Hidden Answers To Why Do Black Women Wear Wigs Revealed!

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Have you ever wondered why the European and Asian have straight hair but African hair is always curly and looks so unique and attractive? It is natural real hair or not? Or why do black women wear wigs? Or why do they often put on dreadlocks? The following post from Laylahair will answer this question. Hence, read out the post carefully.

Why do so many black women wear wigs? – Their natural hair texture

The real hair of African women is only about 1 to 2 cm long. Curling like velvet with long and short hairs of all kinds that you often see are wigs. It means that the individual and attractive curly hair of black women is fake. Hair salons make these hairs. These hairstyles can be created in professional hairstyles. It is the reason why when you enter on any hair salon in there, most hairdressers in the handle were not scissors, but black needles and thread.

Hidden Answers To Why Do Black Women Wear Wigs Revealed!
Black women’s real hair is exceptionally short

Why do so many black women wear wigs and weave? – The Facts and Stats

So as to find the answer to “why do black women wear wigs?”, take a look at the original natural hair of black women. Many people believe that African hair is fluffy, braided hair is natural. However, these are all human hair wigs. Stemming from the demand of beauty, most African women desire to shine thanks to the skillful hands of the designers, so the hairstyles of braids are unique and impressive.

African people attach great importance to women’s hairstyles. The shape, color, how unique, eye-catching, and complicated the variations are, the more they show their creativity and feminine beauty. Every woman takes at least 10 USD to own a wig, and one month they have to spend 100 USD to go to the hair care shop. For economically capable women, they will come to the store twice a month to change their hairstyle. Furthermore, each person spends about 20-30 USD for complicated hairstyles along with hair care costs. So the hairdressing profession in Africa is very prosperous. Every month, each hairdresser has a salary of about 1000 USD. A salary makes them happy and productive as well.

Hidden Answers To Why Do Black Women Wear Wigs Revealed!
wigs have been an indispensable item to African women

Many people will wonder why African women can spend so much money changing their hair so many times? Or why do black women wear wigs? The reason will be revealed in one of the largest hairdressers in Africa with 200 service personnel.

Why do black women wear so many different kinds of wigs?

Although the economy is challenging, women in some African countries still spend a lot of money to have beautiful hair. The average cost of a haircut is 3 to 4 times higher than the monthly income of African workers. But why are many women still willing to spend this large sum of money?

“I need to braid my hair to look better,” says 25-year-old Nigerian girl Blessing James. In this country, many women like James are willing to spend several hours fixing their hair for $ 40, which is quite high in a country where many people earn less than $ 2 a day.

Hidden Answers To Why Do Black Women Wear Wigs Revealed!
wearing wigs is a common thing with the Black

Moreover, if a person without money often changes her wig every two months, and that means they get bored as wearing the same clothes every day. A female who is a guest in the shop said that “When I have money, I will change hair two weeks once — in another case, running out of money, two months of making new hair. Hair does not change constantly; it feels like not changing clothes when going out”. So, perhaps, you understand more about the reason why do a lot of black women wear wigs.

In the summer, wearing thick wigs is not pleasant at all, but the women here do not so fall in love with hairs. Although they have to spend a lot of money to own a wig, these black women want to own it many times in their lives. Also, before changing their hairstyle, they don’t wash it, so when going out, they keep your hair clean. They also wear a unique hat when sleeping to take care of their hair.


Why do black women go bald to wear wigs?

Not only asking “why do black women wear wigs?”, but many people also ask why do black women go bald to wear wigs. You know that women who regularly do carpets also face skin allergies, itching, and headaches. Therefore, black women always get a big problem with their real natural hair. However, they do not worry about that. And so people think of the trend of “natural hair.” This trend in Africa is called Cheveux naturels – a luxury industry.

Hidden Answers To Why Do Black Women Wear Wigs Revealed!
having afro-textured hair has become a trend

To get Cheveux naturels-style hair, many women will have to spend more money than they earn. But they are still willing to accept and will not be able to feel happy without them. While men in this country are extremely opposed. They accused women of misplaced priorities, only wanting better hair instead of caring for their families and children. Because the demand for wigs is enormous here, the market of wigs is animated, almost every hairstylist has hair. You have to spend from one to several dozen dollars a set, sourced from South Africa and China, Korea.

Prioritizing African women’s hair is a subject of mixed opinions. But perhaps, it is a culture formed in the daily life of African ladies. Each country will have its custom, and for them, owning a beautiful hair is necessary for them to be much more confident.

To Sum Up

Hope that after the post, you will find the best answer the reason why do black women wear wigs and understand more about the problem. Do you want to own a special and unique weave hair like black women? Browse our collection of black African American human hair wigs! We have everything you need, from a full lace wig, lace front, closure, or glueless wig. 

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