If You Choose Synthetic Hair Topper Now, You Will Hate Yourself Later

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Synthetic hair topper has many different names like wigs and hairpieces. They are widely used by who want to conceal the baldness spots, lengthen natural hair and change the appearance. They may be a savior of those who is the victim or patient wishing to conceal scarring.

Most of the toppers in the market blend perfectly to your existing hair. And they are also ideal for women who simply want to add more volume, the fullness of their heads. 

What Is Synthetic Hair Topper?

With advanced technology, synthetic hair topper has come a long way today. They consist of man-made fibers that are processed. Commonly made from natural polymers, synthetic hair toppers give a similar look to your natural hair. So it is difficult to distinguish the synthetic and human hair if you are newbies. 

If You Choose Synthetic Hair Topper Now, You Will Hate Yourself Later
synthetic hair toppers

With some of the high-quality synthetic hairpieces, you can feel comfortable when wearing it. There is a variety of sizes and shapes to disguise hair loss of different stages and areas on the scalp. Some of the synthetic hairpieces cover more on the top of the head and the others focus on sides and behind. Rather than purchasing an expensive full lace wig, you can find a topper instead. The synthetic crown hairpieces and human hair wiglets are designed to perfectly cover your hair loss, baldness, and thinning hair areas. 

You can wear the synthetic hairpiece right out of the box with little and no styling. It is styled before and even the curl pattern is permanently set. Be assured that the bad environmental factors can’t harm it.

You wonder if synthetic hair topper really look natural. Although synthetic hairpieces do not have cuticles or the waxy outer layer like human hair, they are still processed to have a look as natural as possible.

Benefits of Synthetic Hair Topper

Not only lengthen your hair and increase your volume, synthetic hair many benefits that the wearer needs.

Affordable Price

Compared to human hairpiece, synthetic hair is relatively inexpensive. It can cost as much as a human hair. If there happen to be the differences in price, then it would be some dollars more or less only. If you want to buy a good quality product, heat-friendly synthetic can be better. It is even more cost-effective than human hair wigs

synthetic hair topper is cheap

Low Maintenance

Wigs and hair toppers synthetic are easy to take care of. Although you wash, dry and even shake them out, they will still return to its initial style. 

Unlike human hair, you can place a synthetic hair topper directly onto your head after pulling out of the box. Experts said that this type of hairpiece has something called style retention that means the hair will retain its style regardless of weather and other elements.

Various Options

Large head hair toppers synthetic comes in the widest array of colors, lengths, and textures. So you can easily find the most suitable one for you. 

color variations of synthetic toppers

Downsides Of Synthetic Hair Topper

There are so many pros about synthetic hairpieces but there are also a couple of cons:

Can’t Be Styled With Heat

Because it is chemically processed hair, you can not style your toppers in many different ways like human hair. It cannot be straightened or curled with heated tools unless it is a specifically designed «heat friendly» synthetic toppers. 

If you like to alternate between styles, you may need to purchase 2 separate synthetic hair systems. 

Less Variability 

Synthetic hair is easy to be tangled and coarser than the human one. You also can’t set synthetic hair with rollers like your own hair. Avoid using hot appliances such as blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons. And of course, you can’t bleach or color it.

synthetic toppers could pose damage to your real hair and scalp

Short Lifespan

Synthetic hair topper can last 4-6 months of daily wear is you maintain proper care while human hair toppers can last over 1 year. It is important to follow care tips in order to prolong lifespan your hair extension.


Compared to high-quality human hair toppers, synthetic hair topper does not offer enough naturalness to make your hairpiece undetectable. Most of the times, synthetic toppers tend to be too shiny, thus looking fake.  


Which Is Better Synthetic Or Human Hair Toppers?

Have you thought about human hair and synthetic blend hair toppers and which is better? About synthetic hair, Layla understands the reason why you choose it. Because of the pros that we listed above, people buy it. However, be a smart customer. We can sure that synthetic hair topper is not as natural as the human virgin hair topper

Human hair toppers pros:

– Give a natural look

Always glossier and smoother than synthetic hair 

Protect your natural hair: you can curl, straighten, wash, etc are possible.

– No tangling, shedding, or lice. Feel free to make various different types of hairstyles. 

– Long lifespan

it’s better to opt for human hair topper

Visit Layla Hair, you will get lost in the human hair toppers world. We only supply high-quality hair for customers. Our hair is unprocessed, virgin hair collected from healthy Vietnamese and Cambodian women. Because ladies in 2 countries have good hair care, their hair is really smooth, silky and strong. 

Layla Hair – a large wholesale human hair vendor in Vietnam – is fully aware of this increasing trend and making every effort to perfect our human hair extensions. With years in this area, we guarantee that Vietnamese hair and Cambodian hair are the best quality. 

Besides, all cuticles of human hair toppers stayed align in the same direction, so it is absolutely smooth and difficult to be tangled. And it can also help people avoid common problems like synthetic hair topper.

The Bottom Line

All of these things are basic information about synthetic hair topper. It has favorable characteristics but it also has many of its own drawbacks. With all of its features above, we think you have the basis to choose the type of topper that suits you best. 

Feel free to contact Layla Hair to get further information. Drop us via line (+84) 989 633 424 (WhatsApp/ Viber/ Mobile) at any time and our professional team is always willing to support.

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