair length is equal. It is so full from top to bottom. The hair suits all hair lengths, especially for those with mid or long hair.


It is undoubtedly that single drawn hair is much cheaper than the double. Hence, because of the friendly price, the single is widely used in the market.

How to maintain the hair

Whether your extension is single drawn hair or not, it needs to be cared for properly. Store and protect the hair after wearing to keep its original status. 

Here are a few tips you should consider:

Invest in the right shampoo

This is the first but most important thing. You know that our scalp produces natural sebum that nourishes the strands. But when we wear single drawn hair, it can not absorb sebum. If you don’t protect the hair, it quickly prone to dry and tangle. The best solution is to find and opt for the appropriate hair care product. Opt the one that has a natural or oil-based formula (contain coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, etc.) Besides, follow with a hair conditioner is a good way to protect your hair from damage. 

Note: Don’t wash the hair too much as it can dry the hair quickly.

Gently brush to reduce tangling

What Is Single Drawn Hair And How Does It Work? Read This First!
gently brush the single drawn hair

Tangling or knotting is an unavoidable problem. Gently brush the hair regularly to eliminate knots. Use a soft bristles comb is perfect. It would better if you brush the hair ends first, then move upwards. You can brush the hair before and after wearing it. Don’t make your hair look messy. 

Store the hair in the cool place

This tip is very essential. Never throw the hair in the bed after wearing it. You have to put it in an airtight and dust-free place. It is said that the tip also keeps their hair from other environmental factors. This allows wearers to use the hair longer. 

The last words

Bear in mind that everyone’s hair is different, choose the best hair item that works best for you. Hopefully, after reading this post, you have your own answer to the question “What is single drawn hair?” Also, you can distinguish single drawn hair vs double drawn. Find the best hair vendor and purchase the high-quality hair extension to reach your desired hair. 

If you have no idea about where to play good hair, come to Layla Hair company. Our staff will consult and help you choose the best product. Contact us NOW. 

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