What Is Thick Hair And How To Deal With It?

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You may hear a lot of terms such as thick, thin, dense, straight, curly hair among others. Do you want to have thin or fine hair? The answer is «no” or “never think about it.» But too thick strands are not good, it always leads to coarse hair as the natural oil produced is not enough for all strands. Phew! Medium hair may be good. 

In the following post, we only focus on What is thick hair and how to thin it out? Ready for our topic today, let’s get started!

What Is Thick Hair?

It is used to describe the size of the width of an individual strand. It means that the hair strand has a larger width than the average. Many people confuse thickness with the density of the hair. Remember that your lock is a full ponytail that does not mean that you have thick strands. It may be dense hair. Hair density and thickness hair are not the same. While thickness refers to the width of human hair, the density presents the number of fibers on your head. 

What Is Thick Hair And How To Deal With It?
what is thick hair

How can I tell if I have thick hair? 

There are different signs to show that you have thick strands. Let’s see: 

— It takes a lot of time to dry your tresses properly after shampooing. It is so uncomfortable, especially for those who don’t want to enjoy the heat on their head.

— The hair tends to go hand in hand with coarseness, and you must use a conditioner or hair mask to smoothen it. These hair care products help you manage the strands easier. People with thick tresses have to use a lot of conditioner than those with a normal hairdo. 

— Your scalp might be sweat profusely because the hair is quite hard to manage on hot days. 

— When you style your hair, it consumes a lot more time time to get it. That’s why some hairdressers shy away from working on thick tresses. 

— You are experiencing hair shedding massively. You notice that your hair grows a lot but also sheds too much. 

— When you roll your fingers through your tresses, you may feel the coarseness.

What Is Thick Hair And How To Deal With It?
the thickness of human hair is influenced by genetic factors

What Causes Difference in The Thickness In Hair?

There are several factors that make your hair thick or not, but the major ones are: 

— Genetics: The hair thickness in each individual is not the same. Why is my hair so thick? We are all born with unique gens that affecting everything about us. Among them, your hair structure, thickness, and color are influenced by genetics. 

— Hair hue: Often, people with dark hair have thicker strands than those with light hair color. This is attributed to the melanin pigments. 

— Environmental factors: They have massive effects on your tresses. Weather conditions, for example, may affect those with thick hair. The warmer the weather is, the more the chances of developing thick strands. 

Differences Between Thick vs Thin Hair?

What Is Thick Hair And How To Deal With It?
thick vs thin hair

Is your hair thin or thick? There are unique haircuts better for thick hair, but they are not for thin hair. 

As I stated above, you have a lot of strands on your head, you think you have thick breadth, but it is not true. Thick hair does not refer to the density on your head. In contrast, if you have thick hair, the drying hair process will take your time. You also find some problems with hair accessories because they are not big enough to hold your hair. For thin hair, you have to redo your hair clips or bun because they slide on your strands. 

Although it is not a steadfast rule, thick breadth often appears with blondes and brunettes. Thin hair is more characteristic of those with red hair. Besides, Caucasians tend to have far thicker hair than East Asians. 


How to Thin Thick Hair

Invest in a smooth shampoo and conditioner

The set of hair care products help your hair look thinner, like Hairgurt smoothing yogurt shampoo. They also give long-lasting coarseness control. Say no with volumizing shampoos. You wash your mane as you would normally do and follow up with the conditioner or hair mask. The difference is that you use products that are specially produced for thick locks. 

What Is Thick Hair And How To Deal With It?
straightening hair will make it look thinner

Try straightening your hair

It is another right way on how to deal with thick hair. Use flat ironing to smooth and sleek hair strands, and look thinner than they are. Therefore, use a straightener to make hair look thinner instead of using a curling iron. To get the best result, you should flat your locks when they are dry, thoroughly dry. Don’t do on the wet hair as it may cause damages. 

Use cool water to wash your mane

Remember that hot water is not your hair’s best friend, both thick and thin tresses. Hot water will strip sebum out of your fibers, leading to dry and dull hair. The appearance of frizzy hair makes your strands look bigger. 

Style your thick hair

What Is Thick Hair And How To Deal With It?

Thick strand has a small disadvantage, it’s monolithic character.  Hence, if you go for a wrong hairstyle, your hair looks unnatural and motionless. Select hairstyles for thick hair that help flatter your hair type. You can wear a long layered haircut, and it is going to make your natural locks more dynamic. 

Use coloring techniques, like ombre or balayage, to achieve your desired hair look. Dyeing your hair creates the smooth transition of hair hue and adds lightness to your thick locks. Choose colored haircuts such as cute brunette ombre, balayage on straight hair, and enjoy the beautiful hair look. 

The Last Words

You have got to get some basic information about what is thick hair, the signals, and what to do with it. To sum up, thick hair is larger in width than other hair types. Although many people confuse it with dense hair, they are totally different. 

Hopefully, the shared information above is helpful if you have thick strands. For more information needed, don’t hesitate to reach us via hotline or browse our website. We are looking forward to seeing you soon. 

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