Discovering The Stunning Secrets Of Raw Cambodian Hair Bundles

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If you take a close look at the wigs, weaves, and hair extensions market today, it’s not difficult to see the appearance of Cambodian hair as a rising star. It is used to make wigs or hair extensions that can effortlessly blend well with any other type of hair.

Discovering The Stunning Secrets Of Raw Cambodian Hair Bundles

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In this article, let’s take a closer look at raw Cambodian hair bundles and their magic.

What are raw Cambodian hair bundles?

Cambodian hair, as simple as the name suggests, is real hair collected from Cambodian donors. Hair vendors like Layla Hair come to the country and shout out for anyone who wants to donate their hair. The hair will then be examined to see if they are in good condition and have the desired texture.

If everything goes well, the hair is cut and brought to the factory for processing.

The term “raw hair” may sound strange to you but it’s fairly simple to comprehend. If the hair your purchase is labelled “raw hair”, it means that the hair is 100% unprocessed, either by chemicals, heat or steam. That is the type with the best quality available on the market.

Discovering The Stunning Secrets Of Raw Cambodian Hair Bundles

The donors must keep their hair in the most native and natural form.

To be defined as “raw hair”, the donors must keep their hair in the most native and natural form. They need to preserve their hair from any interference, such as dyeing, curling, or even styling with heat.

These give off the best effect when you apply into your head but are extremely hard to find. That explains the high price of raw hair.

Cambodian hair is best known for its thick and coarse texture, yet lightweight and comfortable to wear. The thickness and natural wavy property help it blend well with almost all types of hair, especially African-American women’s hair.

Despite the high density, Cambodian hair is indeed very easy and effortless to wear, which is the main reason for its popularity recently.

What to consider when choosing raw Cambodian hair bundles?

The number of bundles

This should be one of the first things to consider when it comes to hair bundles. There is no precise answer to how much bundles you should wear because it depends on the natural thickness of your hair.

Discovering The Stunning Secrets Of Raw Cambodian Hair Bundles

There is no precise answer to how much bundles you should wear.

If you are blessed with thick hair and just want a little more volume, one to two bundles can be enough. However, if you are born with thinning hair or are suffering from hair loss, try three to four. If you are still not sure, we suggest you go with two bundles first to see how they are applied.

In case you are not happy with the result, you can always come back for more.

Length of hair

The more length you want, the more bundles you need. For example, if you are into long hair that touches your hip, maybe you should consider going with more bundles for a fuller look, from root to tip.

Head size

The number of bundles also depends on your head size, believe it or not. That is because we need enough bundles to cover your scalp and make it look like the hair is growing out of your scalp. So if your head is more significant, you need more bundle and vice versa. For your information, the average head size of a US woman is 22.5”.

Lace frontal or lace closure

This is always a headache for a lot of us. The achieved result with both is the same, as long as you nail the technique of application. If you don’t, perhaps lace closure is for you as the application is a bit easier.

On the contrary, if you have thinning hair problems on the side of your head, try lace frontal because it covers the part. Lace frontal spreads from ear to ear so that it replaces the whole hair body.

To install it, you can use the sew-in or glue-in method. While the sew-in way is neater and cleaner, the glue-in method with an adhesive is quicker and easier for beginners.



How to install raw Cambodian hair bundles?

The glue-in method

With this method, you can install hair bundles in a fast and secure manner. All you need to do is braiding your hair into cornrows, lay them flat under a hair cap that matches the tone of your hair. The cap acts as a protective barrier between the glue and your hair. Finally, you should measure the tracks, lay out some glue and put some pressure to attach them in.

This is perhaps the easiest method for hair bundles. However, it can look messy and fake if you apply too much adhesive or let the tracks show through. Be careful with that!

The sew-in method

The sew-in method gives you a clean look. This is the one that gives off a natural-looking vibe. No one will ever detect if you are wearing a wig. The method takes a little more time and a professional to get it done, but you can keep it for long.

With this method, you also start with braiding your hair into a cornrow. Then you sew the braids in a crisscross style or any style that you can lay your hair flat against your head. Once you are all braided, you need a needle and thread to do the job.

Discovering The Stunning Secrets Of Raw Cambodian Hair Bundles

Raw Cambodian hair bundles from Layla Hair

The next step is beginning to sew the hair cap into your head so that the cap is secured. Put the needle through both your hair and the cap, wrap the thread around the needle twice until they are all locked in together.

The bundles are sewn in with the same technique. When you sew, it’s crucial to take notice of all the tracks and lines because you want everything to lay flat against your head. If something pops up, things will immediately look abnormal.

Taking down is super easy, too. Simply just cut the thread out. Be careful not to cut the cap or your hair. This method is a little complicated and needs attention to details, so it’s best to have a professional do it for you.

In the bottom line

We hope that you have more confidence with raw Cambodian hair bundles after this article. Please do expect some test-and-fail because that’s how everything in life works. Buy a little at a time and take some time to practice. You will be fine!

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