Breakout Winter Hair Color Trends That Are Going To Be Huge This Year

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You are getting bored with your natural hair color for many years. You want to take a revolution to switch up your hairstyle and appearance, too. Let’s dye your hair in your favorite hues or on-trend colors. Coloring hair is a kind of passion for everyone, not only for women. You can choose dark or light shades to paint your hair. Don’t be afraid that hair dyes will ruin your natural locks, because your hair color will look gorgeous as long as you choose the right color product and care for it properly. Do you have a plan to color your mane? Here are winter hair color trends 2020 that you can consider to wear. All of them are chic and in fashion. 

Creamy Blonde — Hottest winter hair color trends

If you want your hair to look like white snows in cold weather, ask the prod for a cream blonde. It is not quite platinum but a light shade. Have you ever thought of a combination of creamy blonde and a bold red lip? You look so slinky and splendid. This hair color brings a new breeze for the list of fall winter hair color trends 2020

The shade of blond suits all hair lengths and textures, from short to long, straight to wavy. Many describe that creamy blonde looks better on those with a light complexion. Also, you can use the balayage technique to achieve a new look. 

Breakout Winter Hair Color Trends That Are Going To Be Huge This Year

Rich Red

Warm up the freeze days with rich red hair. Stop being scared of this shade if you always dream about getting a daring hair hue. It works best for the beauties with cool and pale complexions. 

Rich red in the collection of hair color trends fall winter 2020 is memorable and dramatic. Do you know any celebs rocked this warm hair tone? Rihanna, Julianne Moore, etc. had beautiful hairstyles. 

Icy Lavender

Have you ever seen Hunter Schafer with this cool hair hue? She is real proof that shows why you should switch up this look for winter days. Icy lavender is subtle and soft, offering gentle hair and appearance. 

If you don’t want to dye your entire hair, going for highlights is a good idea. The hairstyle is super soft and blended perfectly with your light hair hue, providing a pretty finish. 

Breakout Winter Hair Color Trends That Are Going To Be Huge This Year
Icy Lavender vs Pretty Pink Color

Pretty Pink Color

When referring to winter hair colors, your options are countless. Do you wanna try a cool pink color? It’s irresistible. Rose hair color makes you look so cute and interesting, that looks like beautiful blossoms on cold days. Don’t overdo this shade as it may go out of date. Pair the hair with a gentle pastel dress or outfit, you look like a gentle princess in the white snow background. 


Smoky Blue

Finding hair color trends autumn winter 2020 that pop up your character, ready to try a shade of blue. We believe that this interesting color will give depth to your mane. 

You should go to a professional hair salon to achieve this hair look. We don’t recommend dyeing your hair at home as it may be a disaster if you do it improperly. Change your existing hair to this quite dark shade but no less outstanding.

Breakout Winter Hair Color Trends That Are Going To Be Huge This Year

Ash Brown

You think that brown is a boring color. It’s may because you have no idea about this shade — ash brown. This is a stylish and trendy shade of brown you can rock for this winter, especially when Christmas is coming. 

This autumn winter hair colour trend is a subtle combination of brown and silver highlights. The blend of classic and modern styles will never let you down. Plus, this hair color is also not fussy about the skin. For example, you look so classy and professional if you have a cool skin tone. 

Jet Black

Cold days are a good opportunity to go dark hair shades. Jet black is a great option since it is suitable for both at the office and party. We bet that this shade is never out of date, and may become one of the winter hair color trends 2021. Many celebrities cannot resist the charm of this dark tone as it leaves the hair with an exceptional depth and dimension. 

You can add some waves to your lock to create something that looks mysterious. You can use permanent black hair dye to paint your mane because it will stay on your locks longer. To get the best look, we advise you to visit a hair colorist and he/she will do all the coloring process. An experienced colorist knows how to color your hair properly as well as protect it from damage.

Breakout Winter Hair Color Trends That Are Going To Be Huge This Year

Enchanted peacock hair

It is one of the absolute favorite autumn winter hair colour trends 2020 for people who love the unique and crazy ones. This is a perfect blend of trendy colors, like blue, lavender, teal, etc. It creates a lovely yet gorgeous look. If you want to wear colored hair that can present your personality, let’s give enchanted peacock color a shot. With shiny and textured hair, you should visit an experienced hairstylist. They will give you flowing hair look like a real silk scarf. 

Additionally, consider dyeing caramel ombré, chestnut brown, red velvet, etc. for winter to switch up your image. You will love the way these hair colors show off your beautiful hair. 

Done! You have taken an interesting journey around the world of winter hair color trends. We believe that you have more ideas of hair hue to wear this season. Now you may know which shade of hair suits you best and how to mix hair colors to achieve a perfect look. 

It’s time to change your hair and image, friends. We hope that these above ideas about hair color trends for winter 2020 will help you find the best pick.

In case you wish to have beautiful hair color but your existing hair is not strong enough to dye, go for a colored hair wig or extension instead. You can easily update a new hair trend without causing damage. 

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