9 Terrific Natural Secrets To Lengthen Your Human Hair

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9 Terrific Natural Secrets To Lengthen Your Human Hair
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Be it a man or a woman, having healthy human hair is a dream. Especially for women, the best option is to have beautifully thick and nice-length hair.

However, due to numerous reasons, we experience hair loss, hair thinning and … haircut. An ugly haircut, or excessive hair loss could be just as bad as the end of the world.

And sometimes chemicals and high-end products don’t provide much help for our hair to grow.

Natural remedies are indeed the most sustainable way to assist your hair.

Wonder what these remedies are? Take a look below!

9 terrific natural secrets to lengthen your human hair?

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Natural tips to re-grow your human hair

Aloe vera

Aloe vera offers a myriad of benefits for human hair, skin and weight loss. It contains proteolytic enzymes, which act as repairing elements. The proteolytic enzymes cure dead skin cells and smooth your hair.

It enhances hair growth, lessens dandruff and itches as well.

What’s more, aloe vera offers similar chemical elements that resemble keratin, amino acids, carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur. As a result, it revitalizes the hair structure, and avoid hair shedding.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil consists of many useful fatty acids, which help the oil to infiltrate into hair shafts. The fatty acids also lessen the protein loss, prevent split ends and nourish your scalp.

Some people with oily hair worry that coconut oil will dampen their hair. However, that is not the case. Make sure that you don’t use leave-in hair treatment with coconut oil if your hair is oily.

Massage your head gently with coconut oil and leave it for a few hours before heading to the bathroom. For dry hair, you should leave the coconut oil overnight and wash it the next morning.

Rosemary oil

Recent research shows that rosemary has the power to avert some of the most severe forms of hair loss.

Testosterone hormones create dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that sometimes infects your hair follicles. The weakened follicles can no longer hold the hair strands, and that when baldness happens.

9 Terrific Natural Secrets To Lengthen Your Human Hair

Rosemary oil helps to prevent this problem. The herb rejuvenates our follicles. Its natural elements stop the hormone receptors to attack our hair. Rosemary has long been used as a natural remedy for long and healthy hair.


Korean people, especially the elderly have almost no problem with hair loss and baldness. Recent studies show that the ginseng that they often use for tea is the factor.

Red ginseng is useful when it comes to hair growth. It enhances the dermal papilla cells. These cells in human hair and scalp prolong the lives of other cells, prevent extreme cell death.

This natural remedy also stimulates the follicles, thus increasing hair growth.

Fish oil

Fish oil is known for the high volume of omega-3 fatty acids. The fatty acids consist of valuable nutrients and proteins. They help nourish the scalp and follicles.

9 Terrific Natural Secrets To Lengthen Your Human Hair

The nutrients reinforce our hair roots, creating less hair fall. Omega-3 fatty acids also improve the general health, which then indirectly affects hair growth.

Cedarwood oil

Cedarwood is another natural oil that strengthens hair. It adds hair volume by stabilizing the scalp glands for oil producing. The herb contains antifungal and antibacterial elements.

These features are great when it comes to treating dandruff and hair fall. A mixture between lavender and rosemary oil will increase hair loss in patients with alopecia areata.

Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil offers a stinging feeling and coldness when you apply it on your human hair or scalp. The oil stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, and significantly enhance the anagen growing phase in hair.

9 Terrific Natural Secrets To Lengthen Your Human Hair

A study in mice indicates that peppermint oil does a great job in creating new follicles and increasing its depth. To lessen the stinging sensation, you should mix the oil with a carrier oil such as olive or coconut oil.

Message your scalp throughout and leave the mixture for ten minutes before washing your hair.


Lemon is an affordable and accessible natural remedy for hair growth. Either juice and essential oil have the capacity to re-grow new hair and improve the overall hair health.

9 Terrific Natural Secrets To Lengthen Your Human Hair

While oil is famous for the ability to maintain vigorous hair strands and scalp, the juice encourages hair growth and blood circulation.

Since lemon juice contains acid, it is advised to mix lemon juice with water or carrier oil.


Message is a traditional method to relax the body, improve the circulation of blood, and rejuvenate the scalp. Together with essential oil and natural masks, a message can boost hair thickness considerably.

What if I want an instant remedy?

There is a huge drawback of natural remedies. They require time and patience. That means if you start applying essential oils, coconut and message, you need to wait for them to have an effect.

But confidence can’t wait. Certainly, we don’t want to go out showing people our baldness. So what to do in the mean time?

Wearing frontal lace wigs and full lace wigs is a great option. We don’t recommend you to increase hair volume by human hair extensions instantly. If your hair is weak, you should not give it unnecessary tensions.

9 Terrific Natural Secrets To Lengthen Your Human Hair

Layla Hair offers best quality hair products. 

If your baldness is not critical, lace front wigs are the most suitable. However, in case you want to cover your hair, consider full-lace wigs.

Both options are available at Layla Hair with competitive price and incredible quality.

The bottom line

If you entrust natural remedies for hair growth, you need to be patient. It is essential to create a consistent plan and follow it strictly. While waiting for your hair to get better, the instant method to increase your confidence is to wear human hair wigs.

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