Where Does Full Lace Wigs 100 Human Hair Come From?

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We remember reading an article about ethical hair trading in Asia. The report told a story of a Vietnamese woman and her decision to chop off her hair for hair vendors.

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The origin of full lace wigs 100 human hair probably comes from those donors. But the answer doesn’t seem to satisfy for many.

The tag “full lace wigs 100 human hair” – is it trustworthy?

If you are a big fan of full lace wigs, you want to buy items of the highest quality. No hair vendors will tell you to buy products made of synthetic fibers. Instead, the seemingly only factor that guarantees the excellence is 100 human hair.

But is it true?

I can tell you full lace wigs 100 human hair is not the only factor, but it is undoubtedly the most important one.

Full lace wigs

Full lace wigs refer to items constructed with 100% lace base. Unlike lace front wigs, full lace wigs don’t use wefts with wigs clips. The support is a thin layer of durable French or Swiss lace.

You will notice that the lace quite massive, it sticks out of the edge. That is normal. When you apply the wig, you merely cut the lace down to the hairline. Some people leave a bit of the side so that they can use glue on it.

Where Does Full Lace Wigs 100 Human Hair Come From?

The quality of the lace is also essential. Dedicated lace should allow the scalp to breathe and prevent any itchy or irritation. It should even match with wears’ skin tones as well.

As a result, it is arbitrary to say human hair is the only factor when considering the value of a wig.

Full lace wigs 100 human hair

The reason why full lace wigs 100 human hair is widely advertised by hair manufacturers is quite apparent. When the lace is of good quality, the hair – which is the central part- should also of superiority.

Synthetic fibers do offer an affordable price, but that is all. When it comes to hair quality, synthetic fibers can never be compared to human hair. The fibers are not heat resistant.

That means you can’t perform any heat processing, no straightening, no curling whatsoever. Once you buy a synthetic wig, you must commit to wearing the same style all the time.

Where Does Full Lace Wigs 100 Human Hair Come From?

Whereas, with human hair, you can do magic with it. You can dye, bleach, or style as you wish. The durability of wigs with 100 human hair is incredible. They can last for months, even years if you know how to take care of them.

So yes, whenever you hear someone say you should buy 100 human hair, trust them. It is a reliable tag for you to find hi-quality products.



Where does full lace wigs 100 human hair come from?

So where does full lace wigs virgin hair come from? When you put this noun string into google search, there are many results. Most of the hair comes from Asian countries, such as India, Mongolia, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Vietnamese.

A smaller fraction comes from South America countries such as Peru or Brazil. Last but not least, there is also a market for hair coming from Europe, especially from poor southern states.

Where Does Full Lace Wigs 100 Human Hair Come From?

A smaller fraction comes from South America countries such as Peru or Brazil.

As you can see, full lace wigs 100 human hair come from all over the place. Your hair can be somewhere in the furthest corner in the world. However, as we said, most of the hair sources are from Asia.

Why is that?

In some countries such as India, there is a hair cut ceremony in temples. Before the bloom of the hair extension industry, nobody wanted to bring their hair back home.

However, now, they notice that their hair can be a good source of income as well!

That is the situation in India. In other Asian countries, hair vendors come to the countrysides and ask women for their hair. The hair will be weighed, measured and priced accordingly.

Most Asian countries where hair source is abundant are developing countries. Women in the rural area are happy to sell their hair so they can have an extra income for their family.

Which hair should I choose?

We know that you are confused by the limitless choices in the market. There are Brazillian hair, Vietnamese hair, Cambodian hair and many more. Then, which one is the most suitable choice for you?

To answer this, you need to understand the character of each hair types.

Brazillian hair

Brazillian hair is famous for its thick texture. That means a small bundle of Brazillian hair can make you feel thick. It can also blend well with your existing hair.

The drawback is Brazilian hair is coarse and prone to frizz. It is also quite hard to take care for, especially when you live in different temperature zone.

Cambodian hair

Cambodian hair doesn’t have the thick feature like Brazillian hair. What it does have is the natural flow and rough feeling when you touch. This hair type is perfect for curly and wavy hairstyles.

Vietnamese hair

The last one we would recommend to you is Vietnamese hair. This hair type is generally known for its silky and thin texture. Nevertheless, it offers robust and healthy hair strands.

Where Does Full Lace Wigs 100 Human Hair Come From?

The silky texture of Vietnamese hair is quite apparent.

The advantage of Vietnamese hair is that it has perfect shiny black color. What’s more, the hair is less prone to damage and hair knots. Taking care of Vietnamese hair requires less time and attention

The bottom line

Now you have found out the origin of full lace wigs 100 human hair; we are sure you can make the right choice. Don’t forget to compare different hair types before making any purchase.

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