How To Appropriately Use Human Hair Toppers For Thinning Hair

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Human hair toppers for thinning hair help to conceal hair loss and give the hair a fuller and more natural look. Because each person is unique in their ways, human hair toppers for hair loss also vary in sizes, shapes, and colors. This variation blends in with the real hair and provides a perfect look for the hair.

Due to a wide range of hair toppers, it is difficult to understand how to style the hair toppers to suit our desired look. Our detailed guide below will assist the ladies in designing their hair toppers. Besides, to own a floating and natural look, let’s follow our handy tips about how to attach the hair toppers.

Consider these things before buying a hair topper

The type of hair loss

For women who have thin hair or go through the early stage of hair loss at the crown and parting areas, a top hair topper will solve this problem well. This solution integrates with the existing hair and creates a natural look.

How To Appropriately Use Human Hair Toppers For Thinning Hair

Hair thinning is a huge problem for many women.

For those who experience thinning or hair loss at the hairline or temples, topper will be a great choice to add an extra thickness to the hair and increase the wearer’s confidence.

The type of hair

With fiber toppers, ladies can own an already perfect styled hair topper. Whether they are into a curly, wavy or straight hair, fiber toppers can please even the most demanding wearers. Besides, fiber topper can maintain its quality under any types of weather.

Whether natural colors are our things or something out there, we have an unlimited option when choosing fiber toppers.

With human hair toppers, they are sensitive to weather changes. Moreover, this kind of hair toppers need more care to style and clean them. But wearing human hair toppers for thinning hair can result in an expected look. Human hair toppers require a careful styling and avoid exposing to heat too much.

Human hair toppers are more expensive than fiber ones. But if the toppers match the hair perfectly, it will be a good investment.

The hair length

Hair toppers provide a wide range of hair length for us to choose from. The length of the topper plays an essential part in deciding which hair topper is suitable for the hair. Ladies can choose from a short hair topper, mid-length hair topper or long and attractive one.

The type of bases

The kind of hair bases that we choose depends on our hair loss areas. There are two basic types of hair bases:

Monofilament base: This base consists of hair strands attached to a soft net material. It creates an illusion that the real hair is growing from the scalp. Monofilament base is a good friend for those who suffer from complete and severe hair loss.

Classic base: This base resembles rows of hair. With excellent support, wearers can put their hair strands into the middle of hair rows. Besides, it provides good ventilation that ensures a cooling effect all day long.

Moreover, human hair toppers silk base is another great option because it brings out a natural look and comfort to the scalp.



Select the most suitable type of hair

Similar to the real hair, there are some hair types that are better to style than others. Human hair toppers for thinning hair are no exception. Thus, the form we are aiming for may depend on the hairstyle of our hair topper. Hair toppers have three basic types: synthetic hair, human hair, and heat-friendly hair.

To blend in with their real hair, many women prefer heat-friendly and natural hair toppers. These hair toppers allow us to style the hair with hot hairdressing tools and achieve a more natural look. This is the ideal types of hair toppers for those who are confident in their styling abilities.

Synthetic hair topper is also a fantastic choice to style the hair. These toppers already have curly, wavy and straight patterns that are suitable for our hairstyle. Besides, synthetic hair toppers can last for a long time and provide a high-quality look.

Determine the hair loss areas

Hair loss or thinning hair can occur on any parts of the scalp. Thus, to get the best coverage, there are different types of human hair toppers for thinning hair for specific parts of the head.

Part topper: Many women part their hair to the left, right or straight in the middle. Around this part, the hair scalp becomes obvious where the hair parts. Apart hair topper is what women need to cover the thinning hair areas.

Top topper: Women wear this type of topper on their head to disguise their hair loss areas, based on the perimeter of the topper.

How To Appropriately Use Human Hair Toppers For Thinning Hair

Top toppers

Crown topper: the crown is an area starting from the back of the head, where the skull begins to curve and head downwards. Crown topper covers a rectangle-shaped area. This area is ideal for adding extra thickness to the hair as well as reduces the appearance of thinning hair.

Choose the colors for human hair toppers for thinning hair

The key to own a gorgeous natural look with hair toppers is to mix them with the real hair. Although there is a wide range of colors available, women cannot be sure to find a perfect matching color for their hair color.

To achieve a natural look, choose a suitable color that is as close as possible to the hair topper’s color. Then have the natural hair dyed by a hair expert to match the hair topper’s color.

Besides, human toppers for hair loss can become a perfect addition to refresh our appearance — human hair toppers for thinning hair offer a variety of colors, especially synthetic hair. Thus, women can experience different types of colors and styles while keeping their real hair intact and avoiding wearing hair wigs.

Apply hair toppers to the head

These are essential steps for women to clip their hair toppers in and are ready to shine.

How To Appropriately Use Human Hair Toppers For Thinning Hair

  • Open all the clips inside the hair topper
  • Gently stroke the hair in the areas where the clips are going to attach to get a firmer hold.
  • Place hair topper on the hair loss areas and fix the front clip
  • Put light pressure on hair strands and glide the fingers over the length of the base to secure the back clips.
  • Hold the base tightly on top of the hair loss areas while securing  the retaining clips
  • Style and select hair color

The bottom line

The world of human hair toppers for thinning hair seems to be hard to understand with different types, shapes, sizes, and colors. With this guide above, we hope to give you a detailed look into the world of hair toppers and provide ideas to style the hair.

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