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24 Inch Real Human Hair Topper Extensions

Ladies who are living in the modern days are the happiest ladies in human history – well-being said, but why? Layla Hair reckons that it is because of the fact that they have a lot of choices to cover their thinning hair now. Not only human hair weave, clip in (or clip on), tape in (or tape on) hair extensions, not only human hair closures and real human hair wigs, the ladies now have a choice that covers all the advantages of all the above mentioned real human hair extensions. There comes the best discovery in the hair industry over the past years: Real human hair topper extensions.

Why are hair topper extensions popular?

Topper Hair Pieces have all the good characteristics that all of the traditional hair extensions methods have. It is light weighted, comfortable for the scalp, has high coverage to serve all kinds of thinning hair and hair loss. Most importantly, real human hair topper for thinning hair is available in various lengths, colors and styles that can be found in other type of hair extensions.

That being said, in order to install 24 Inches of Hair Extensions, instead of getting 24 Inches Weave and a matching closure/frontal or a whole 24 Inch Full Lace Wigs which are sure costly, an affordable 24 Inch Real Human Hair Topper Extensions will do it all.

If you are saying the volume of these hair extensions are different, you are totally not knowing enough of topper hair pieces. Everyone would know that in order to make a wig or a hair unit including hair weave and closures, a lot of hairs would be needed in order to cover the whole scalp area. Remember you need to hide all of your bio hairs under a wig cap to wear those beautiful 24 Inches human hair wigs and Weaves? The story is totally different using human hair topper piece. You are still able to showcase your own beautiful hairs; with the suitable volume added by human topper hair piece, it is not only affordable but also very light-weighted and comfortable for your scalp.

Natural color 24 Inches Real Human Hair Topper from Layla Hair

Layla Hair provides different base materials for 24 Inch (24 in) Real Human Hair Topper Pieces. However we will introduce the most famous type of human hair topper wigs for women.

Unlike the normal base lace, we use monofilament as a base in the center of the hair topper extensions. Lace is airy, seamless and various in colors, but mono bases are too. Lace would feel softer when applying, but it is also fragile and easy to be damaged. Like while, mono topper wigs are even harder to detect even though they are less variable in colors. Monofilament bases are also airy, light-weighted and most importantly, they are firmer and more durable than the lace base. Last but not least, with monofilament hair topper, you can part in multi directions, leaving a very natural finished look.

Like other amazing products from Layla Hair, we use human REMY hair for this Real Human Hair Topper Extensions. Vietnamese Hair is what we choose to create this beautiful product, as Vietnamese Hair is always silky and brings out the shine that makes your hair topper pieces look strong and healthy. If you like the slightly coarse and frizzy look that Vietnamese Hair can’t bring to, we suggest our Cambodian Hair which is of great quality too.

Product description

  •  Type: Womens Hair Topper
  • Origin: Vietnamese Hair
  • Quality: Human Hair, Remy Hair
  • Texture: Silky Straight
  • Length: 24 Inch ((24 in ~ 60cm)
  • Color Hair: Natural black #1b (Also available in other color: blonde, brown…)
  • Other: Minimal short hair, no any lice or nits
  • Size: 6”x8” (100gr), 8”x10” (200gr)
  • Base: Lace with PU skin in edges, with clips
  • Durability: At least 1 year with proper care
  • Brand name: Layla Hair Company
  • Delivery time:  10-12 days after payment
  • Payment method: Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, Uni Stream, Ria, Visa, Master Card, Bank…
  • Delivery partner: UPS and DHL fast shipping. With Asian countries, we also have BDEX as an affordable choice.


Questions and answers of the customers

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