Do You Know How To Care For Lace Closure?

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If you ever see celebrities change their hairstyles from one day to the other,  chances are they use lace-closure-made wigs. It is no doubt to say lace closure is the Hollywood’s biggest secret.

For those who already purchase lace closure, you need to know your stuff. Otherwise, you will see your big investment vanishes after a while.

Do You Know How To Care For Lace Closure?

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Why must you care for your lace closure?

Is it a must to care for your lace closure carefully? You see, if you buy synthetic or low-quality hairpieces, frequent maintenance is something you don’t want to do.  However, if you endow a significant sum of money on your hairpieces, there are reasons why you must care for it.

Long-term use

This product has a limited lifespan. Maintenance is a method to expand its durability. Typically lace closure wigs can stay as long as six months. With proper care, they can survive up to 1 year.

Do You Know How To Care For Lace Closure?

A piece of lace closure

So, if you want to use your DIY wigs, you need to keep good eyes on them.

Better investment

Most hair manufacturers use Remy hair or virgin human hair for their items. As for Layla Hair, we entrust Vietnamese hair and Cambodian hair. The materials ensure the high quality and durability. As a result, you can’t expect a less-than-high price.

Are you willing to throw hundreds out of the window? Are you ready to use an expensive item only for a few times? This is a point you need to understand. Caring for your stuff optimizes the chances of use.


This is an added benefit of significant maintenance. Hairpieces are versatility. You can use them on a daily basis or in different social events. They keep heat processing and chemical treatments away from your natural hair.

Just like celebrities, you don’t have to think twice when it comes to a change in hair.

Is it hard to care for lace closure?

Now expensive items often ask for much attention. That could mean that the maintenance is daunting. However, this is not the case with lace closure.

It is, in fact, easy to care for if you know how. Follow our tips below for more insights on this matter.

How to care for lace closure properly?


This seems to be the easiest thing to do, yet many users fail to comb their items properly. Not every brush is qualified for this job. If you want to lessen hair fall, you need to find a wide-tooth comb.

Never start from the top. Hair tends to twist together at the end, so you had better comb there first.

Our recommendation is to put your lace closure on a table and brush. When the product is at a relaxing stage, the hair roots are under less pressure. This helps to avoid hair shedding.

After that, hold your item up and brush it gently from the lace downwards. If you find any knot, hold the hair roots and untangle it before continuing.


Remember that your lace closure is made of real human hair. Therefore, you need to treat it like your existing hair. The problem is the hair strands are longer received sebum from the scalp.

As a result, if you use shampoo or hair care product with harsh chemicals, human hair weaves will dry and eventually weaken.

Do you know how to care for lace closure

So, you need to find a mild shampoo, something that excludes sulfates, parabens, alcohol, and synthetic fragrances. Our advice is to find natural and organic one.

A conditioner is a must

Since the hair strands couldn’t get sebum to moisture, it needs external help. That’s why after washing your hair weaves, you should and must apply hair conditioner.

The extra help from conditioner will make sure that the cuticles are under the best condition. The hair can’t grow nor look better than its initial stage, but it will undoubtedly remain beautiful and smooth.

Sleeping with hair closure

Sleeping with your hair closure is possible. But you need to know how.

This item needs more attention than your natural hair. Before going to bed, you should use a scarf to wrap around your head and protect the closure from tangling and twisting at night.

The scarf fabric could be silk, or synthetic. You should not choose cotton one because it’s not hair-friendly.

What you should avoid

You also need to learn how to handle your hair weaves with care.

Do you know how to care for lace closure

There are certain things you should avoid when handling these items. 

Below four don’ts in hairpieces’ maintenance.

•    Avoid careless handling. You should never scratch or tug the hair weaves. Carelessness could turn into big problems, such, such intense hair fall and baldness.

•    Hair care products are essential, but you should stay away for the heavy ones. Things like lotion, oils or gels could do more harm than good.

•    Stay as far away as possible from heat treatment. Since the hairpieces can’t no longer sustain themselves with natural scalp oil, they are vulnerable to dryness.

•    Never styling your hair weaves too frequent. Chemical and heat applications can significantly affect the look of your products. If you want to change the hairstyle, use one that doesn’t use too much heat or chemicals.

The bottom line

It is essential that you give your lace closure hair weaves enough upkeep. That way, you can save money and enjoy the use of your favorite items for a long time.

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