4 Best Ways To Stop Hair Loss After Giving Birth

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If you worry about your hair starting to fall out in clumps after giving birth, please don’t be. Hair loss after giving birth is common. We are here to help you to know how to solve the shedding.

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The cause of hair loss after giving birth

Become a mom equal with a lot of sleepless nights, dealing with crying baby… that already created with enough stress and now hair loss joins the force too – disaster!

The hair loss after giving birth can cause you shock at first, but luckily, it’s only temporary. After some time with care, your hair will grow back.

Post- pregnancy hair loss affects an outstanding percentage of us – about 50 percent based on one recent survey. Not only the stress is a factor but also the changing hormone levels is an even greater cause.

4 Best Ways To Stop Hair Loss After Giving Birth

Your hair will grow back eventually.

The estrogen levels keep raising while pregnancy the anagen phase takes longer than usual. Because of this, hair can feel and look thicker during pregnancy. Sadly, after delivery, the levels turn back to normal quickly.

This causes hairs to change from their growth to the falling phase known as telogen. As a result, we lose noticeable amounts of hair than we’re used to.  Breastfeeding can add to this as well because of the rises in hormone levels named prolactin, which relates to hair loss in women too.

The intensity differs from person to person. The range can be from just losing a few more strands than usual to discover balls of the stuff in your shower.

In most of the cases of post-pregnancy shed will settle by themselves and commonly won’t create permanent hair loss. If post-partum hair loss is going to happen, it ought to be left to run its way. You don’t have to worry too much because this only happens for a short time.

After this loss, all hairs you lost will eventually grow back like before. It should resolve throughout 6 to 12 months.

If you’re battling through the hair loss after giving birth, we recommend spending your money and time on maintaining fertile states for healthy hair to grow back.

How to care for hair loss after giving birth?

From tips of styling your hair to what food to eat and what hairstyle you should go for, here are the best ways to deal with the hair loss and pregnancy.

Stimulating the scalp.

Keeping your scalp healthy equal with having healthy hair, especially post-pregnancy period. You can have a hair care routine similar to your facial treating.

Many experts have recommended this. This approach including scalp exfoliation weekly, cleansing, moisturizing and also, even toning – which can be useful if you have a dry and itchy scalp.

There is a wide range of exfoliators from beady scrubs to more subtle formulated kinds containing AHAs and BHAs. It has the same effect with the skin, help you to remove dead skin cells and products which have accumulated to clear the pores.

4 Best Ways To Stop Hair Loss After Giving Birth

Use the right brush

This is an effective way for new hairs to grow. Doing scalp massage every day using just fingers can help to increase blood circulation, as well as stimulate the scalp and lessen your stress.

Consuming more protein and iron-rich foods.

A rational diet is essential for providing the hair with the nutrients it needs to develop at any time. After delivery a child, this even become more vital.

As your system return to balance state, your hair is the last on the body’s list of priorities to nurture, and it frequently demands some additional internal support. You should eat nutrient-rich products that have plenty of protein and iron.

There are great sources of protein in eggs, fish, poultry, nuts, lentils, chickpeas… Foods which are rich in iron include red meat, beetroot, almonds… Also, you are suggested to avoid taking medicine, especially birth control.

Hair loss and birth control are related closely. Birth control pills can lead to hair loss in women who are sensitive to the hormone contained in the capsules.

Washing your hair often

As you notice an increase of hair strands lose in the shower post-partum, you fear of wash it frequently. But that is the worst thing to do. Avoiding washing your hair as much due to the fears of quickening the hair shed is something you shouldn’t be afraid about.

The fact is your hair will still fall the same amount whether you wash your hair weekly or daily. Washing your hair has not much impact on your hair loss after giving birth.

Moreover, if you don’t wash your hair often, the amount of shedding hair will even be much more.

4 Best Ways To Stop Hair Loss After Giving Birth

How many times should you wash it in a week? It depends on your hair condition. If your hair becomes more sensitive after giving birth, then we suggest 2 to 3 times a week.

Don’t try to wash your hair too often or too powerfully. Use hair product reasonably cause with an excessive number of products can make your hair dry leading it to break easily and look even thinner.

You can also relieve the stress to your scalp and hair by doing gentle massage. Maintaining clean scalp will also help healthier hair to grow back.

Wearing softer styles.

Letting your hair down rather than putting it up in a pony or bun is recommended by us. You should avoid tight, pulled-back styles such as top knots.

You may not realize this but put your hair in a tight ponytail will pull the nerves in your scalp. Not only it will make your headaches, but also it will cause more hair to shed.

Wearing tight hairstyle over long periods itself is one of the most common factors leading to hair loss in women. After your delivery, your scalp is less healthy than it used to keep it in mind so when styling your hair: the less pressure you put to your hair the better.

The bottom line

Were you surprised to learn about hair loss after giving birth? After reading the article, you are well-prepared to face this problem confidently. Don’t worry too much about it cause eventually, the hair you lost will grow again healthily.

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