Where is Cambodian hair from? Time To Unveil The Confusion

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The question about human hair origin never stops bothering us, especially those who concern about the business ethics of hair collectors. If you have been purchasing Cambodian hair for years, you may ask yourself where is Cambodian hair from?

Where is Cambodian hair from? Time To Unveil The Confusion

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Is it really from Cambodian? How is it collected and treated?

If you are interested in finding out the hidden picture, we are here to help. Let’s read on to find out more.

Cambodian hair – the rising star in the hair market

Hair extensions and human hair wigs have been around in the market for years. Thanks to many Hollywood celebrities, the use of these hair accessories has become more and more popular. Since the beginning, human hair wasn’t the primary source for extensions and wigs’ construction.

In India, unused hair was collected by temples and then sold to hair vendors. As the market blooms, women from different countries such as Brazil, Peru, Mongolia and many more start to sell their hair to earn money as well.

Vietnamese and Cambodian women joined late in the game. Only a few decades ago when women realized they could feed their kids by giving up on their long, beautiful hair, the battle between hair starts.

Where is Cambodian hair from? Time To Unveil The Confusion

This hair type can go through some heat and chemical treatments and remains perfectly vibrant.

After sometimes, Cambodian hair has gained popularity in the region and all over the world. Its coarse and robust texture turns out to be an excellent ingredient for wavy and curly hair extensions and wigs.

Cambodian hair is favored by women of color around the world for the same reason. This hair type can go through some heat and chemical treatments and remains perfectly vibrant.

Cambodian hair is undoubtedly the rising star in the market. Though it can’t compete to Indian hair for the vast supply, it is indeed an answer for women who look for authenticity and vibrancy.



Where is Cambodian hair from?

The question where is Cambodian hair from seems to be easy to answer at first. However, when you spend enough time working in this field, you know that things get little complicated. There was a time when it seems finding authentic hair impossible.

Some hair vendors mixed human hair and animal hairs and sold their products at a meager price. When many people purchased and experienced low-quality hair products, they figured out the dirty scheme.

In recent year, less and fewer businesses are operating that way. While hair start-ups want to keep their items at the highest level of quality, they also try to reduce the cost. As a result, the term “non-Remy hair” or “comb waste” appear to refer to low-quality human hair.

Where is Cambodian hair from? Time To Unveil The Confusion

These hair extensions are made from 100% Cambodian hair from healthy donors.

Comb waste hair mostly comes from China and the surrounding countries. After being processed, they look perfectly robust and vibrant. This comb waste is the cause of all the questions about hair origin.

Imagine your bought several Cambodian hair bundles. Can you tell where the hair from is? Maybe you will never know the “real” origin of it!

So where is Cambodian hair from?

The origin of Cambodian hair

The answer to this question largely depends on the vendor that you are working with. If you are just a regular customer who buys a few extensions or wigs per year, hair origin is none of your business. However, if you are a business start-up who wants to earn money from hair, this is essential.

Where is Cambodian hair from? You can only answer Cambodian hair is from Cambodia once you know that the hair vendor is in Cambodia or Vietnam. Transportation from Cambodia to Vietnam is super cheap while the manufacturing cost is higher in Cambodia, that’s why.

In case, you work with a Chinese hair vendor who claims to sell Cambodian hair; you need to double check. Especially when you first start your company, or first purchase a wig, you want to make sure that you get the best bang for the buck.

Chemically treated hair will reveal themselves only after a few times of use. We would suggest you buy a sample first. That way, you can partly test the products’ quality, shipping time and fees.

The route of Cambodian hair

After finding out where is Cambodian hair from, we think it would be interesting to know a bit more about the rout of it. There are two main routes of Cambodian hair

Indirect route

The indirect route indicates that hair doesn’t come straight to users’ hand. Instead, after collecting hair, hair vendors rush to send their products to China, where hair is washed and chemically treated. Depending on different vendors, the end quality will be different.

For example, Cambodian hair with low quality will end up in hair factories in China, waiting to be reborn.

Direct route

The direct route is from small local hair vendors to customers. There are many local hair vendors who collect, produce and ship their products from door to door. This way, customers can be assured about the ethic and quality of hair.

Where is Cambodian hair from? Time To Unveil The Confusion

Layla Hair is one of the direct hair vendors.

Layla Hair is one of the direct hair vendors. We collect hair from local women, manufactured in Vietnam and sell it to our international partners. Working with Layla, you don’t have to worry anything from the hair origin to overall quality.

How to know if your hair is chemical ta created?

There are a few tips to figure out the quality of your hair. Next time when you shop for new hair extensions, follow our guides below

•    Check the strands: Gently slide your fingers up and down hair strands. By doing this, you can check the roughness of hair strands and decide whether its cuticles are still there. If somehow you feel there is no roughness, chances are the cuticles have been taken away with acid.

•    Check for the color: Interestingly, you should look for hair ends with a lighter color. This is because hair with according, even color is chemically altered. So, yes, buy hair with a slight gradation at the ends.

•    If the hair smells funny, chances are they have gone through chemicals. So be careful!

The bottom line

We hope that you are satisfied with the answer for where is Cambodian hair from? Other concerns and questions, please contact us via our hotline number.  Follow Layla Hair blog for more daily inspiration on hair care and hair products!

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